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not a classic
lolzgod29 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
this game is one of the worst Pokemon game out there its basic you're a ten year old kid achieving to beat the Pokemon league and catch all Pokémon

that's not the problem I have with Pokemon the game is a classic but its broken moves and Pokemon types were broken a move called focus energy supposed to land critical hits more easy but it halves your chance to land a critical hit Pokemon like Persian were deadly because more the faster Pokemon more chance a critical hit will land which means that Pokemon that are fast and know slash will mean a guaranteed critical hit.
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A game you wont be able to stop playing, ever.
jerekra31 August 2008
Pokemon (both the blue and red version) is one of the most addicting games that was ever made. It is a game that you wont be able to stop playing, ever.

Basically you start off being able to choose one of three Pokemon (Charmander, Bulbasaur, or Squirtle). Then you start off on your quest to get 8 gym badges and defeat the elite four and become the greatest trainer ever. You also try to capture all 150 pokemon, well actually you could catch 151 but Ill get to that later.

What makes this game so fun is that you battle your pokemon and they increase in levels and ability. THe more you battle them against other trainers and other pokemon the better they get at fighting. It is just addicting getting them stronger so that you can get a better team of pokemon.

Sometimes the game can be tricky, like when you have to make long travels on foot. And you can be slowed down by the constant appearance of wild pokemon as you are going through caves.

Overall this game is one of the greatest games ever made. If you start to play you will not be able to stop.
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Very Clever.
DragonMasterHiro31 July 2003
I had no idea this game would be so addictive. Despite being on a small black & white Gameboy screen, the game's content and appeal overcomes all that. There's so much to do in the game that it drives you nuts because you want to do it all. There are 150 kinds of POKeMON (in this Red/Blue version) to be found. They are all unique which makes it easy for anyone to pick a favorite (my personal favorites were Kadabra, Omastar and Raticate). Your goal is to earn all 8 gym badges from the different elemental leaders and beat your rival to becoming a POKeMON Master. Little side quests put you in situations to collect more POKeMON. The more you have, the more flexible you can be in battle. The catchy music is great for Gameboy standards. It changes depending on the town, different places you walk through, your current action and when you're in battle. I thought it was cool they incorporated all the game themes into the cartoon. Sometimes the battles could get tedious as there are always many competing trainers on the way from place to place. It was a great way to build experience but in certain spots they were just overwhelmingly annoying. I haven't played any of the sequels but I've seen some of the new character designs on the more recent versions of the cartoons. I don't like them as much as the old POKeMON. It just seems like they're trying too hard.

Overall, POKeMON is a great game and I dare you not to get addicted.
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Aged like a moldy brick
genmulvlx10 October 2017
Nostalgia blinds people. This may have been the first Pokémon game, but it isn't the best. It is in fact the worst. From the beginning, you can tell the graphics have not aged well. Some of the sprites look truly awful (worst offenders being Machamp and Golbat) and the environments aren't much better. Despite a long development time, it's still filled with glitches ranging from minor to game breaking. Just look on Bulbapedia to see how many there are. The game play is your standard Pokémon. But the overall problem is how much is lacking from the first two games. Each and every generation improves. But with what we get here, is just lacking. It hasn't aged well at all.
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The game that started it all
nutz4n6429 April 2000
The cards, the show, the countless numbers of toys. Who could've expected so much to come from one simple Game Boy game? It drew me with its strange theme and my own curiosity, and I must say that never before have I been so taken in by a video game in my life. The premise is very simple: become the greatest pokemon trainer by catching as many as you can. The level of gameplay, on the other hand, is unmatched. There are 15 different elements that the Pokemon base their powers on. Each has a strength and weakness. The key is to teach the Pokemon a good variety of attacks and make good use of various advantages that one ability can have. For a guy that has memorized the first 151 creatures by number, I must warn that this game is dangerously addictive. If you haven't gotten involved by now, there's little chance that you will. Yet, it is definitely worth checking out. The best game for the Game Boy at this time so far. 10/10
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Even "Super Mario Bros." couldn't top Pokemon
chrisc12185 July 2001
From the B&W screen of Pokemon Red Version & Blue Version to the TV screen of the N64 for Pokemon Stadium 2, Pokemon has been the best game from Nintendo sinse Super Mario Bros. It has had more sequels in three years than most of the other popular video games have ever had! Two thumbs up!
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The most epic, nostalgic and memorable game of all time.
Jozephh5 June 2012
Pokemon Red/Blue is an RPG game consisting some of the most beastly and cute creatures called Pokemon (Pocket Monsters) You play as Red, a Pokemon trainer about to set off on his journey. Fight other Pokemon trainers Pokemon and capture many Pokemon that inhabit the region of Kanto. Fight the evil crime organization "Team Rocket" and collect the Gym badges of Kanto to participate in the grand, epic, legendary Indigo League, where the best of the best trainers await you, and of course the champion.

I would recommend this to anyone with an interest in video games, because once you've played it once, you'll come back and play it again in years time for the sheer nostalgia of your most epic childhood moments. Plus, lets not forget the most epic soundtrack composed by Junichi Masuda. the 8 Bit tunes will be stuck in your head forever. 10/10
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No matter how bad the television show and trading cards were, this game was still amazingly fun!
TOMNEL20 June 2008
Pokemon Blue Version is probably my favorite game for the original Gameboy. It is challenging, but certainly not impossible, and it's extremely addictive. It's a sandbox style game where you can walk around to different towns and talk to various people, and as your Pokemon grow in level and learn new moves, you can find new areas and new Pokemon and items.

Your character you play as has just woken up to the first day when they can get a Pokemon. You go to Professor Oak and he gives you the choice of 1 of 3 different starter Pokemon. Your main goal is to collect all 8 badges from the different Gym Leaders and catch new Pokemon to fight them. In the end, you are granted access to a cave containing the genetically engineered Mewtwo, which is a very climactic battle, more so than in any other game up to this point.

This game is just pure fun. The battles are cool to get into and necessary to get money to buy more items for your Pokemon. Some of the sub-plots are really interesting, including trying to get through a ghost tower full of unknown ghosts, and you must first get a scope to see what they are, and the constant attacks from Team Rocket who for some reason just want to bully you. The music in the game actually really impresses me too. It's like a full musical score, with some well thought out tunes, my favorite being the creepy tune from Lavender town, which is a creepy and sad song. After you've beaten the game and collected all the Pokemon there's not much to do, but good look trying to collect them all without cheating. It will take you days. It's just a great game.

Pokemon has been killed with the television program and the trading cards, and even the more complicated newer games. The oldest is the best, and is one of the funnest games I've ever played! My rating: **** out of ****.
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One of the Best Gameboy Games Ever
Alexander Doenau21 October 2000
PokZmon's draw is not just because of the cute characters, but because it is actually one of the most lovingly made games ever. Taking a full six years to program, Satoshi Tajiri and his team at Game Freak really made this game a labour of love. It is a very customisable game, with literally thousands of possibilities for you and your PokZmon. The Simple, everyman story is great- you can actually make the character you, and your rival either someone you have a friendly rivalry with, or someone you have a bitter hatred of. PokZmon encourages creativity, and the many forms of PokZmon will be out for years
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GENERAL NOCTORA17 October 2000
It was the first of all of the POKeMON shows that i have seen. It was cool to see some of the first POKeMON this way. on a scale from 1 {bad}10 {best} i give it a 10. I would tell everyone to see it again and again.
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One of the most creative and original games ever
Darth_Homer20 May 2004
Wow, even though I hate Pokemon, the game is actually kind of good, because not only is it the addictiveness of the game, but in a clever case of game designing, the game is put into two seperate games, each containg 75 of the monsters each.

Storyline wise, the game is ok, it's the same, I must become the greatest trainer in history storyline, but still, it works, Soundwise, it's ok as well, the sound isn't GTA:VC great (which is an extremely high standard). Gameplay wise, it's like an RPG, without the insanely hard battles.

So enjoy or hate, it's your choice
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Fun game even if you don't like the Pokemon TV series
gangstahippie20 July 2006
Rated E

Pokemon Blue and Red Version are two Pokémon video games(actually both are pretty much the same game with some things changed in certain parts of the game).You might not find it but Pokemon Blue Version or Red Version is worth the buy if you find it.Pokemon was most popular when I was in Grade 2.Myself and plenty of other people I knew were big fans of Pokemon.I first got Pokemon Silver Version before a friend gave me Red Version.Pokemon Gold/Silver is way better than this one but so are most video game sequels.This review is for Pokemon Red Version but Blue version as I said earlier is pretty much the same game.The game is about a young boy(you can choose his name) default name is Red(or Blue depending on what version you have).Starting with one Pokémon he gets from a lab he must go on a journey throughout Kanto to become the ultimate Pokémon master getting badges,catching and training Pokémon.Pokemon Red/Blue Version is a very fun game even if you don't like the TV series or anything else Pokémon.I cant stand the show but the game is fairly fun and sometimes I still play it when I have nothing better to do.

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DEFINITELY NOT as good as Super Mario Bros.
cheezdontgowitm31 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The first Pokemon games were classic, but not as good as Super Mario Bros. Pokemon's Sequels got quite old, Ruby Version? Sapphire Version? Ever since those 2 games came out I just lost my taste with Pokemon because they're just too boring now. Red, Blue, Yellow, Green (yes it does exist), Silver, Gold, Crystal, those are the good ones, the ones after that are just boring. Mario didn't make 5 sequels to the Super Mario Bros. games, they actually invented different plots, well I mean, Bowser kidnapping Princess Peach is always the plot, but I mean it isn't always doing the same exact thing, I mean, in every game, it's not always jumping over obstacles and enemies to get to Bowser, they invented different kinds of ways. Pokemon it's just catching every Pokemon, beat 8 gyms (or 16 or whatever). The battles aren't all that amazing, I've seen way better from Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga. Pokemon's just getting too old, the TV series now is just crap because they changed the voices and it's really not that great anymore. The games are getting old. If you want a good Pokemon game, stick to the old ones, and I know this comment is getting out of the subject of just Red and Blue, but I was also talking to the guy who was saying Pokemon was better than Mario. I doubt it, because if Pokemon knew better, they would just stop the TV series and stuff because it's really getting old, The Mario Series' TV show knew when to stop. Well overall, the Pokemon series is kinda bad because now they just keep on going with the new stuff, but about Red and Blue version, THOSE were the good ones, stick to those, not the new ones.
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I liked them.
general-melchett19 February 2007
I really used to enjoy the Pokemon games. I still can't believe they're making them now - I think Pokemon should best be left as a thing of the past rather than be constantly remade and remade until everyone gets fed up of it and it isn't hailed in 40 years time. There is so much gameplay in these games - it is quite easy to see how Pokemon changed the world. Superb originality and lots of collections of many things ensured that Pokemon was to become a worldwide craze. Not to mention the many different landscapes you could go through - you always had to keep playing for something great. And you felt a real sense of accomplishment upon completing the game - I remember the days when Pokemon was the in-thing at my school. Now, it would just be called "sad". Perhaps because these games symbolise how little we've moved on since the 1980s in the world of gaming. The graphics are something that was possible for about 10-15 years before the release of this, and everything was done from a birds-eye-view, like Pac-Man, which shows the real simplicity of this game. But the simple charm always helps things, be they movies, games, or artwork. And it helped this. Nowadays, I would find it hard to play on this for hours on end, but six years ago, I could spend a day on this with ease. But now there are better things to do. Saying that, I'll probably be playing on this again in 40 years time when there'll be even more cr*p in the media industry than now, and thinking of the good old days when this was new. 9/10
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