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Season 2

8 Sep. 1984
Mystery in Paradise
A disappointing loss at the meet doesn't stop the team from having a good time in Hawaii. Courtney's fear of water would have to be tested when she and the rest of the team encounter modern-day pirates stealing valuable jewels. Mr. T hopes to turn this trouble in paradise into a final luau for the pirates and still have time to enjoy Hawaii with the team.
15 Sep. 1984
Mystery of the Black Box
The team are in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada for a little skiing before their big meet when they catch a supersonic jet crashing down. Mr. T recovers a black box from the wreckage before it exploded. However, he and the team are now being chased by a group of spies called Snow Raiders who are desperate to get that black box from the team at any cost. It'll take nerves of steel to solve this mystery in the Great White North.
22 Sep. 1984
Mystery of the Panthermen
On Manzanita Island in the San Francisco Bay, people are being scared away and abducted by a group called the Panthermen who handle a giant panther. Mr. T and the team plan on investigating to uncover clues to the disappearances, while Jeff meets with a newspaper reporter who plans on turning the island into a tourist attraction. At the same time, a shady businessman wants to turn the island into a real estate development.
29 Sep. 1984
Mystery of the Ghost Fleet
The team is in Baltimore for a meet and Kim puts herself on a crash diet. Suddenly, Mr. T spotted a lifejacket belonging to a ship called the Argo which the locals say doesn't exist. Mr. T sets out to investigate where the Argo sank, but as they reach it, the ship blows up. Something's very fishy about this mystery and Mr. T is hoping to catch a bite to solve it. However, Kim's crash diet is weakening both herself and her ability to be part of the team, and Mr. T must help her understand the danger of eating disorders and fad diets.
6 Oct. 1984
Mystery of the Ancient Ancestor
The team make a pit stop in Busted Springs and meet up with Ms. Busby's nephew Showbiz. There, they uncover a 75-year-old mystery regarding the town's seething hatred for Skye Redfern's grandfather.
13 Oct. 1984
Magical Mardi Gras Mystery
Mr. T and the team has some time to celebrate Mardi Gras while in New Orleans before the big meet. As they celebrated, they went to a magic show hosted by Ross Howard, Courtney's uncle who was once a con man who paid his debt to society and now works as a magician, under the stage name of Cadabra the Great. However, when a jazz singer's diamond jewelry disappears during a magic act, everyone suspects Uncle Ross reverted to his wicked ways. Someone is framing Cadabra the Great for these crimes and that's what Mr. T needs to find out to close the curtain on this boggle ...
20 Oct. 1984
Mystery of the Disappearing Oasis
Although Mr. T hates flying, he takes his team to Cairo, Egypt to meet Joanna Bakara, Kim's pen pal. Joanna's father is an Egyptologist trying to piece the mystery of the Pyramid of Amenhotep while his greedy comrade Dr. Fasiri and his henchmen kidnap Joanna and her father to get the ruby Joanna wears. Jeff knows why the ruby was important to unlock the mystery and sets off on his own.
27 Oct. 1984
Fortune Cookie Caper
In the heart of New York City's Chinatown, Mr. T and the team stumbles onto a mysterious string of arsons involving rare goods, including rare books from a bookstore owned by Jeff's parents. The team finds out that Mr. Fong, the owner of a Chinese restaurant, is using fortune cookies with codes and a hired arsonist called the Phantom Firebug as cover to smuggle every rare item out of the country.
3 Nov. 1984
U.F.O. Mystery
Woody's stubbornness about his astigmatism might have cost him a win at the meet in Rapid City, and it continued to get him into more trouble by the fact that he refuses to see an ophthalmologist on the basis that he may be prescribed eyeglasses. He was on his way to see Professor Andrews to see his latest inventions including Mr. T II, a robot version of Mr. T, but the professor was kidnapped. Suddenly, Woody spots a U.F.O. flying overhead. Suddenly, Mr. T and the rest of the team are caught up in an out-of-this-world mystery and an alleged abduction.
10 Nov. 1984
Mystery of the Stranger
"Never ever go with strangers!" That's the lesson Spike had to learn the hard way. While the team was in Hollywood performing as stunt doubles, Spike was offered a hamburger by a married couple, but was stopped by his sister Robin. The couple encountered Spike, telling him that his sister is sick and Spike went along, only to be trapped in the back of their van where two other children were also kidnapped, the objective being for the couple to make money through ransom. When Mr. T and the team's first attempt to rescue Spike fails, they are discouraged. However, Mr. T...
17 Nov. 1984
Cape Cod Mystery
After Spike's sighting of a sea monster overshadows Robin's perfect score at a Cape Cod gymnastics meet, Robin and Dozer set out to investigate.

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