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Movie stars, TV stars, and rock stars make each other see stars...
Monkasi15 April 2002
Part WWF freak show, part celebrity roast, and 100 percent outrageous satire, "Celebrity Deathmatch" is one of the best ideas for a novelty TV show to come out in years. There's nothing more satisfying than seeing snobbish starlets, overhyped matinee idols, and self-aggrandizing mega-entertainers maim each other and humiliate themselves in front of the entire world (as clay facsimiles, of course).

But despite all the schadenfreude, it's all in good fun. Fictional hosts Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond provide a hilarious running commentary on the grisly goings-on with nonstop puns, quips, and zingers at the unfortunate celebrities' expense. Real-life referee Mills Lane moderates the bouts and sometimes even plays a crucial role in which celebrity will win. And the celebrities themselves (actually impersonated by voiceover artists) have the most fun of all, coming up with ever more creative ways to annihilate each other while making references galore to their own movies, their opponents' movies, and pop culture in general.

"Celebrity Deathmatch" is even more fun to watch if you have a bunch of friends over and you want to do some Vegas-style gambling. Wagering on the outcome of the fights can be fun, but be forewarned: don't always root for the more popular celebrity (for example, Eddie Murphy over Nick Nolte). The playing field is level in these fights, and just about anything goes - so the victor may surprise you. Bet on your personal favorite instead.
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Fun, entertaining, and GORY!!!
jsnyang4826 February 2002
CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH is full of entertainment. Even though 3 celebrities (the 3 losers) are mocked each week, but still, its done in a fashion that makes the scenes memorable and entertaining (Clay). The best fight in my personal opinion is the one with John Travolta versus Nicholas Cage in the Face/off action. That one was funny, entertaining, and like any other deathmatches, gory. Most of the fights are either very bloody or gory, but they're all presented in comical action. That really is what made the show so great, and I just can't deny it.

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"Let's get it on!"
Michael_Pilkington14 September 1999
Along with MTV's animated shows, such as Beavis and Butt-head and Daria, this show is equally enjoyable. Much better than the sock duo, Sifl and Olly. It's fun watching celebrity look-alikes beat the crap... uh, clay out of each other. Mills Lane lends his voice to the referee as himself. Before every match he repeats his famous quote, "Let's get it on!" Note to parents: it's only clay, so ignore that TV14 rating and sit back with your kids and watch your favorite celebrities slug it out. My evaluation: B+.
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let's get it on
rossrobinson12 September 2003
I remember when i first watched celebrity deathmatch way back in 1998, i absolutely loved it and i still do, i like the celebrities fighting. I thought that the creation of each celebrity was fantastic to do, i hope that this programme will go on for a long while, like the same with the simpsons
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Great Show!
Pat-889 August 1999
This is a great show. Celebrities beating the crap out of each other is pretty funny and sometimes entertaining. If you haven't seen this show before, you should check it out. It rocks!

WARNING: This show contains graphic clay violence.

I give this show ***1/2
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This show will be missed.
slimshady562324 June 2012
I remember back in the day, I used to watch this show every time it came on. This show is pretty cool because its the only show that you can see celebrity's fight one another. The announcer's had the most of the comedy but the stars had more of the intense violence and it's shocking to see that it's a show only for teenagers for that type of violence it shows. Some episodes however were to live on and some were at least to say to be blown up in smithereens. The battles are really funny, and well written, but there is a few episodes that are actually pretty nasty in certain ways. I remember there was this pattern in the show. Usually, the celebrity that seemed to be winning at first, always ended up as the loser.
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Get ready to rumble
Op_Prime13 January 2000
This show is great. Watching celebrities beating the hell out of each other is hilarious and can be fun for all. The TV14 isn't really needed, considering it's just clay. Note to all: get some food, sit back, turn to MTV and watch celebrities duke it out. Don't be the only one to miss it.
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Original was better.
Tenchi6458924 August 2006
In 1998 onward, this show was very entertaining.

Hell, I even used to bet on it sometimes with my school friends... unfortunately, time has done its damage and now the jokes have gotten stale, Mills Lane's clay likeness (and Johnny and Nick's) looks like crap, and the return of the series wasn't as good as I had hoped.

I mean no disrespect to the fans of the series, but the least they could have done was to keep the same look and maybe even show the old episodes once in a while.

Also, could they be anymore overly-PC with their new reporter? Tally Wong? Who are you kidding? I still like the show, but it's getting harder to enjoy an already burnt-out series.

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New celebrity deathmatch SUCKS!!
thesimpleman893 March 2007
The new celebrity deathmatch is terrible. They kill off the popular people and make the low budget celebs win. I mean...Andy Milonakis? Lil' flip? Lil flip and Lil Wayne should of both died.Lil' flip sucks. the fight between Lil' Jon and Lil' bow wow and Lil flip was MAD corny and short. They should of just kill off all of them. Why did Tobey lose to Jake and Christian lose to Adam? they are better actors and superheroes. They also spend too much time on talking rather than fighting which can bore the viewers. Everything seems rushed for some reason, they can't just make a long fight? the old deathmatch is way better.
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If you want to see celebrities die in the comical way, this is for you.
somedudetmb17 April 2003
Celebrity Deathmatch is what you could call like professional wrestling, but with a whole lot more blood, decapitations, and laughs with the same thrill of wanting to know who will reign victor in the ring. With over 300 episodes, many of your favorite and lesser known celebrities end up on their claymated deathbed.

This claymation is really a must-see. It's really entertaining to see two celebrities I do not like beat themselves with weapons and their own fists, and occasionally both dying in the ring. Even though it's disappointing to see the better celebrity get killed, I still watch this for the fun of it.
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Loved that show & it will be missed
juliancraig12 August 2019
I used to watch this when I was little, got in trouble a lot watching that but couldn't help watching it
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It's a sick idea, so why is it so damn entertaining?
Greatwhitewhale15 October 2003
2 Celebrities (or more). Beat the crap out of each other in the ring. And the celebrity who kills the other wins. That's pretty sick so why is it good?

Probably because it's a show that concentrates on trying to make it funny as well as violent. It's quite a satirical show as it pokes fun at the world of celebrities and the celebrities themselves. (Movie stars act like famous characters they play, sports people usually fight like they play that sport). They also got their own characters. Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond the commentators who get into situations during the show. Stacy Cornbred the backstage reporter, Mills Lane (though he's real) the referee. So it's a pretty fun show.

I'll never forget the first time I saw this show. It was the sci-fi special. Celine Dion was performing the national anthem and they poke fun at how she sings. Then Keith Flint from Prodigy comes in with a chair and whacks her with it. Then Celine Dion battered Keith till she pulls his head off and swallowed it whole. She turned into an alien and went into Don King's head. And I wanted to see more. And before I knew it, I saw David Duchovny and Gillian Anderon vs. Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, Jim Carrey vs. Mariah Carey, Quentin Tarantino vs. Spike Lee, Backstreet boys vs. Beastie boys, 3 Stooges vs. 3 Tenors and more!

So great show, see it unless you're faint-hearted.
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Celebrity Deathmatch Is the best clay show ever!!!
sweetKLP42 March 2003
I was twelve years old when I saw this show. This was a funny show. It's coool how MTV thought up a way to make this show out of clay. Well If it was real people in stead of clay, you would never see them again in movie's, show's, music video's, or comercial's. One of my favorite brawls was Beavis VS Butthead because they were stupid and they were just screwing around for most of the match until Beavis gets hyper on sugar and turns him self into "Cortfolio" and Kills Butthead. That is one of the funniest death match brawls ever. MTV should put Celebrity Deathmatch on more often. That show Kicks ass. Ha! Get it!? Kicks ass!!! MTV should make that show an hour long instead of half an hour long. This show is 10,000 times beter then WWF.

My rating to this show: 10/10 and *****
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Best clay wrestling ever on TV
cjclouse5 April 2019
Many people enjoy parodies of their favorite celebrities, with this show these celebrities fight to the death from Marilyn Manson to Madonna, see these people fight to the finish to qoute the ref "lets get it on" and let this show live on forever
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Please bring this show back!!!
safenoe11 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, I may not be high brow for enjoying and laughing out loud at Celebrity Death Match, and guilty I am for enjoying this pleasure of a show from MTV!!!

Congratulations to MTV for commissioning Celebrity Death Match, as the imaginative match pairings were so hilarious and inspiring, big time. Loved it! Some were risqué, exhibit A Tommy Lee Jones.

I especially loved the one with the Seinfeld cast, where Michael Richards, Jason Alexander and Julia Louis-Dreyfus gang up against Jerry Seinfeld for ending his hit show. Seeing their facial expressions (all in clay!!) was unforgettably hilarious.
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Awesome show until it was brought back from being canceled.
emt498816 April 2010
Hi everyone this is Jack Red, today I wanted to review one of my child hood shows Celebrity Death Match.

I love this show it had everything you could possibly want I mean you had a funny referee, awesome hosts and even Stone Cold appears on the show.

I still remembered when The Undertaker got into a match on the first Halloween episode they did that was entertaining.

Fandemonium I-IV were great episodes basically you vote on online what matches you wanted to see at the time.

They had Beavis vs. Butt Head of all things and my god that still today my personal favorite match why because I was a fan of theirs as a kid.

Referee Mills Lane in the first four seasons was voiced by the actual person now he at times made the show funny to watch like let's give it up oh I mean let's get it on classic.

Johnny and Nick were two of my favorite hosts of all the shows I shown to date.

Sadly it first got canceled in 2002 with a horrible game released a year after.

Out of no where it came back however instead of MTV it aired on MTV2 like that would make any differences.

To be completely honest I hate this version of the show sure it was two seasons lasted eight episodes each but come on what happen to the show I loved.

As bad as that game was I would rather play it then to watch this version ever again yes it is that bad.

Referee Mills Lane wasn't funny, Nick was made to look more like an idiot rather than being one at times where it's funny.

Of course I got to bring up Johnny sadly they were close with him but how could they screwed up on his hair color.

This version is supposed to be bloodier yet most of the matches suck really bad especially compared to the classic version which barely had a bad match up.

They even reused an idea used in the old one where the hosts fight each other but it never happen.

I like the original take on that idea which involves a time machine while the others involves Don Vito eating Tony Hawks which was pretty stupid.

I prefer the original clay used on the classic rather than the newer one which was lucky to make some celebrities that appeared on both closer to the actual person.

They remade Shaquille O'Neal vs. Kobe Bryant that was a good match into a match that's actually worst than Big Foot's match with Loch Ness Monster.

Everyone can agree that the most popular match of the show was Spice Girls vs. Hansons mainly because how it ended.

They did bring back the voting however it sucks especially with a match so stupid that being high seems like a good option I'm talking about Ashley Simpson versus her old nose what how can you make that a match.

Sadly it was a match with a vote from me because how poorly the options were on it.

I thought at first it would be like Nicolas Cage versus John Travolta match where they had each other's faces as well as theirs butts but nope that wasn't happening.

It was Ashley Simpson against a giant talking nose now how high do you have to believe to make that a match.

They also did an episode of Comedy though not as good as the ones done by Eric Fogel the creator of the show.

Oh that's right I haven't said the single worst thing about the new version of Celebrity Death Match yet that guy wasn't involved that's right why do you think it stinks so bad.

I thought they were bring in many more celebrities in the new one but most of them already had been on the show it's like there wasn't any creative involved.

They didn't do a single holiday episode which sucks because for those who remember the 4th of July episode that was awesome.

Rodney Dangerfield was in a match while he was still alive and in the new one they used the time machine to bring him back to fight since he's dead now.

R.I.P. Rodney Dangerfield I remembered from the original it had Marv Alberts who was on there very briefly then Stacy Cornbred who died on the show then finally Debbie Matenopoulos who was okay but not as good as Stacy.

Tally Wong was Debbie's permanent replacement that wasn't entertaining at all I mean even Marv Alberts was better now that's saying awtifully a lot right there.

Every now and then she says to Johnny oh what are you going to do bring back Stacy Cornbred what who honestly thinks that's funny because I sure don't I think it's pointless, stupid and a waste of my time.

In conclusion I can watch the first four seasons without any problems however avoid the last two seasons at all costs or you will regret it for the rest of your life.
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Entertainment With Clay
jts040530 July 2006
Rockstars, Movie Stars, Baseball Stars, Basketball Stars, Rap Arists, Wrestlers, and Boxers. They have it all. Celebrity Deathmatch is a show where you can switch off your mind for a half hour and watch popular people duke it out. Just like Ray Charles when he went one on one with Jamie Foxx, Chris Farley vs. Horatio Sanz, Adam Sandler vs. Ben Stiller, Stone Cold Steve Austin actually was on the show for a while and during the time he was on he fought his real wrestling rival Vince McMahon. Everybody has been on this show once or twice. If you look back at it Charlie Sheen was on there twice he fought Woody Harrelson, and then before that fought some guy but I don't remember. This show is one of my favorite shows of all time. Heck they even had Beavis vs. Butt-Head on here before. This show has ran from 1998 to now. One of my favorite CDM matches had to be the new seasons Ben Stiller vs. Adam Sandler, they are two of my favorites and it really went well. Another favorite of mine was the Charles Manson vs. Marilyn Manson. That was a good one. I still think Charles should have kicked Marilyn's butt.
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Not for the weak of stomach
All_Things_Ex21 November 2002
Warning: Spoilers
(MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS) I love this show. It is clever as hell and very funny. Anyone who doesn't like this should be commited. This show has great, gory claymation. I love seeing clay celebrities fight it out. I loved the fight nine inch dady vs. puffy nails. When Eminem fought Kid Rock that was funny. Eminem won but the Joe C tore off Eminem's head and jumped into hi body. I give it 9.6/10
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Nice Show
White Dolphin18 December 2000
I've never been a fan of wrestling but when it comes to clay-mation it can be quite amusing. What I love most are the little inside jokes about the 'celebrities' fighting. Sure sometimes the animation or voice don't exactly fit the celebrity or doesn't look/sound like the 'celeb' but still it's a humorous very enjoyable television show. I'd watch it over professional wrestling any day.
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batman6523 June 2000
I was just wondering why Celebrity Deathmatch doesn't have a place where people could suggest future matches that they would like to see???? I believe that this would be a great tool to come up with matches not thought of by the show.
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While Very Creative and At Times Insightful, the Material Seems to Be Lacking In Certain Areas
TMC-426 February 2000
Celebrity Deathmatch can be entertaining and is inventive with the way it can take various attributes that lie within celebrities and taking them a step further along with the numerous gags. The show will occasionally throw in some type in joke about the celebrities in the process of the fights. While Celebrity Deathmatch makes numerous references to particular movies, television shows, etc., there seems to be a certain restraint in these areas. Rather then attempt to be a hard hitting satire of the way the entertainment industry functions and the various topics that surround it, episodes tend to break down into an assortment of typical parodies of movies and television shows that rely heavily on sight gags (which at times can be fairly predictable) and puns.
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One of the best shows on television!
Pat-1812 February 2000
This show is great! Clay celebs beating the crap out of each other doesn't sound too intelligent, but I think 75% of this shows jokes are genius! In fact, pretty much all the gags will have you laughing yourself to death. The fights are smart, although they always jab at the celebs movies, it's funny, and it never fails to find a new way to write off one of your favorite (or least favorite) celebrities.

Overall: A laugh out loud, smart, and incredibly entertaining show! 9.5/10
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Funny Funny Funny Funny
steph_hhh833 September 2001
This show is Funny Funny Funny Funny. I like how they have the celebrities beat each other up. My favorite ones are when is was Hanson vs Spice Girls and Marilyn Manson interfered and killed them both. Because both of those bands such. And Manson rules both of them. My second was Vince McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin. But my very very favorite was the halloween one with Undertaker. Because the Undertaker is my favorite wrestler.
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