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Introduction For Batgirl
JWLJN31 January 2000
This "short" was presented to ABC executives to introduce the Batgirl character into the Batman TV Series (1966-68) and proved to be successful. The series ventured into a third season, which also turned out to be it's final. The villain in this presentation was Tim Herbert as The Killer Moth, although the villian was never used on the series. This film was never shown on television, however it is featured on numerous video tapes documenting the show.
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The potential!
tforbes-224 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This little film, made for ABC television execs in early 1967, is a cool little gem. We get to see Yvonne Craig do her bit as Barbara Gordon and as Batgirl.

If only ABC had made a separate Batgirl series! But I guess the execs did not want to do another "Honey West." Too bad. "Honey West" was a superb series, and a "Batgirl" series would have worked well. No one can tell me that women were not becoming more important as breadwinners and as TV viewers, and they needed role models other than suburban housewives.

Also, a separate "Batgirl" series would have meant that the "Batman" series would not have been cluttered as it was in its third season. That season was a disaster for the series, and it was a gross disservice for the performers involved, especially Ms. Craig! Incidentally, Killer Moth never made it in as a regular villain in the "Batman" series itself, so it was good that he was shown here. I also like the "Pow" and "Bam" effects taken from the first season (when there was no background).
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Great Pilot As well as being very similar to The story in Detective Comics #359
Stebaer414 June 2015
This is A Great Clip even for an unaired pilot that got swapped over for another intro of which would be entitleded Exit Penguin Enter Batgirl.Yes this Pilot is very Similar to Detective #359's Story of "The Million Dollar Debut of Batgirl." Because it has a Supervillian called The Killer Moth too.But when all doesn't agree just call it a parallel earth story.

There are 2 different versions as to how this New Batgirl Debuted on TV in The Amazing "S" World of Comics it claimed that The TV show inspired her Debut in The Comics While in 'Tec #359 it ends with saying this new Batgirl will only come back if you write us to let us know.Then upon doing so as I read the letters column in 'Tec #363,of which featured her 2nd app.,People not only wanted her to come back but to be featured on the TV show too.Then they were told that they'd consult The writers and producers of The TV Show too.

In this Pilot it's even similar to The story in 'Tec #359 Killermoth is The Villain and Batgirl rescues Bruce Wayne from Killermoth of which upon doing so he comes back as Batman but without Batgirl knowing they're one and the same.While in This Batgirl saves Batman & Robin from Killermoth upon arrival and after they show Barbara Gordon transform into Batgirl like they did in a similar way as seen in 'Tec #359.

As I'd also read in a Magazine that adding Batgirl for the 3rd and final season did help to add higher excitement but not higher ratings.

Truthfully,Stephen "Steve" G. Baer a.k.a."Ste" of Framingham,Ma.USA
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Nice introduction of Batgirl.
OllieSuave-0075 May 2015
This is a TV short that serves as a pilot of some sort to introduce Batgirl to the the Batman TV-series, where we see her help Batman and Robin by battling villain Killer Moth.

Her alter-ego librarian is Barbara Gordon, daughter of Commissioner Gordon, portrayed famously by Yvonne Craig. I think she did a good job in the role, if not a bit campy at times. But, that is OK as the role was portrayed by Craig in the 1960s.

It was neat seeing Gordon secretly change into her Batgirl costume that is hidden in a secret rotating closet in the library and it was neat seeing her team up with the Dynamic Duo. I think it is three heads better than two, as the addition of Batgirl to the series made the show more captivating and made each episode less cliché and less predictable.

I grew up watching the TV show with my cousin, who introduced me to the series. And, it wasn't years later until I finally saw this TV-short on YouTube. It was a great find!

Grade B
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too short
bomarrcus2 June 2003
as campy as this pilot was, it still left me wanting more. basically the EXACT same thing as the batman series, only with comissioner gordon's daughter as the crime fighting villain. the funny thing is, you see her transform into her "costume" by taking off her librarian overcoat, neatly putting it on a hanger and hanging it up, and then takes her scarf off, turns it inside out and makes it into her cape. great for fans of the great "wham", "bam", "pow!" fight scenes.
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While it's far from brilliant, it's very interesting to think about what might have been.
MartinHafer3 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
In this short film, Bruce Wayne and his ward are at the library. There they meet Commissioner Gordon's daughter, Barbara, who now works there. However, none of them seem to take notice of four VERY strangely dressed guys sitting at a table. They are wearing odd blue costumes and beanies with giant antennae on them---yet no one thinks this is suspicious. Later, the four attack ANOTHER rich millionaire who is at the library and Batman and Robin come to his aid. But, they totally screw up and thanks to Barbara changing into Batgirl and kicking butt, the day is saved. I am curious, though, why mega-millionaires would go to the library when they could just BUY whatever books they needed.

I heard about this strange little short film, so I went looking for it on the internet. Fortunately, I was able to find it on YouTube and I assume it's still there. It seems that because "Batman" was so very successful, the production company thought about making a spin off series, "Batgirl"--starring the same woman (Yvonne Craig) who played her on the show. However, the "Batman" show went from being very hot to very not and I am sure this had a big influence on the network not okaying the spin off. Here's the oddest part, though...the pilot episode was only about 8 minutes long! Perhaps this shows a lack of commitment to the concept, though sometimes pilot episodes are short and the show is given the green light (such as "The Munsters"). It's hard to rate because it's so short--but for children of the 60s like me, it's a rare treat and makes you wonder about what might have been--especially since I used to LOVE Batgirl and thought she was pretty hot when I was a kid!
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Testing New "BAT-WATERS"
redryan6420 August 2015
ALTHOUGH THIS ESSENTIALLY "one reeler" is a heretofore unknown part of the saga of the singularly spectacular phenomenon of the BATMAN TV Series of 1966-68, it wasn't intended that way. It was rather a unique method of introducing a potential series to the network. It was then, if you will, a sort of promotional tool, "Promo" for short.

IT WAS FAVORED as an introductory method by BATMAN Producer, William Dozier; as he followed the same route with his acquisition of the film rights to WONDER WOMAN with the similarly structured short, WONDER WOMAN: WHO'S AFRAID OF DIANA PRINCE? The series failed.*

TODAY'S HONORED REVIWEE then, was intended to launch Dozier's 2nd BAT-SERIES in a separate, though elated title of BATGIRL. The plan called for relegating one of the two nights' half hour to be given over to the new series. The BATMAN Show wound up giving ground which it never regained; as the ratings-slumping series was cut to one night. The BATGIRL concept was, in turn, incorporated into the show for what proved to be its last season.

AS FOR THE question of this 8 minute oddity, it is surprisingly well done; with some of the high quality trappings that were present in the BATMAN shows first half year, beginning in January of 1966. For example: the on screen use visual, descriptive "POWS!", "WHAMS!" & "E-OWS!" and what ever other descriptive words, were overlaid on the individual frames of film. With the coming of the Fall 1966 episodes, the practice had given way to cutting away to a sort of pinkish, solid but plain background. It was obviously a co$t cutter; but this BATGIRL film reverted to the original, more expensive mode.

AS IS THE case with so many of the better BATMAN installments, this story, ever so abbreviated as it is, is indeed an adaptation of the first BATGIRL story from DETECTIVE COMICS # 350. As had been the practice already established, there is no credit given to the comics page work, nor to the original writer.**

ALTHOUGH WE HAD heard of this diminutive "Pilot", wee hadn't viewed it until today, being August 19, 2015. We had just heard of the death of the lovely and talented Yvonne Craig; who did such a fine job in bringing the Batgirl from the comics page to the screen. Much like Adam West's portrayal of Batman, hers was at once serious, believable and multi-layered with humor and parody; but never obviously or cheaply "funny." And the feminine pulchritude that was always present with her screen appearances was greatly appreciated by this then 21 year old.***

ON BEHALF OF all of buffs of the BATMAN TV show, may we say a most sincere, "Thank You, Miss Yvonne Craig!"

NOTE: * Of course, as we all know, WONDER WOMAN did make it to the screen about ten years later. First done as a TV movie with "revamped" character portrayed by Cathy Lee Crosby, it was followed with the original treatment starring (woo, woo, woo, woo!) Lynda Carter.

NOTE ** As was the case with the 1950's the ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, the best episodes of the series were adaptations of comics stories. These included the first episodes featuring Joker, Penguin, Riddler and others. Most, if not all of these original stories, were penned by Bill Finger,. the unsung "co-creator" of the BATMAN Feature.

NOTE: *** We had the honor to meet Yvonne Craig at a movie fans fair about 20 years back. She was most youthful, beautiful and couldn't have been more gracious.
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Very gimmicky, but not very good
Horst_In_Translation8 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Now I may be a bit biased with this review as I have never really been a fan of Batgirl, but I still thought this was a disappointing introduction of the character. This short film from almost 50 years ago runs for slightly under 8 minutes and features Yvonne Craig as the title character. She reprised this role quite a few times on the Batman television series, but her own series that should be kicked off with this short film never happened. Craig died in August this year, but has stayed in the acting industry until briefly before her death. This film here almost feels as if it is as much about Batman as it is about Batgirl as Batman keeps beating up the bad guys while talking to Batgirl who just sits on a table and does nothing. As a whole, a fairly sub-par effort and I cannot say I am surprised this did not get taken up for a whole series around Batgirl. Not recommended.
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