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Season 5

Jan. 1996
The Mole Machine/The Royal Game of Dennis/Now That's Progress
Dennis gets a royal game and progress takes place, Mr. Fixit invents a mole machine.
Superstitious Bananas/Pépé le Gangstaire/Drive-Through Movie
Bananas Gorilla gets his superstitious bananas and a drive-through theater opens.
King and Queen for a Day/The Piggy Express/Practice Makes Perfect
A delighted Hilda, and a not so delighted Huckle are chosen as King and Queen.
Jan. 1996
The Winners/No More Games, Manuel!/We Won't Go to the Doctor!
There's going to be a big race in Busytown, and the first prize is a neato bike-and everyone wants to win, so much so that the competition in Busytown gets a little too fierce. Little Manuel and his lively imagination are back as he and Pedro play jungle explorers. Pig Will and Pig Won't have their ideas about what happens when you go to the doctor's.
Jan. 1996
Mr. Gronkle Comes to Stay/Leo-pardo's Smile/Blooming Busytown
Mr. Gronkle stays with the Cat family during winter, but freezes in the ice, Leo-pardo smiles for the first time and flowers are blooming all over Busytown.
Jan. 1996
Match-Makers/Forget-bur Never Forgets/Toof Trouble
The story of the first valentine is featured, and one wants to be their own valentine.
Count on Us!/The First Easter Egg Ever/Be My Valentine
The story of the first easter egg is featured the Easter Bunny comes to Busytown and Huckle gets some bird friends.
The Mystery of the Stone Circle/The Big Apple Christmas Caper/Who's Too Scared to Masquerade?
A big Christmas present comes to Busytown, Abe and Babe get a Christmas lesson and Sally Cat gets her Christmas Dream.
Jan. 1996
A Message in a Bottle/Santa Needs Help/There Really Is an Easter Bunny
Santa Claus gets in trouble, (cars, parts of skyscrapers, etc.) get pulled up by a giant magnet attached to an airship and A stone circle vanishes Sneef and Sniff succeed a mystery in New York City when all metal objects.

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