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An Animated Treasure That Never Got the Attention It Deserves
liquidcelluloid-112 October 2004
Network: UPN & The Cartoon Network; Genre: Animated Comedy; Content Rating: TV-PG (for language); Available: on DVD; Classification: Cult Classic (Star range: 1 - 5);

Season Reviewed: Completed Series (4 seasons)

In 1999 primetime animation was so in vogue for the network that even UPN got into the act. After the much hyped 'Dilbert' slowly crashed and burned on the runway, those that stuck around found a surprise gem in the next time-slot. 'Home Movies' comes from comedian creator Brendon Small, Loren Bouchard and Soup2Nuts, the production company behind Comedy Central's modest hit 'Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist'. When UPN canceled the show after not even a full season I mourned the loss and put 'Home Movies' on the list as one of those great shows that never had a chance. Then a modern television miracle happened. The show was resurrected from the dead by the Cartoon Network 2 years later and thanks to the cost effective animation (turned into the flash style) and a real nuts-and-bolts crew that pulls the show off, it went on for 3 more seasons. Given the time and freedom, it fleshed out characters, matured and improved.

'Movies' follows 8-year-old Brendon Small (voiced by creator Small) whose passion in life is making movies with his home camcorder using his best friends, Melissa (Melissa Galsky) and Jason (H. Jon Benjamin, giving Jason a hilarious and endearing sniffle in his voice), as actors. The 3 kids talk as if they have the experience of adults, and like true young elites, often mock someone for not having seen a movie that was released before their parents where born. To complicate matters Brendon's best friend is pathetic soccer coach John McGuirk (Benjamin). The show's breakout character, McGuirk isn't above blaming the kids and not his coaching abilities when they lose or to mysteriously not show up for practice leaving them to stand around in the pouring rain.

Maybe it was the show's slow pace, very loose plotting and downright shabby animation, but 'Movies' was a show that I sometimes didn't look forward to watching and then, the episodes would win me over by the end reminding me what I liked about it in the first place. This is a charming and immensely enjoyable, where the humor comes in its improved naturalistic dialog, the perfectly deadpan way its all delivered and the unique, honest and fully developed relationships between each character. The bizarre friendship between Brendon and McGuirk; the banter amongst the kids; and the indescribably sweet and true-to-life relationship between Brendon and his single-parent mom Paula Small (Janine Ditullio). There's also Melissa and her father, the priceless egging-on McGuirk gives to Melissa, and Jason's own preoccupation with Brendon, candy and a fear of his bed among other tangential things. It's not a stretch to say that 'Home Movies' is the best character comedy in recent animated memory.

One of the funniest aspects of this show are the movies within it. Brendon is part Ed Wood, part Max Fischer and part every arrogant prick you knew in school. He builds elaborate sets in his basement, dresses his best friend up in a wig and writes his scripts based on whatever is going on in his life - using the movies to exorcise his demons. Few series main characters are as interesting as Brendon. His passion for what he does is infectious - we laugh at his cheaply made movies because that's the joke, but we also are pulling for him and his dream. And the more absurd and nonsensical the movies are, the better, such as "Attack of the 50 Foot Jesus" or his history-twisting masterpiece "Starboy and the Captain from Outer Space" in which space heroes battle tyrannical figures George Washington, Pablo Picasso and Annie Oakley.

In terms of sophistication, 'Movies' is light-years from the other Cartoon Network originals. Sometimes, however, it doesn't seem that way as writer Small and co-creator Loren Bouchard indulge in more cartoonish slapstick humor and pump the show full of annoying characters with grating high-pitched voices, dragging the gags longer than they need to be and just annoying the audience. Flamboyant, sexually confused couple Walter and Perry can prove hysterical additions - but there is only so long that the gag works. In seasons one through three the show is adult animation and deadpan humor at it's finest. I would rank 'Brendon's Choice' on a list all-time-favorite episode endings.

However, in the mysteriously delayed 4th season the show becomes overrun with its annoying impulses. Characters we don't care about are given an insane amount of screen time. It seems to even infect McGuirk who is reduced to a screaming mess in 'Camp' and giant man-boobs in 'The Heart Smashers'. This season is not the best of what this show has to offer, but Small and the Cartoon Network wisely pulled out before any real damage was done.

While 'Home Movies' never got the attention of more hyped up animated fair like 'South Park' and 'Family Guy', it deserves a place in that group as one of the best animated shows in recent years. Like 'Park' it is true independent television in which a skeleton crew does all the voice, writing, directing and even writing all the original songs that never cease to pop up in the episodes (the 'Starboy' theme is infectious). The show is Small's baby and (not to sound sappy) it's a celebration of the seemingly limitless possibilities of childhood. Small's series is a little gem, proving that sometimes less is more. Amid the slapstick and the screaming and the charmingly simple 2 dimensional, is a morality play and a fully constructed character comedy. A work of honesty - subtly funny, intelligent, and fully satisfying, this show is worth the time it will take to acquire a taste for it. A modest cult classic.

* * * * / 5
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Funniest Show on television.
markcirillo25 July 2005
Home Movies is the funniest show on TV. No show makes me laugh out loud so consistently. Everyone I've introduced to it has loved it. I don't watch a lot of animation, but I am addicted to this. It is truly brilliant and I hope more people catch on to it. Thank God it's on DVD now. I stumbled across it while watching Adult Swim several years ago and was instantly hooked. All of the characters are incredibly clear, original, full, and unique. Brendon Small is the product of a single mother who is trying to raise both her son and infant daughter. Brendon is an awkward fourth-grader whose passion is making movies with his friends (hence the title). His adult influences range from his jaded and slightly bitter mother to his alcoholic and poorly educated soccer coach/gym teacher. The quirky rhythm sucks you in and surprises you with bursts of hysterical, bright, spontaneous humor and an offbeat style. My only complaint is that it's not on enough and there aren't enough episodes. I've watched every episode more than once and I laugh just as hard every time. A genius show with a genius cast.

"Home Movies is destined to go down as an underrated show in TV history... Home Movies was a breath of fresh air in the smog filled lands of TV." - Weekly Wire
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"And now, it's time to pay the price."
axemblue1 June 2006
'Home Movies' has an interesting history. First given a brief run on UPN, it later found a new home on Cartoon Network's then-new "Adult Swim" block. The first season was animated in a jittery, amateurish style called "Squigglevision" (think "Dr. Katz"); subsequent seasons were rendered using Macromedia's popular Flash software. And yet it never gained much more than a small, loyal cult following. (Fortunately, the complete series has been released on DVD.)

Brendon Small (loosely based on the show's creator, also named Brendon Small) is a 4th-grade kid living with his divorced mom Paula and bespectacled baby sister Josie. And he has an interesting hobby: creating shoestring-budget home movies on his camcorder with his friends Melissa and Jason. These movies often run parallel to his day-to-day misadventures, including those involving school, rabid pets, bullies, road safety, and even little Josie's curious tendency to shove marbles into her nostrils.

Other acquaintances include angsty rocker kid Duane, Melissa's father Erik, the hyperactive pals Walter and Perry, a spoiled brat named Fenton, and the dorky cat-loving teacher Mr. Lynch. On top of that, Brendon has a rather unwanted mentor and adult figure in the form of his soccer coach, Jon McGuirk, a beer-bellied, obnoxious, loud, money-squandering oaf.

The episode which introduced me to 'Home Movies' was, in fact, the one in which Josie is sticking marbles in her nose; Brendon makes a film instructing kids about the dangers of doing such and also has Duane's band perform a metal-rock song about not putting marbles in your nose. (As it turns out, Brendon's production unintentionally encourages children to do just that.) It's situations like these and the show's brand of sarcastic, off-the-wall humor that made me fall in love with it.

On the other hand, the first season was the most enjoyable to me because, behind the scenes, the show was somewhat improvised in that the actors were given the general idea for a scene and basically just ad-libbed it from there. The spontaneity of it all made the show funny, while the squiggling animation gave it the look of something a child such as Brendon would make. That said, while the show remained funny (the gross-out humor was largely phased out, thankfully) and the transition to Flash made the animation easier on the eyes, the later seasons lost some of the first season's humanity, so to speak.

In the end, although Brendon and his pals give the impression that they act like miniature adults, this is a goofy look at childhood that aims more toward high-brow humor than 'South Park', and I think it's worth it to check out at least the first season.
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If Oscar Wilde and Woody Allen made music videos with "Flash" animation, the results might resemble "Home Movies"
lemon_magic8 October 2005
I came late to "Home Movies" - I never saw the UPN season because I don't pay any attention to network television. And I knew (somehow) that it was in "Squigglevision", which was one aspect of "Dr Katz" which I really didn't care for. However, I happened to catch a couple of episodes on the "Adult Swim" segment of the Cartoon Network a year ago and was instantly charmed by the quirky humor, whimsical plotting, and brilliant voice work by an (obviously) skeleton cast and crew and have spent the last few months catching up on the backlog via reruns on Cartoon Network and the collected DVD reissues of Seasons 1 and 2.

Folks, this is brilliant stuff which will sink right into your cortex if you give it half a chance. Saying that it's about an eight year old who make movies with his friends in his basement just doesn't do it justice. "Home Movies" is an elusive blend of Oscar Wilde style "comedy of manners", deadpan pop culture lampoon, childhood memoir, character study and multi-part acapella choir. It almost always manages to sustain a certain wistful, tender attitude towards its characters even in the middle of some truly hilarious dialog exchanges and slapstick physical comedy. That's not an easy thing to do.

About the actual animation: Season 1 is indeed cursed with "Squigglevision", a truly annoying design choice, but the eye eventually accepts it and gets on with enjoying the proceedings. And fortunately, by Season 2 the creators decided just to go with straightforward "Flash" style animation, and the remaining episodes are much easier to watch. The animation never rises above the level of "barebones minimalism", but it is effectively harnessed in service to the story and voice work. In fact, if you pay attention you soon realize that the artwork is quite sophisticated in terms of storyboards and layouts - the "camera" zooms and pans and sets establishing shots and even manages some moments of delicate mood and beauty. For comparison think of the old cheaply made "Hanna Barbera" cartoons from the 70's, 80's and 90's ("Yogi Bear", "Flintstones" after the first season, cookie cutter crap like "Wacky Races" and "Josie and the Pussycats"). In terms of storytelling sophistication and care, this animation style compared to that is like London Broil compared to a Big Mac.

My favorite episodes (that I've seen) are probably "Bye Bye Greasy" and "The Art Of The Sucker Punch", and "Marbles and Mortgages", which contain a mix of parody, slapstick, and character study which many full blown feature comedy movie releases can't match. Watch these episodes carefully (especially the parts where H. Jon Benjamin's "Coach McGuirk" is involved), and you will see an awesome mastery of comedic timing and superb delivery that Woody Allen might envy. It's not so much that the writing is tight (though it is inspired) - rather, the whole thing has a loose, improvised, inspired feel, where even the dead ends and misfires are used as a springboard for further hijinks and blandishments.

I don't know how well Small and his group of creators would have done with furthur episodes if "Home Movies" had gone past the fourth season. This kind of inspired inanity can have a very short "shelf life" as the pressure of constantly coming up with fresh scripts and performances weigh upon the creators. But man, while these guys were in the groove, they were GOOD. I plan to get the Season 3 collection as soon as it comes out, and will relish completing the viewing of every episode there-in. My thanks to Small and his co-creators for a wonderful series that has given me many hours of pure delight.
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I can't get enough
doctorgonzo2324 October 2004
Although, like many of the posters here, my girlfriend thinks this is the worst show on TV, I can't get enough of it. We get it every night here on teletoon. It does take a bit of getting used to as the show is dialogue based, but it is easily as clever as anything you will see on any episode of Sienfeld. The producer/writer must be a big movie buff as well, because the movies Brendan makes are often parodies of famous movies. There's a lot to enjoy about this show. Why people are so down on it, I'll never know. I say, give it a chance. The early episodes, shot in "squiggle vision" are actually funnier than the newer ones. The animation does take a bit of getting used to, but I don't feel it detracts from the basic genius of the writing.
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What Sunday Night Was Meant For
K-Slicer16 October 2002
Praise the Lord one of the programming executives at Cartoon Network grew a brain. They decided to put defunct mature-themed shows and a few original short shows on Sunday Nights to attract a more adult audience ("Adult Swim" rules!!!). Even though the audience is probably teenage boys and college-aged males, that executive is a bonifide genius.

Anywoo, with that out of the way, my favorite show on "Adult Swim" is "Home Movies". With quick wit, distorted animation, hilarious voice-overs, and warped storylines, you have a classic on your hands. Even though this show never made it on primetime television, it was and still is laugh out loud funny. I love the premise of an eight-year old having a digital video camera so he can make crappy and/or strange films so he can cope with life around him. My two favorite characters are Brendan and Coach McGuirk and their relationship is the best aspect of the show. I also like the crazy plots that make this show great. Where else will you see an eight-year old kid make a really strange film and present it to his class when he should done a report on Susan B. Anthony? Anyway, this show is one of the ten best all time and it is one of the best shows currently on Sunday nights (if I said it was, I would be dragging the name of the greatest show all time through the mud). I give this show an A+.

PS: Other great Adult Swim shows are: Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Harvey Birdman, Sealab 2021, Mission Hill (if they ever replay it), Cowboy Bebop (also in my top ten) Avoid these: The Oblongs (too nasty), The Ripping Friends (sorry John K.), The Brak Show (too stupid), Space Ghost Coast to Coast (lame premise that needs to be retired)

One more thing: "Home Movies" is far superior to "South Park" because these eight-year old aren't as foul-mouthed, cocky or lame. Sorry Trey and Matt.
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Very funny cartoon show.
Aaron13757 March 2003
I love almost every episode of this series. The characters are all great and I always get a good laugh out of watching the show. Of course, if I had to pick a favorite character it would have to be the soccer coach Jon McGuirk, but all of them are great...I also like the character of Jason a bunch too. The show revolves around this kid who makes his own movies in his basement. Simple, yet effective. They also show scenes on the soccer team, where the McGuirk coached bunch loses nearly every game. Just a nice, funny show to watch.
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Staring Brendon Small as Brendon Small
tommypezmaster17 April 2008
Home Movies was a Soup to Nuts production, released through Shout Factory and was originally intended to be shown on UPN after Dilbert & ended with on 5 or 6. Eventually, like most other IFC like cartoons, after a few years they found their way back to TV. Although only 4 seasons were made, this was a fun cartoon and when put with other Adult Swim cartoons which had a similar look, most notabley Futurama and Family Guy, made for a good 30 minute weeknight after Cartoon network show that the whole family could enjoy.

Overall, these were good, clever cartoons that remain pretty fresh and watchable today. It's a shame there weren't more made.
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the names McGuirk
trildog9916 March 2004
When I had first watched the show, I thought it was retarded. However, I decided to give it another try since I had nothing better to do before The Aqua Teen Hunger Force (another great cartoon) came on. Upon this viewing, I was introduced to coach John McGuirk. His character is a foul-mouthed alcoholic that is some how allowed to coach third grade soccer. During most episodes, he either insults the kids or completely ignores them. The main character, Brendon Small, often looks to McGuirk for advice, and if he is sober enough, McGuirk shares his wisdom. Exhibit A Brendon: "Coach, do you think I'm Stupid?" Coach McGuirk: "Of course your stupid Brendon, all kids are stupid." This is only one of the many great McGuirk quotes, most of which are hilarious. The show easily gets 9 out of 10 stars for McGuirk alone.........Truly one of the greatest cartoon characters ever.
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This show rules!
Tenchi6458929 March 2003
Man, I've watched this show on Cartoon Network and I can't get enough.

I have several favorite episodes and characters and I've been told that they're gonna make a fourth season.

I especially like the older episodes with the old music... but all the episodes are good all in all.

Watch this show... you won't be disappointed.
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Grown-up cartoon gets a second chance
sstrader1 October 2001
"Home Movies" was one of those adult cartoons that unfortunately never survived beyond its first few episodes on UPN (after a hiatus, it was picked up by the Cartoon Network). Within that trend, there were many justifiable cancellations, most of them "edgy" -- quotes required -- and cancelled because they just tried to hard. "Home Movies" had a simple setting (hey, "The Simpsons" is just a sitcom about a family) and everyday stories; the humor resides in the mix of Woody Allen styled dialog and extra-flat animation. It has a low-key zaniness that dryly merges those two styles.

The main character is a young boy whom we should see as precocious, filming and starring in his own home movies, but he has merely traded in Legos and a skateboard for a movie camera and director's hat. Each episode is punctuated by the bizarre fruits of his labor: crime dramas, documentaries, PSAs, all with various friends and unsuspecting teachers in the cast. "Home Movies"' supporting characters, a snotty younger sibling, a supportive love interest, and the neighborhood teen metal band, work out various personality quirks you may have watched "Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist" try to cure on that other squiggle-vision cartoon.

The dialog wanders along very naturally and is one of the charms of the show. Characters will hesitate in mid-thought, abandon what they're saying, accidentally say what they're thinking, and have the classic is-it-my-turn-to-talk battle. The fact the so little gets said successfully says a lot.

Thank God it's back on the Cartoon Network! It's avoided the curse of edgy attention-seeking, maybe a spare survival under the radar will keep it from becoming too self-conscious.
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A funny show thats too often dismissed.
Fetusman8210 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Home Movies is easily one of my all-time favorite shows. Right up there with South Park, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Penn & Teller and Futurama.

I started watching Home Movies when Adult Swim came on Cartoon Network. Back then, Adult Swim was hardly heard of, and it was mostly, if not all, comedic shows like Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Space Ghost: Coast to Coast. Adult Swim has turned a bit for the worse recently, 12 Oz. Mouse is one of the worst shows I've seen. But anyway, at the time I thought Home Movies was only okay. But through the years the show has grown on me, and became one of the best shows on television.

The show is about confused eight-year old Brendon Small, who directs short films with his two friends, Jason and Mellisa, in his basement. Mellisa is Brendons best friend who turns out to be more like a boy than a girl. Jason is Brendons other friend who is a melodramatic fat kid.

Brendon has pretty dysfunctional surroundings. Paula is Brendon's single mother who often doesn't have answers to Brendon's questions, in fact she usually causes more questions for herself and Brendon. And Brendons father, who has appeared in a few episodes, gets remarried to a woman who Brendon is not too crazy for.

Coach McGuirk, Brendons 'soccer' coach, is easily one of the greatest characters to ever hit television. McGuirk is an alcoholic, who doesn't know the first thing about his job. He usually gives Brendon advice he later regrets listening too. As the show continues, McGuirk finds himself needing Brendon to feel like he's part of something.

Another set of characters is also one of my favorites in television. Those two are Walter and Perry. Walter and Perry are two high voiced hyper-friends that wear matching clothing. But the way they act, I think it's hard to say if they are gay or just two really great friends. I especially love their 'We Hate Fenton' poem.

I love Home Movies. But my circle of friends won't give the show a chance. And I think thats the huge problem of the show, no one will give the show a chance, and anyone who does, usually love the show. I like to think there is a chance of a comeback of the show, but I am aware that it is very unlikely. If Family Guy is worthy of a comeback, Home Movies is. But if not, I will still love this show.
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icebutter16023 December 2015
during its run, the show wasn't liked all the much.

A lot of the fandom surrounding this show is the result of archer/AV fanboys trying to inflate the score.

They know many people didn't watch the show and therefore likening it will make them seem more hipster or something pretentious.

out of the late 90's adult shows, this is likely the weakest one. Dilbert, mission hill, king of the hill, even the oblongs were much much better than this.

a common argument is that Dr.Katz production team was behind this, but that show wasn't funny either. The critic was much better than Dr. Katz
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Awkwardly priceless
doglength-561-68491014 January 2019
Very different, yet it blows the roof off the house of awesome ridiculousness. The work of a bonafide genius.
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An intelligent show that didn't fit in on Cartoon Network.
TOMNEL27 December 2006
Originally airing on UPN, and failing, Home Movies was moved to the Adult Swim block on Cartoon Network with new episodes. The Adult Swim block, when originally aired, contained, and still contains, nothing but brain dead shows. This was the diamond in the rough. Home Movies is the animated equivalent of Seinfeld. The humor came from a few places on this show. It came mostly from the long scenes of dialogue usually between two people that was just hilarious. Or it came from the childishness in Brendan Small, the main character's, films. You can relate to the dialogue, and you can relate the films to the way kids think. It's a brilliant show!! Now for anybody that doesn't know what this show is about, it's about 3 children, Brendan, Melissa and Jason that make films. The kids are in soccer, with the alcoholic, uncaring coach John McGuirk. The first season of the show was done in Squigglevision (like Dr. Katz), and after it was done in Flash animation. Many of the actors from Dr. Katz contributed to this, including H. Jon Benjamin (Jason and McGuirk), and the show features recurring roles from Laura Silverman, Ron Lynch and Jonathan Katz. I highly recommend this wonderful and hilarious show about childhood.

My rating: *****/*****. 30 mins. TVPG
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Coach McGuirk is the best character ever created
bauhaus13814 March 2005
THis show is genius. The way that the characters interact with each other and the world is more real than any other show i have seen. Coach McGuirk is the greatest character ever created. He is so pathetic yet such a bad ass you can't help but laugh at him. Adult Swim only shows Home Movies once a week right now, but at least it's on at all. This is just my opinion , but the show is much better without Paula Poundstone playing Paula Small.Janine Ditullio just fits the part so well. H. Jon Benjamin, who plays the voice of Coach McGuirk ,also plays the voice of Jason. Jason is a candy fiending,stuck up slob that seems a bit slow. But he's very insightful when it comes to making movies. One of the most defining lines Brendon Small has is when he is playing the role of "Land-Stander" and says something along the lines of,"I just want to stand, on land." You feel so bad for the kid sometimes, but I can usually relate to him. Anyway, it comes as no surprise to find out that a lot of the show is made up on the spot as they go, which is probably one of the main reasons this show is so great. (and because it came from the mind of Brendon Small)
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This has to be one of the greatest shows ever!!!!
MelissaBeverly31 August 2004
Nothing comes close to the hilarious, comical, even witty performances of every character on this show. I have never laughed so hard and yes even cried so much while watching a cartoon. Perry and Walter are two of the most hysterical little characters I have ever come across. Jason is just so endearing and adorable every word that comes out of his mouth is gold. Since my name is Melissa hearing everyone say it all the time is also quite delightful. What more could you ask of from a show, that delivers the very best every time. Who could have known the unexpected, quaint, amusing life of Brendan Small could be so wonderful. I can't say anything thing else but, "Ingenious!!"
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Finally another "adult" cartoon I don't hate.
Glorback16 January 2006
As a matter of fact, I love this show. It's tied with Futurama as my all time favorite TV show. Unfortunately, its quite over-looked because people are too busy watching garbage like Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Family Guy (yeah, I said garbage).

Ever since South Park aired, idiots have developed a theory that the more swears and randomness stuck in a cartoon will make it more funny. Of course, it never worked. Home Movies finally offers something different.

The use of retro scripting is what really makes Home Movies shine. It makes all the dialogue feel so uncontrived, which can't be said about a lot of other cartoons. The jokes are intelligent, but not pretentious, and not just based on random crap. Its a lot like Seinfeld in the sense that everything that happens seems to be pointless at first, but it all ties in at the end.

Even on weekdays when I'm really tired, I'll still tough it out enough to stay awake and watch it.
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Couldn't get into it.
enzero27 August 2018
I just watched the first few episodes of the show and I was just so bored. While watching the show I just found myself looking at my phone more often then the actual show.

The character's were unfunny and very one demisional. There wasn't any personality. At times I really felt annoyed listening to them speak, especially when the character McGuirk was in the scene. The lines were just overlapping each other to the point I was annyed trying to fully process what the people were saying. Everyone delivered their lines with the most monotoned voice they could imagine.

In the first couple of minutes of the show we quickly understand the random stupidity of the show when McGuirk talks about getting drunk and getting two regrettable tattoos.

The animation of the show felt very low budget and no skill and I'm not saying it is a bad thing, but I am saying it is there. I understand when they are going for a unique art style, but if you really want to sell it to me, the writing of the show can't be on the same quality of the art.
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One of my favorite shows EVER
JBoze3133 November 2001
We do not have a UPN affiliate in my area, so I never saw the show's short run on that network, but thanks to The Cartoon Network, I am now able to see the adventures of Brendan, Jason, and Melissa. This show is awesome in all aspects. The voice work is amazing, and the actors who do the voices are really well at making us laugh. The relationships between all the characters- they're classic. You'd be hard pressed to say the relationships they have on the show are anywhere near real life (mother and son talking like adult friends, coach and Brendan talking the same way), but it doesn't matter in the least. It's these quirky relationships that make the show so funny. It's kind of funny how each episode, something from the beginning leads to something later on...for example, in one of the episodes, they are making a slapstick barbarian movie, and they are hitting each other with clubs...yet later on, they use this scene in another movie made for a judge (Brendan rides his bike on the wrong side of the road and causes an accident) who is trying to decided a proper punishment. It's a little thing, but you can't help but notice how things in their movies always pop up in the real life or vice versa. I like the animation, because it is used in Dr. Katz, which is another favorite of mine, but I think they should do it differently. I have read interviews with Small, and he says that the animation for the newer episodes (which I suppose haven't aired at all yet) have flash animation. I'm not if we're talking the same web based animation or not, but I look forward to seeing the difference. In general, I'd say as an adult, you cannot go wrong with this show, it is truly some of the funniest stuff on tv, and it's quality work all the way around. 10/10
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What A Good Show, Man.
nasdagoodshepherd2 June 2019
Home Movies...an relaxing Adult Swim cartoon and yet one of my favorite cartoons Adult Swim has ever made! (Well, technically, it was made in UPN in 1999, but UPN took the show out and thankfully, Cartoon Network saved it and allowed it to become an Adult Swim original series.) I really like all the characters, especially Coach McGuirk, he's my favorite. Overall, Home Movies is really great show from Adult Swim and I'm happy it exists. Gives this one a 8.7/10
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best sitcom ever
draft_dodger2227 February 2009
it simply does not get better then this show. it has every great classic/modern element of sitcoms, comparable too every show you love. it is just a perfect show. from the writing to the voice acting to the characters to the animation. the subtle things in this show are what make it so great, the things that seem incomplete yet make the show what it is. a lot of people just don't "get" this show because it is so well-plotted out. the best show on adult swim next to tim and eric awesome show great job! the most underrated show as well. the beginning of brenden small, also him at his best. do not pass on this show, if you get the chance, watch it and examine it to your fullest ability, if you have good taste you will realize how good it truly is!
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Home Movies is Amazing
go49_2025 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I absolutely love Home Movies. I wasn't really old enough to get everything when it first came out, but I have discovered it via Comcast's On Demand and fell in love with it. Since then, I've bought the first three seasons on DVD, and continue to watch them non stop. It's a horrible shame that it's been canceled. It really was the smartest cartoon of its time. It never really got the attention that it deserved. Though I'm not sure it would have gone mainstream (frankly, I think the humor's almost too smart for what people want), it was an utterly remarkable show. The character's are all perfectly developed. Each plays off of the others beautifully. The voices applied to the characters are wonderfully suited as well. In all honesty and sad as it may seem, Home Movies has changed my life. Even the crude animation of the first season can be completely ignored simply by listening to the dialog. Brendon Small and H. Jon Benjamin are extremely funny and help to make the show what it is. Small and Benjamin play off each other at least as well, if not better, than any pair of actors on any show or movie. Benjamin, playing the irresponsible soccer coach John McGuirk, often shares his drunken wisdom with the ten year old movie making Brendon Small, played by Brendon Small. Of course, McGuirk's advice is never really helpful, nor is it always pertinent. Brendon isn't the only one McGuirk dispenses advice to or comforts. One memorable example is McGuirk explaining to Brendon's baby sister Josie that she shouldn't be afraid of thunder, because thunder doesn't kill people. It's the lightening that you have to worry about as that kills millions of people a year. And food, food will kill you. Raw pork... This is the show. Brendon Small (the writer, not the character) was right, I think in saying that if you love the show, you would give anything for it, you would die for the show, but if you hate the show, you really abhor it. I would take a bullet for Home Movies anytime. I hope that everyone watches it!
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mrcreen3 November 2008
My ex-boyfriend bought me season three of this show on DVD after I watched a bunch of episodes on Adult Swim. When I was in college, I had this friend, and "Home Movies" was her absolute favorite show, and she would rave about it, as they say, all the time. Now, thank the Lord, I know what all the hubbub was about! It seems everyone on here loves Coach McGuirk the most, but he is my least favorite character; my favorites are Paula, Walter, and Perry. I had a feeling most boneheads would love McGuirk the most. Anyways, this is one of the best shows of all time and now I just need to get the rest of the seasons on DVD. Adult Swim will probably stop airing it eventually.
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McGuirk is another in a long line of great Benjamin characters
pazzintexas16 June 2019
I have recently re-watched the entire series and enjoyed it as much the second time as I did the first. The whole cast is great but John McGuirk by far is the most entertaining in the show. There are so many great quotes from his character it would be impossible to remember them all but here's one of my favorites.

Coach John McGuirk: Brendon, there's nothing wrong with lying to women... or the government... or your parents... or God. Alright? Brendon Small: Yeah, but what if they figure out you're a liar? Coach John McGuirk: What, women? Brendon Small: Sure. Coach John McGuirk: Then who needs 'em? Lie to men.
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