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17 Sep. 1988
Destroy the Defendroids/The Adoption
Luthor creates a robotic police force called Defendroids in "Destroy The Defendroids." The Kents adopt baby Clark after he creates havoc in the Smallville orphanage in "The Adoption."
24 Sep. 1988
Fugitive from Space/The Supermarket
As scientists try to decide which of a pair of aliens is a cop and which his prisoner, the bad guy hides eggs which will destroy the Earth in "Fugitive From Space." Ma Kent undertakes a shopping trip with baby Clark in "The Supermarket."
1 Oct. 1988
By the Skin of the Dragon's Teeth/At the Babysitter's
Luther discovers a curse when he tricks Superman into excavating a treasure in "By The Skin Of The Dragon's Teeth." A babysitter tries to control young Clark in "At The Babysitter's."
8 Oct. 1988
Cybron Strikes/The First Day of School
Cybron, a human/machine hybrid, comes from the future to 'Cyberrize' Earth in "Cybron Strikes." A tattletale gets Clark into trouble on his first day in school but a guinea pig saves the day in "The First Day At School."
15 Oct. 1988
The Big Scoop/Overnight with the Scouts
Luthor steals a prophetic machine and discovers Superman's true identity in "The Big Scoop." Clark is inspired to use his superpowers during his first camping trip in "Overnight With The Scouts."
22 Oct. 1988
Triple-Play/The Circus
The Prankster forces Superman to play macabre baseball games against the kidnapped World Series teams in "Triple Play." Clark accidentally becomes a part of his first circus in "The Circus."
29 Oct. 1988
The Hunter/Little Runaway
Holidaying with his parent's Clark is called off time and time again to help out as Superman. From the Phantom Zone, General Zod and his companions successfully create a creature they call The Hunter which comes to Metropolis to destroy Superman. Able to convert itself into any substance it touches, the Hunter converts itself into steel, breaks into the Daily Planet and captures Lois Lane in order to attract Superman. After battling Superman, the creature retreats and is introduced to Kryptonite by General Zod. The Hunter seeks out Lex Luthor, touches his piece of ...
5 Nov. 1988
Superman and Wonder Woman vs. the Sorceress of Time/The Birthday Party
Superman teams up with Wonder Woman to stop the Syrene from getting the Globe Of Darkness in "Superman And Wonder Woman Vs. The Sorceress Of Time." An unexpected surprise disrupts Clark's birthday party in "The Birthday Party."
12 Nov. 1988
Bonechill/The Driver's License
BONECHILL - Book store owner Chilton Bone steals an ancient medallion to turn himself into Bonechill and brings mummies and other scary creatures to life to battle Superman. ... THE DRIVER'S LICENSE - Pa Kent tries to teach a young Clark how to drive.
19 Nov. 1988
The Beast Beneath These Streets/First Date
A mutant steals Superman's powers in "The Beast Beneath These Streets." Clark finds asking Lana Lang on a date is easier than making the date run smoothly in "First Date."
26 Nov. 1988
Wildsharkk/To Play or Not to Play
Superman tackles Wildsharkk and the Bermuda Triangle in "Wildsharkk." Clark learns he can't play football in "Fato Play Or Not To Play."
3 Dec. 1988
Night of the Living Shadows/Graduation
The Master Shadow creates suits that turn the wearer into living shadows in "Night Of The Living Shadows." A storm threatens to ruin Clark's high school graduation in "Graduation."
10 Dec. 1988
The Last Time I Saw Earth/It's Superman
An alien steals the space shuttle in "The Last Time I Saw Earth." Superman is revealed to the public for the first time in "It's Superman."


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