Human Traffic (1999) Poster


Lorraine Pilkington: Lulu



  • Lulu : Take me to a world where the drugs are free, the clubs have no gravity and every shag guarantees an orgasm!

  • Koop : [on the phone]  Are your legs open you filthy little harlot?

    Lulu : Is that you Koop?

    Koop : Oh fuck, shit, sorry Lulu. Yeah, is Nina there please? Sorry


    Koop : Fucking wanker.

  • TV interviewer : Why do you come to these nights?

    Lulu : I'd like to answer that one if I may.

    Nina : Sure.

    Lulu : To get absolutely trashed.

  • Lulu : Why would I want a man? They're all emotionally retarded, egotistical pricks who fuck with your head. They try to control you and make you feel like the whore of Babylon if you wear a mini skirt. I'm an independent girl who wears lipstick because she wants to, not because men find it more attractive. I'm fine being single. I am! Peachy fuckin' creamy.

    Jip : [narrating]  This is Lulu. She's a full on club minx. Major head banger. We've known each other for years. Some people find her very intimidating. It's purely social camouflage. Recently we became dropping partners. And that is how I got to know the real Lulu. She's a pussycat.

  • Lulu : Write a song, Tyler. I don't care. Good luck with your life 'cause you're gonna fucking need it.

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