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Entertainment Weekly
Packs appeal for both kids and parents.
Chicago Sun-Times
The point is, adults can attend this movie with a fair degree of pleasure. That's not always the case with movies for kids, as no parent needs to be reminded. There may even be some moms who insist that the kids need to see this movie. You know who you are.
Your children are almost certain to have a great time.
Village Voice
Nicely conveys a family trip abroad as seen from both the exhausted-parent and bewildered-infant points of view.
If you're a parent, you could do a heck of a lot worse than taking the spawn off to catch Rugrats in Paris and if you're a kid, well, you probably already knew that anyway.
Seems more like a merchandising ploy than a successful attempt to entertain kids and their parents.
Chicago Reader
The makers of this eclectically animated adventure, a follow-up to "The Rugrats Movie," know their audience, though all the "Godfather" references will be thoroughly puzzling to at least half of it.
Charlotte Observer
It's a mass of interchangeable moving images, none much more significant than the others, linked to a plot looser than a 2-year-old's shoelaces.
Chicago Tribune
Isn't novel entertainment, but adults who accompany kids to it are not likely to feel that it is a form of abuse for either of them.
Boston Globe
Predictable and not terribly clever, but among the slim pickings of movies geared to the pre-school and grade-school set, it could be much worse.

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