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B-Rated but Surprisingly Good in the End
WritnGuy-218 March 2000
This is cheesy, yes, but I give it credit for being quite tense in the end, and always kept you guessing on who was innocent and who wasn't.

Mario Van Peebles plays Blair, a tough macho cop with a dark secret in his past that sparks up again in his life. Thus, he must cover it up, with the help of a former cop and friend Ethan, played by Zach Galligan. This, of course, involves a lot of shooting and cheesy lines. Eventually, it all blows up, and Blair gets his girlfriend Izabel, played by Nicollette Sheridan, and the trio run off, all with mixed emotions. But soon, things escalate, and you aren't sure who to trust. All of this leads up to quite a twisted little climax, not to mention quite tense.

An alright movie. Quite B-rated, and doesn't have a plot to save its life, but still okay, at least in the last third, when the three main characters are all involved. The acting is alright, nothing special. Van Peebles has very little talent, and is more prone to just shooting people and saying f*ck in EVERY sentence. Sheridan does her best to look elegant, and then fearful in the end, and she does quite well for herself. Galligan is convincing as a somewhat passive college professor thrust into all of this. Most of the other characters are forgettful in the mix of shootings and the word f*ck. But still, worth it for the tense final third, and the really suspenseful climax. I guess, worth a look if you really don't want to think. If you do...I suggest you move on.
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Nice solid effort
mayorbob13 March 2000
Mario Van Peebles actioner with surprisingly (for obvious low budget) good production values. Good, consistently interesting storyline. The only weakness I saw was in the, at times, wooden performance of Zach Galligan.
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Solid noirish thriller
Phroggy31 January 2000
This mother has what most DTV movies (well, it went straight to video in France, I hope somebody had a chance to see it in a theater) lacks : a real plot. Classic of course, like "Bad Influence" meets "Internal Affairs", but where you always know why the characters are acting the way they do. We basically know how it's going to end, and when the finale comes around, it's savage and cynical enough to hold your attention. The dramatic progression is very well done, a lot of things happens and Zach "Gremlins" Galligan has obviously grown up into a very fine actor indeed. Mario plays mister macho again, but with a twist this time. (For Mario's fans, this one would be a good double-feature along with "Full Eclipse". Underrated Israelian filmmaker Avi Nesher always does a good job, whatever the movie is - foir an elegant horror flick, check "Doppelganger" and for sheer campiness, try "She". His talent could be better exp^loited,
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Intense modern noir!
filmarific26 February 2001
Noir masterpiece from a man who can do comedies and gentle character portraits while keeping the pace at Turbo overload speed... Avi Nesher is a genius director... who knew Mario Van Peebles and Nicolette Sheridan could act like this...??? Award winning performances from them, and a story that makes you feel like you have a frog in your throat for an hour and a half! A thrill of a thriller, good fun, while being dark... and SEXY!!! This is Last Tango in Paris meets The French Connection... you GOTTA check it out!
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