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Great TV Talk Show!
dgordon-16 May 2003
I remember watching this show in the early to mid '80s. It's format was like "Regis & Kathie-Lee", and it offered celebrity guests, along with tips for a healthier lifestyle, and in some shows there were cooking & makeover demonstrations. Gary Collins was the host, and sometimes he would have his wife Maryann Mobley on too. This was the starting ground for some well known icons of the '80s & '90s. The alumni included: Susan Powter-giving physical fitness advice & aerobic instruction, Richard Simmons-appeared on the show regularly giving health and diet advice, and Jose Ebert, a noted L.A. hairdresser, did a lot of makeovers on this show. It was 60 minutes in length, but it was so enjoyable, it only felt like a half-hour. I really miss this show since it's been off the air for 15 years now. It was a show from an era when there may have only been 30 channels to choose from, but there seemed to be more to watch on TV.
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Hour Magazine, Gary Collins
connygarrett28 February 2009
I always enjoyed this show and Gary Collins as the host. He was willing to do ANYTHING they asked of him to show people how to cook something, how to work out, etc.

I remember one week they had him undergo a complete physical with their in-house doc. Poor Gary -- sitting on a table in his jockey shorts being examined on TV!

He exercised a lot on the show. I remember one episode where he came back from commercial changed out of his suit into workout clothes. HE had to take of his shoes, though. And he was wearing black dress socks. I think Bruce Jenner was on...made fun of him for that.

A good show. Gary COllins was quite good.
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