House on Haunted Hill (1999) Poster

Famke Janssen: Evelyn



  • Evelyn : I gave you a goddamn guest list two pages long. Where the hell are they?

    Stephen Price : Shredded. Sorry. Decided to whip up one of my own: a group so hungry for money they'd be willing to do anything. I thought you'd be more comfortable with your peers.

  • Evelyn : Oh Stephen, you poor clueless old geek. All it would have taken was a simple divorce and ripping our prenup into tiny itsy bitsy little pieces, but no matter how it ended, please just know one thing. From the first moment I laid eyes on you I have always, always loved... your money. On the other hand, just the sight of you has made me want to puke.

    Stephen Price : [grabbing Evelyn by the throat, surprising her]  Is that a fact, princess? I mean, you could have saved us all a great deal of time, not to mention money, if you'd have just let me in on it years ago.

    Evelyn : How?

    Stephen Price : You must be kidding me. I'm Stephen goddamn Price.

    Evelyn : [trying to talk while Steven is choking her]  Sweetie?

    Stephen Price : Anything, angel. Just speak it.

    Evelyn : What are you going to do?

    Stephen Price : Just what you wanted everyone here to believe in the first place. I'm gonna murder you, Evelyn, with the greatest of pleasure.

    Evelyn : Witnesses.

    Stephen Price : [grabbing her by her hair and pulling her up off the floor]  You're already dead, Evelyn.

    [kisses her] 

    Stephen Price : Happy birthday, baby.

  • [hearing the screaming from another part of the house] 

    Evelyn : Guess old Melissa found what she was looking for.

  • Stephen Price : Let's go back down and greet your guests, show them the real you. Corny as Kansas on the Fourth of July.

    Evelyn : My guests were shredded. It's your sick little scene now: enjoy. I'm gonna run scalding water over the place you just touched me, and then I'm calling a cab.

  • Evelyn Stockard-Price : [Stephen H. Price is sneaking out of the room]  : And where are you off to, Mr. Price? Checking the wiring on the animatronic mummies?

    Steven H. Price : I'm just gonna go take a leak, if it's okay with you.

  • Evelyn : Congratu-fucking-lations!

  • Evelyn : You know if you really love me, you'll find a way to drop dead in the next three seconds.

    Stephen Price : Finding ways for me to die is really your deal, isn't it, Evelyn? Let's not forget the OJ knife with the not-quite-retractable blade. Your Jim Jones Kool-Aid was exactly that.

    Evelyn : Accidents, all accidents until proven otherwise.

  • Evelyn : Who invited them?

    Stephen Price : I don't know, it wasn't me and you say it wasn't you. Who then, Evelyn? Ghosts?

    Evelyn : Ooh, spooky.

  • Evelyn : You ever find out what happened to that little TV reporter?

    Blackburn : No. They never found her.

    Evelyn : So, we don't even know if the little bitch is dead or alive?

    Blackburn : But I think Price must have killed her. There's no other explanation.

    Evelyn : There's plenty, you moron. For all we know, Steven's got her spying on us right now.

    Blackburn : Oh, bullshit.

    Evelyn : Oh, God. This whole fucking thing's falling apart.

    Blackburn : It's not, baby, it's not. Somebody's gonna pull the trigger.

    Evelyn : But nobody has yet, Donald. They're not at the breaking point. The bozos have to believe that their lives are in danger.

    Blackburn : They have your death at his hands. How much more do they need?

    Evelyn : But they didn't see it happen. They still have their doubts, they're confused. What we need is another body. Steven's bloody hands right next to him.

    Blackburn : Well, how the hell are we gonna do that?

    Evelyn : [laughs]  This may sound a little crazy, but hear me out.

    [Evelyn brutally stabs Blackburn] 

  • Evelyn : [to Eddie]  Get off of me, you pervert!

    Stephen Price : Congratulations. I don't think Evelyn's said that to anything with testicles, ever.

    Evelyn : Very funny, Stephen. Have you?

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