Dracula 2000 (2000) Poster


Jennifer Esposito: Solina



  • Solina : You don't build this kind of security without a gold mine to hide.

  • Detective Gautreaux : Solina, Dr. Seward here tells me you believe yourself to be a vampire. Now how does one become a vampire, Solina?

    Solina : No, how does one become... a lover?

    Detective Gautreaux : Well, I-I don't know.

    Solina : [Groans]  One is chosen.

    Detective Gautreaux : You see that?

    Dr. Seward : See what?

    Solina : [sighs; Sultry voice]  Would you like to be chosen, Mr. Detective? Are you waiting for a woman to choose you as a lover?

    Detective Gautreaux : You getting this on tape?

    Solina : [Yells]  Look at me when I'm talking to you!

    Detective Gautreaux : Now, Solina, you... you can't see me.

    Solina : Of course I can.

    [walks toward the one-way mirror as Solina can see through it; long, sultry sigh] 

    Solina : I can even see the outline of your cock through your pants. Don't pretend we're not interested. You know, it's a special thing to be chosen. Feels like...

    [breathes heavily] 

    Solina : ... being born.

  • [Mary escapes from the vampiric Lucy and enters an eerie velvet hallway only to quickly encounter Valerie, also a vampire. Valerie screeches at a frightened Mary, who corners her] 

    Valerie Sharp : [demonic]  So what makes you the one? What do you have that we don't have?

    Solina : [distorted]  Oh, I know.

    [Solina crawls on the wall from the left] 

    Solina : I know your secret. Oh, yes.

    Mary : [sobs]  No.

    Solina : Yeah, I can still taste it on your daddy's blood.

    Valerie Sharp : Oh, yes. The essence.

    [Solina hisses] 

    Valerie Sharp : What he took from Dracula, he passed on to you.

    Solina : Born with his blood, but not like the rest of us.

    Lucy : [appears from the right;sultry]  Daddy's little prodigal.

    Valerie Sharp : Sorry about your old man. We sucked him dry.

  • Solina : [to Simon about to kill her]  Go ahead. Cut me. Won't you have a lot to explain.

  • Solina : [to Simon]  You Brits like to sweet-talk and you Brits like to romance, and all I wanna do is suck.

  • Solina : You know, it's a special thing to be chosen. Feels like being born.

  • Solina : Does English charm work on English women?

    Simon Sheppard : Why not, Solina? One reason.

    Solina : I don't date men that I work with.

  • Solina : [after turning into a vampire]  Oh, Mr. Van Helsing. Haven't you been selfish.

  • [Solina, a vampire, throws herself on Simon, but freezes when he holds a set of garden shears to her neck] 

    Solina : [seductive]  Simon...

    Simon Sheppard : Better make it good.

    Solina : You and I, we could...

    Simon Sheppard : [cuts her head off]  No!

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