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Very fun and imaginative
jarossi15 November 2001
I thought this movie was very good. The people leaving bad reviews are being too critical. This movie was meant to be fun. The way the inside of the body is a city, the white blood cells are the police, fireman, etc., the lymph nodes were the police stations, veins were highways, the stomach was a bus station/airport type place, and the germs and bacteria were, of course, the criminals, and so on. This movie gives a very imaginative way the body works to fight infection, as if the body was a city of people just like in the real world. You may need to have some sort of knowledge about the body to get some of the puns and jokes, maybe not very young kids will get it, but they will like the animation...this movie is even good for adults. I give the movie 8/10...I thought it was a very entertaining movie!!!!!
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Very inventive!
La Gremlin4 December 2001
Okay, I think I've found the Sadly Underrated Movie of the Year.

I think that, between this and "the Iron Giant", Warner Brothers Animation has GOT to spring for a better promotion department. Really, all they'd have to say is something like: "We just let the creators of 'Something About Mary' and 'Dumb and Dumber' make their own cartoon. Brace yourselves."

All complaints aside, and none of them are really the movie's fault, this is one of the most inventive animated films I've seen in a very long time. The characters and backgrounds are allowed to look and move in ways that are downright refreshingly bizarre. The visuals are very imaginative. The humor, while funny, is still very much what you'd expect from a Farelly Brothers movie that takes place inside a very sick man, so I wouldn't recommend it to little kids or the weak of stomach. If you have a little future A+P major, however, this is going to blow their mind. Give it a look!
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A Great Class of Hygienic and Human Body Functions
claudio_carvalho27 November 2003
Frank (Bill Murray) is a widow without hygienic and bad alimentary habits. He eats food that felt on the floor without cleaning, he does not wash his hands before eating and he eats only junk food. His daughter keeps unsuccessfully trying to correct his behavior. One day, Frank eats a dirty egg and gets a disease. From this moment on, the human body functions are showed through very funny and educational cartoons. The hero, Osmosis Jones, is a white globule, with Chris Rock's voice. The great Farrely brothers again surprise me. This funny (and sometimes scatological movie) is a great class of hygienic and human body functions. Chris Rock and Laurence Fishburne give a great performance with their voices. Bill Murry has the role of a disgusting character. An excellent and very educational movie, indicated also (or specially) for children. My vote is nine.
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Clever, with numerous sight gags
Quinoa198415 August 2001
Osmosis Jones is a comedy of human proportions, I guess. It works enough and when it works well it's a good movie. Although when you think about it the plot-line inside Frank's body (frank is played by Bill Murray with no shame in great form) is rather routine and for me was the only thing keeping this from being really good.

Still, it might be a worthwhile movie, more for kids than adults, but it it watchable for all. Various voices include Chris Rock, Brandy Norwood, Laurence Fishburne, David Hyde Pierce and William Shatner. Pleasant most of the way and sometimes cool. B
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Not extremely funny, but it sure is imaginative and energetic. ***1/2 (out of four).
Movie-1217 August 2001
OSMOSIS JONES / (2001) ***1/2 (out of four)

By Blake French:

Consider the Farrelly brothers. The majority of a crowd would think of adjectives like shocking and envelope pushing, to describe them, but the most shocking thing about "Osmosis Jones," is the PG rating. Originally warranted a PG-13 rating, still a surprise from filmmakers whose credits include "There's Something About Mary" and "Me, Myself, and Irene," the film finally earned the family friendly PG rating after it was subjected to a re-rating. Peter and Bobby Farrelly are known for their crude, rude, and disgusting sense of humor. Breaking free of their traditional styles, their focus is now on something a little more entertaining than gross-out humor-imagination.

Directing a wildly amusing script by Marc Hyman, the Farrelly bothers are really on to something here. This is arguably their best film to date. Only "There's Something About Mary" stands up against "Osmosis Jones," a film that jumps between live action and cartoon animation. It calculates each moment with the perfect timing. This is not a movie just for this kids, although it's perfectly appropriate for everyone in the family. This is a feast for anyone's imagination. "Osmosis Jones" creates a world we seldom see in the movies-inside the human body.

"Osmosis Jones" is not an extremely funny movie. Only a handful of plentiful laughs occurs in the film. None of the gross-out humor works; the ideas are too jumbled within other ideas to payoff. "Osmosis Jones" does play with a lot of different humor types-from a clever "Titanic" joke that practically winks at the audience, to a laugh out loud performance by SNL veteran Molly Shannon. In "Superstar" Shannon proved to be a nuisance. However, in this film she is a very welcome screen presence.

Bill Murray needs to be in more movies these days. He still has the comic connection with the audience that carried "Scrooged," his best film, to my list of all time favorites. He stars as Frank Detorri, a lazy, slothful zoo worker who would get life behind bars if hygiene was a law. His wife passed away because of a sickness that their young, but healthy and intelligent, daughter (Elena Franklin) believes evolved from poor eating habits.

Frank eats something that contains a deadly virus, and it's up to his immune system to fight back. Osmosis Jones (voiced by Chris Rock) is one of those white blood cells who serves as a cop and must capture various villainous germs and viruses inside Frank. Although not a popular individual among the world of Frank, especially with the Mayor (voiced by William Shater), who is running for re-election very soon, he does have a crush on his assistant, Leah (voiced by Brandy Norwood). After the virus, named Thrax (voiced by Laurence Fishburne), accumulates villainous help and starts on a plan to kill Frank in a record time of forty eight hours, Osmosis must work with a cold pill named Drix (voiced by David Hyde Pierce), to stop this monstrously powerful germ before it's too late for Frank and his daughter.

The movie has some very clever material-various parts of the body represent neighborhoods in the City of Frank. For instance, the stomach is the airport with frequent departures to the colon. The Mafia relaxes in a steam room located in the armpit. Lawyers hang out in a hemorrhoid. When a zit pops up, it's seemingly the party room for the entire body, complete with a dance floor and strippers. Just simple content like that makes "Osmosis Jones" worth a watch. Even adults will enjoy the live action humor, as well as the film's zest, energy, and irony.

In a time when summer movies are at an all time low, "Osmosis Jones" is here to save they day. It's one of the most clever films of the year.
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Crude humor but funny antics.
smashattack6 February 2002
How does the body work?

I've always wanted to know exactly what goes on inside my body, and I must say I had a pretty fair idea thanks to my Biology class in school.

Then I saw Osmosis Jones, which completely threw me off.

The way Frank's body works and the cause/effect situations in this movie are hilarious! Frank is seen as a huge city, such as New York or Los Angeles, and blood cells live out their daily lives. The creative abilities of the creators of this movie seems endless even though it is limited to Frank's body.

The characters are well drawn-out, and we even learn some of Jones' background (he lived in a certain area of the body and had hardly any education). Drix is a product of a cold pill and assigned to help out around the place, and we learn much about him as he explains it all to Jones.

The music in this movie isn't bad, but some of it didn't really match with the scenes. Randy Edelman is the composer, and he doesn't do a bad job. Even the rap and R&B music fit in and didn't sound too bad.

All in all, Osmosis Jones is a great movie if you like animation (especially quick-action animated fighting scenes) and imaginative adventures such as these.
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The stand-out comedy of 2001- someone has a big imagination
wuzupn_tb17 November 2002
Whoever made this has a big imagination about what goes on inside the human body. It's very witty and smart. The whole rookie cop cliche who messes up and is THIS close to being pulled off the force and has a hunch a teams up with an unlikely buddy and ends up being right (for example, Rush Hour) is being given a whole new twist. The Farrley Brothers have done it again- and made a solid B+ stand out comedy. B+, 8/10
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Good film but has it's flaws
bazmitch2313 March 2013
When you mention the title of this film to someone, they just look at you and say "What?".

Yeah, nobody went to see this film when it came out. I think it's because how do you market a film like this? Since this takes place in the human body, there's all kinds of gross out humour in it. Some of it is too much for a PG rated film.

That's my biggest problem with this film and why it wasn't marketed very well. It's gross. The scene where the nose dam breaks and a giant tidal wave of snot comes out is not what you're mean to see in a family film. Especially on the big screen. The scene where Frank vomits on the teacher and it is shown in a newspaper headline, we actually see the vomit. You don't show people vomiting in a PG film. Not only that, but it's part of the story. Making gross out gags part of the story is not a good idea.

Also, the scene where the zit is ready to pop, we get a big giant close up on it which is enough to make anyone cringe.

It's almost like Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. A show loaded with gross out humour. But that was for adults. This is meant to be a family film.

Now, the stuff I do like about it; the animation is great, it's very creative, (making the stomach the airport, the brain is city hall, the armpits are the steam room, I could go on)Laurence Fishburne was fantastic as Thrax. I kept forgetting it was him. Even if you don't like this film, you have to admit, Thrax is awesome. The music's great too. I like all the body puns as well.

Not a film for everyone, but has gained a cult following on DVD.
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As a bio teacher, this was exCELLent.
Foz-222 August 2002
Granted, not the funniest movie ever by typical "guffaw standards", but certainly one of the most clever. The intelligence behind the humor is evident (unlike another Farrelly movie, Dumb and Dumber) and is also entertaining for kids.

The more you know about Biology, the more this movie tickles your humorous.
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God help me, I really liked this film.
thumps8063110 March 2004
As an aesthete, this movie goes against everything I stand for, but I found it nonetheless very entertaining. It was like a peculiar yet satisfying mix between the Incredible Journey, Toy Story, and Lethal Weapon or Rush Hour (the whole loose-cannon, loner cop with a new partner bit).

I found the idea rather original: the human body is like a body of government, the cop is a white blood cell, the "president" was the cell whose will was that of the man (Bill Murray), the villain is a virus who hangs out in seedy areas of the body with shady characters, the bladder is a sort of train station/airport... clever stuff.

I did have issues with the "What a zit- I mean, what is it?" part, though: it landed on her lip! Wrong! I could have gone the rest of my life without seeing that. Molly Shannon is quite a sport. 7/10
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Entertaining and Educational
leannawkariuki20 May 2017
This Movie was just incredible because it helps children understand the body and your health in a fun way. The live action combined with the animation was very creative and a great way to watch the movie. I know the movie was really successful but if you ever come across with it, you should definitely watch it.

Entertaining and extremely educational for kids above the age of 6!
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animation good, but live action gross and boring
SnoopyStyle28 September 2013
The Farrelly brothers are dipping into the animation pool. It's colorful and primitive animation. It's pretty good, but that's not really the problem. Surprisingly the problem is Bill Murray and live action stuff.

Frank Detomello is a slob. He eats a hard boiled egg covered with a deadly germ. And we travel inside Frank to see white blood cell policeman Osmosis Jones (Chris Rock) battle evil virus Thrax (Laurence Fishburne) with the help of Drix (David Hyde Pierce).

Bill Murray looks awful as he gets sicker and sicker. I have to ask if we're supposed to laugh at Bill? It's just gross. Not the gross out humor that the Farrellys are known for. It isn't funny at all.

The animated sections are much better. In fact I prefer they cut out the live action stuff. Chris Rock does a good voice. He has good chemistry with David Hyde Pierce's Drix. They need a few more jokes, but I like the City of Frank.
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Very clever and some good laughs.
LebowskiT100027 June 2002
I wouldn't say this is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen, but there is definitely some original comedy here. I thought it was a very inventive story, and quite interesting. What shocked me more than anything about this film is the fact that it was directed by the Farrelly brothers, who also directed "Kingpin", "Dumb and Dumber", "There's Something About Mary", "Me, Myself and Irene", and "Shallow Hal". So this doesn't really fit their profile, but I'm glad to see that they are trying something new.

Like I said, not the funniest movie in the world, but it's good some good stuff in it. If you're a fan of the Farrelly brothers, then you'll probably want to see this film. If you aren't a fan of the Farrelly brothers, then you still may want to see this film, cause it's a little different than their other films. I hope you enjoy the film. Thanks for reading.

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Like this one
moviewiz-416 July 2002
This movie is simply fun and entertaining to watch. I remembered searching for a fantasy movie which similar to "Fantastic Voyage" and this one really got it all.

It is even better this movie can be made alive instead of just cartoon and it will be a really marvelous story to be seen.

Thumb up.
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Good premise, but it wears thin fast
MovieAddict20162 September 2005
This was an odd directorial choice for the Farrelly Brothers ("Dumb and Dumber," "There's Something About Mary"). It's an animated film (in parts) about the internal workings of a man's body.

The man is played by Bill Murray during the "live action" sequences. These are intercut with animated sequences that involve cells and amoebas and organs and so on and so forth voiced by the likes of William Shatner, Chris Rock, Laurence Fishburne, David Hyde Pierce (Niles from "Frasier"), Kid Rock and Ron Howard.

The cells are all animated cartoon characters who look, talk and act like humans. They live in the vast metropolis of "Frank" (Murray's character). When he feels sick, the metropolis begins to wither away.

Chris Rock voices one of Frank's defending cells who teams up with a special medical pill (swallowed by Frank) to take on Thrax (Fishburne), the maniacal germ causing Frank to feel sick.

If you think this sounds really weird, you're right. It is. But it's also very clever and unique.

The problem is that the animation is poor, the vocal talents are a bit too self-conscious and the animation is almost too realistic at time - it originally got a PG-13 rating. It's pretty seedy stuff.

The live action sequences are okay but Murray looks kind of out of it. Overall I was disappointed because I expected something funnier and cleverer, when in fact the movie dies out really quick and resorts to lame jokes like popping whiteheads on people.
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hard to digest
movieman_kev5 June 2005
Frank (Bill Murray) falls victim to flu like symptoms after he eats an egg that has been in a monkey's mouth then on the ground. It's up to a white blood cell and an cold tablet to save the day. They find out it's not a flu, but the deadly new disease Thrax, who wants to kill Frank in 48 hours. Imagine "Lethal Weapon" crossed with "Fantastic Voyage", only mostly animated and dumbed down considerable and you'll know what this film is all about. Yawn inducing to adults, to intense for little kids, and not enough 'potty/puke' humor for teens. Farelly Brothers have struck out with this one. An obvious sore spot on an otherwise unblemished career. (thus far. I haven't seen "Fever Pitch", yet) Wait I'll just lay all the blame on that hack Marc Hyman instead.

My Grade: D

DVD Extras: Commentary by Animation Directors Piet Kroon and Tom Sito, Writer Marc Hyman and Producer Zak Penn ; "Frank's Gross Anatomy" Interactive Adventure; HBO First Look Behind-The-Scenes featurette (14 minutes); Voice Recording Sessions (5 minutes); Deleted Scenes (5 minutes, 49 seconds); and Theatrical Trailer

3 Easter Eggs: Go to the 'Theatrical Trailer' then highlight the "Gas Next Exit" sign for a bonus clip; select The Earl Of Hurl in the Frank's Gross Anatomy" and select "The Earl Of Hurl" highlight the Funny Bone for another clip; In Subtitles, go to the next page, DVD Credits then highlight Drix's head for an unused theatrical Trailer.
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A Gross Out Kids Movie.
movies2u29 December 2001
Osmosis Jones is a really disgusting and gross cartoon/not cartoon movie. Bill Murray, Chris rock, Brandy, Molly Shannon, and Ron Howard were great. I was also surprised to hear a voice from Kid Rock in the movie. This movie is germy and disgusting, but is a fun kid's movie. I give Osmosis Jones a 7 out of 10! :)
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Osmosis_Wills22 February 2010
AMAZING! GREAT! A roller-coaster of emotions. From beginning to end it is an immaculate tale of life, love and action, I don't normally enjoy animated films but this is the Citizen Kane of animation. I have no idea why it did not receive the 8 Oscars it was nominated for. It is a highly under rated film, as was S. Darko the Donnie Darko sequel. As Alvin and the chipmunks would say I want a "squeekual". Chris Rock's performance was top notch and it proved that voice acting is a genuine art. It also paved the way for future animations and in my opinion inspired future animations. I hope that future generations will look back and admire this movie and I will be able to say where I was when I first viewed this masterpiece.
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What happens when a kid is taught biology too early
Methodless_Man20 June 2003
This movie was not all that bad, however it appeals to kids who wouldn't really understand what's going on. They'd just see cartoon characters fighting, and be entertained and the whole knowledge of the body would almost have no effect on the kids.

This movie felt like something an 8 year old would think if they were taught what we're usually taught in Grade 8 about cells and all that other stuff.

I think the largest problem with this movie is that it was made to appeal to kids under 10, but it's directed at kids 13-17. So the kids who that it appeals to don't really get the full joy and benefits of the movie and the kids it's directed at don't usually get interested.

Another problem it faces is that this type of story, HAS to be a cartoon, and there are SOME people out there who think that cartoons cannot be good, so once again that age 13-17 age really doesn't take interest
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It grows on you like a fungus...in a good way.
S.A.B.24 October 2002
I was appalled and disgusted at the blunt humor this movie offered when I first saw it in the theater, only because of its shock value. I mean they don't leave any of the bodily humor to your imagination. However, when I bought the movie for my sister-in-law for Christmas as a joke, I actually enjoyed it thoroughly when we sat and watched it again. There is so much underlying humor in this movie for adults, you cant miss the genius in it. Well Bodily Humor genius that is.

If you can get through the zit popping, puking and other disgusting characteristics of Bill Murray's character and pay attention to David Hyde Pierce and Chris Rock's back and forth then you are bound to leave the movie having had several good belly laughs.

While this subtly shockingly, gruesome humor is new to me, I must agree with Bill Murray's character at the end of the movie...

"Out with the old, and in with the new"
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Informative different style of comedy from the Farrelly bro's!
rradosti27 January 2020
Good story that is fun to follow - 1 Star

Memorable dialogue - 1/2 Star

Feel a pull to watch it a second time - 1 Star

Music/Score stands out - 1 Star

No noticeable plot holes - 1/2 Star

Story gets resolved in some way - 1 Star

I personally like the story - 1 Star

Memorable likable characters - 1/2 Star

Most things about the story are believable - 1/2 Star

Doesn't get boring - 1 Star

It pains me to see the loss this movie suffered when it's so funny and informative! Bill Murray's character is acted flawlessly and the riff introducing his character is also devine. This film has a touching ending that brought me to tears. All around a great movie for adults and kids!
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Underrated treasure
UniqueParticle8 May 2019
I love this movie so much! I'm one of very few that is proud to give this a 10 mainly cause it makes me happy & I'm hugely into science! Despite its flaws of ridiculousness in some bits it's a sheer blast in my opinion; Bill Murray and Chris Rock were a delight. Aside from that the Farrelly brothers are great directors.
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You need to know what your getting into for this one.
christopherwgaut16 February 2014
I recently rented Osmosis Jones, and I thought it was "Ok". to really understand what I mean by this, a pro/con list is needed. so here's a pro/con list. PROS: -Creative Premise and Environment (some of the body part/city comparisons were brilliant) -Good Comedy(includes several HILARIOUS Sight Gags.) -Cool Villain -Decent Animation CONS: -The Parts with Bill Murray on camera can sometimes drag a touch. -(this is the big one) The plot brings nothing new to the table. It is a by-the-numbers buddy cop movie, and we all know what's going to go down. So, don't come into this film expecting a new story. Come into it expecting to see comedy and interesting visuals.
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Worth watching once- or more!
anifreak9323 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I found out the hard way that this movie was definitely not directed at 8 year-olds. Vomit and exploding zits, innocent cells exploding like bubbling lava, and some bodily humor that will fly right over a 2nd grader's head. This doesn't mean the movie is bad. Coming back seven years later, I found the jokes to be funny, especially to biology nuts, and the grosser parts to be bearable. Chris Rock and David Hyde Pierce make an amazing and hilarious team of white blood cell and cold pill, one of the best team of non Disney heroes to ever hit the television screen. Facing off against these two is a nasty virus voice by Laurence Fishburne. Thrax, the Red Death, is one of the most evil villains ever created, easily winning out against many Disney villains. I mean really, you don't get much more evil than a /virus/.

This film is sadly underrated, and really is a must-see, just not with your small children.
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