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Dracula, a Vampire You May Have Heard of, Has a New BBC/Netflix Miniseries Trailer

Count Dracula. Ever heard of him? For over a hundred years, Bram Stoker's creation has stunned and terrified us all. The mythologies and images behind Dracula have inspired not only direct film and TV adaptations, like Francis Ford Coppola's visually wild 1992 work, or the best movie ever made Dracula 2000, but basically wrote the rulebook for how we view vampires. Now, Netflix and the BBC has a teaser for a new miniseries on the count called, appropriately, Dracula. And while you may not think we need a new take on the classic blood-sucker, we encourage you …
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Review: Trick Delivers Up Some Unexpected Halloween Treats for Slasher Fans

  • DailyDead
To be perfectly honest, I was already half in the bag for Patrick Lussier’s Trick when it was first announced: I’m a big fan of many of Lussier’s directorial efforts (I’ll forever stand by my belief that Dracula 2000 is way more fun than it ever gets credit for), an even bigger fan of his editorial output, and have enjoyed his collaborative efforts with Todd Farmer over the last decade (who he also worked with on Trick) as well. Plus, with a cast that boasts the likes of Omar Epps, Tom Atkins, and Jamie Kennedy, and the fact that it's set around the Halloween season, I was more than primed for some slasher-ific fun with Trick, and as a whole, I was not disappointed.

The story begins several years earlier at a Halloween party, when a group of high schoolers are playing a version of “spin
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Patrick Lussier Returns to Horror with Slasher Feature Trick: First Trailer and Poster

Canadian and American filmmaker Patrick Lussier's next film is titled Trick. This film fan knows Lussier from his competent storytelling and shooting of Vampires II & III, which this writer saw for the first time, recently. Both films are amazingly well done - for an indie production. With Trick, Lussier is sticking with horror as killer Patrick "Trick" Weaver returns, after a tragedy several years earlier. Now, Trick is returning every Halloween, to finish what he started. Trick was co-written by Todd Farmer. Farmer and Lussier have worked together on My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009) and Drive Angry (Bloody Disgusting). And, their latest stars: Omar Epps (Dracula 2000), Ellen Adair, Kristina Reyes, Jamie Kennedy and Tom Atkins. The first poster and trailer, for the film, are hosted here. The first trailer shows Trick, behind a pumpkin mask. Everyone is playing a game. But, Trick is here to play-for-keeps. The bodies pile
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From Streams to Screams: 36 Bloodthirsty Vampire & Werewolf Movies You Can Stream This Halloween Season

  • DailyDead
Happy October, readers! I mean, I know it technically isn’t October quite yet, but let’s be honest: we’re all ready for Halloween, so it might as well be October already. One of my favorite things about this time of year is that it gives me a good excuse to watch as many horror movies as I can over the next 31 days.

These days, we have a variety of options to watch genre movies beyond our own home media collections, so over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting a series of themed streaming lists that should undoubtedly scratch any sort of cinematic itch you might be having this Halloween. To get things started, here’s a look at all the vampire and werewolf-themed films you can find on various streaming platforms out there—some are free services (Vudu and Tubi TV), and some are paid services,
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What’s Coming to Hulu in October 2019

  • Variety
There’s no question Hulu wants to get its viewers in the Halloween mood — the streaming service will add a fresh slate of horror movies to its collection once October hits. In addition to watching Jigsaw psychologically torture victims in “Saw,” “Saw 2” and “Saw 6,” audiences will also be able to see the original Hill House in the 1963 thriller “The Haunting.” For those in the mood for a classic, horror favorites from Alfred Hitchcock will also become available come Oct. 1, including “Rear Window,” “Psycho” and “The Birds.”

Anticipated Hulu Originals will also premiere this coming month. Season 2 of “Light as a Feather” will launch on the streamer on Oct. 4, while “Looking for Alaska,” based on John Green’s best-selling novel of the same name, will premiere on Oct. 18.

Scroll through the list below:

Oct. 1

60 Days In: Season 5

Alien Encounters: Season 2-3

American Pickers: Season 19

Basketball Wives La: Seasons 1-5

Biography: The
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AMC Announces Full Line-Up Of Horror Movies For 2019 FearFest

Horror fans are definitely going to want to take a look at this list. AMC’s FearFest is right around the corner now and features plenty of heart-racing movies for viewers to sink their teeth into as Halloween nears. Going on its 23rd straight year, the channel’s annual spooky marathon promises to scare the you-know-what out of anyone brave enough to watch the 19 consecutive days of bone-chilling programming.

This year boasts 104 eerie flicks, including well-known classics and some under-the-radar gems. FearFest is set to begin on Sunday, October 13th at 10:00am Et, though AMC wants everyone to know that “horror fans don’t even have to wait that long, as you’ll also be able to watch even more movies on amc.com and the AMC Apps for mobile and devices all month long.”

Here’s a list of the films that will be available to stream starting
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Sherlock Creators Reveal First Look At Their Dracula TV Show

If any entity has seen its fair share of exposure in the horror genre over the past century, it’s definitely Dracula. Be it an adaptation of Bram Stoker’s classic novel itself or a project that takes the property to a totally different place, the worlds of cinema and television just can’t get enough of the Count.

As you surely know by now, a new TV show’s currently in the works for the BBC and Netflix from Sherlock creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. Set to run for only three-episodes, with each one coming in at about 90-minutes, it features Claes Bang in the titular role and though we’ve still yet to see any footage from it, we do now have our first look at the project thanks to the photos in the gallery down below.

While there’s only two shots here, we do see
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Halloween Horror Movie Trick Lures in Omar Epps, Jamie Kennedy and Tom Atkins

Halloween Horror Movie Trick Lures in Omar Epps, Jamie Kennedy and Tom Atkins
Director Patrick Lussier and screenwriter Todd Farmer's new Halloween-themed horror flick Trick has just added Omar Epps to the cast which already includes the likes of Tom Atkins, and Jamie Kennedy. Ellen Adair and Kristina Reyes also star.

The story centers on an elusive serial killer, who descends upon a small town annually. He is responsible for gruesome murders year after year, each seemingly unrelated. No one believes this could be the same killer. Epps will be playing the lead role of Detective Denver who has faced Trick once before, having shot and killed him. Or so everyone keeps telling him. However, Denver knows Trick is still out there, and he's coming back for revenge.

Producer Ellen Wander stated this.

"We are thrilled to get into production with Omar and Patrick and can't wait to have this film be seen by audiences everywhere."

Omar Epps is an actor I
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New Dracula Series Adds John Heffernan and Dolly Wells To Its Cast

If any entity’s enjoyed its share of exposure in the horror genre over the past century, it’s most certainly that of Dracula. Whether it be an adaptation of Bram Stoker’s classic novel itself or something that takes the character to a completely different place, the worlds of cinema and television aren’t without this fellow for too long.

By now, you may have heard of how a new TV series is currently in the works for BBC and Netflix – and it comes to us from Sherlock creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, no less. Set to leave little room for filler due to its three-episode, 90-minute format, the show features Claes Bang in the titular role.

Obviously, the creative minds behind this thing need a supporting cast to orbit Bang, and they’re wasting no time filling it out. According to Deadline, John Heffernan (The Crown) and
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Afm: Dermot Mulroney to star in horror thriller 'Trick'

Afm: Dermot Mulroney to star in horror thriller 'Trick'
Star plays detective in serial killer story.

Dermot Mulroney will star in horror thriller Trick, which Film Bridge International will launch to worldwide buyers at Afm next week.

Patrick Lussier will direct the film from a screenplay he co-wrote with Todd Farmer about an elusive serial killer named Trick who descends upon a small town each year in a murderous spree.

A detective whom people believe shot and killed the monster remains unconvinced his foe is dead, and believes he is returning to the town seeking revenge. Mulroney will play the detective.

“After much discussion with director Lussier, Dermot was
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Horror Highlights: “Huluween” 2018 Film Fest, You Might Be The Killer, David Cronenberg on the Cover of Delirium Magazine, The Unnamable

Happy Huluween! Hulu's 2018 "Huluween" has begun with Hulu original content as well as your favorite Halloween movies and TV shows. Also in today's Horror Highlights: release details and a trailer for You Might Be the Killer, the legendary David Cronenberg on the cover of Delirium Magazine, and The Unnameable's debut and trailer.

Hulu's First Ever Huluween Details: Press Release: "Get ready for a month’s worth of scary programming as Hulu kicks-off its biggest “Huluween” celebration yet. Beginning today, viewers can head to Hulu’s personalized, Halloween-themed hub for a bone-chilling selection of popular Halloween TV episodes and movies. The curated experience will also bring viewers exclusive, new content throughout the month, including eight spooky short films from up-and-coming filmmakers, and the much-anticipated premiere of two Hulu Originals – Into the Dark and Light as a Feather.

“Inside the walls of Hulu, Huluween has been a tradition for many years,
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Children Of The Corn: Runaway Coming to Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD on March 13th

From director John Gulager (Piranha 3Dd, Feast) comes a horrifying new chapter in the Children of the Corn series when Children of the Corn: Runaway arrives on Blu-ray (plus Digital), DVD, Digital, and On Demand March 13 from Lionsgate. Based on the original story “Children of the Corn” by Stephen King, the tenth installment of the legendary horror series follows a young woman who can’t escape her nightmarish past. Written by Joel Soisson (Children of the Corn: Genesis, Dracula 2000), the Children of the Corn: Runaway Blu-ray and DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of $21.99 and $19.98, respectively.

Children of the Corn: Runaway tells the story of young, pregnant Ruth, who escapes a murderous child cult in a small Midwestern town. She spends the next decade living anonymously in an attempt to spare her son the horrors that she experienced as a child. Ruth and her son
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Monstrous Nostalgia and Universal’s Dark Universe

Though the plastic teeth felt awkward in my mouth, and the fake blood tasted like cough syrup, I knew that these were small sacrifices to make in the achieving of my Halloween goal. With my hair slicked back and my cape and cowl on, complete with plastic medallion, I resembled a miniature Bela Lugosi as he appeared in Dracula (1931). Well, Dracula if he wore metallic green parachute pants in place of black trousers. I worked with what I had. That night as my parents took me trick-or-treating through the neighborhood, and then later through my elementary school, I showed off my vampire prowess by hissing and twirling my cape. Instead of yelling trick-or-treat I echoed, “I want to suck your blood,” followed by, “I like your house, what’s this?” I was a curious child. Once I returned back home I dug through my candy bag searching for my favorite
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The Murderous Child Cult is Back in Trailer For Children Of The Corn: Runaway

There's another Children of the Corn movie coming out! Children of the Corn: Runaway is the tenth installment of the long-running horror franchise. It all started with the adaptation of Stephen King's novel that was released way back in 1984. 

Apparently, there's a decent sized audience that enjoys watching an evil cult full of kids killing adults. This one features an adorable little blonde girl smashing something with a hammer. I remember watching that first film for the first time. I was a kid and snuck out to watch it with some friends. It kinda jacked me up, but I also enjoyed the thrill of watching it. Unfortunately, none of the sequels were as good or as interesting as the first movie. I've watched them though, and I'll end up eventually watching this one as well. 

"Children of the Corn: Runaway tells the story of young, pregnant Ruth, who escapes
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The Past Comes Back in New ‘Children of the Corn: Runaway’ Trailer

Stephen King‘s horror series Children of the Corn is back. The series which was based on a King short story which was first published in 1977 in a March issue of Penthouse has spawned a franchise and its own cult of fans over the years. The franchise has had several films with the most recent being a TV film and now an all-new installment, Children of the Corn: Runaway. Watch the newly released trailer followed by details of its in-home release.

Program Description

From director John Gulager (Piranha 3Dd, Feast) comes a horrifying new chapter in the Children of the Corn series when Children of the Corn: Runaway arrives on Blu-ray (plus Digital), DVD, Digital, and On Demand March 13 from Lionsgate. Based on the original story “Children of the Corn” by Stephen King, the tenth installment of the legendary horror series follows a young woman who can’t escape her nightmarish past.
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Halloween 2017: 31 Movies to Watch on Hulu This October

  • DailyDead
Last week, I gave you guys a few lists from Amazon and Netflix in regards to what they have to offer via their streaming services this fall. As a newbie to Hulu, I only discovered over the weekend that they, too, beyond just being an amazing resource for television programming, offer up a killer selection of genre movies that are free to stream with a standard Hulu membership.

Here’s a look at an assortment of 31 films from Hulu that I think would be great movies to stream this October. I tried to give you guys a wide variety, too, hitting various sub-genres, so hopefully there’s a little bit of something for everyone in this list.

The Faculty

As far as high school horror films go, The Faculty has remained one of my very favorites for years now. Essentially, it’s Robert Rodriguez riffing on The X-Files, and who can resist that?
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New Dracula Series In-Development By BBC's Sherlock Team

Before Benedict Cumberbatch essentially took over Hollywood a few years ago, starring in blockbuster movie franchises such as Star Trek, The Hobbit, and Marvel films, he was just another dependable, respected, British actor working in relative obscurity. His big breakout moment came in the hit BBC TV series, Sherlock, which also starred fellow Hobbit and Marvel alum Martin Freeman. This version updated the staid and stodgy Victorian-era detective with a brisk and witty take on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic hero, set in modern-day London. The popularity of the show went worldwide and made Cumberbatch a household name.

The team behind the successful Sherlock series, which consists of four seasons spread over seven years, has shelved future development to pursue other opportunities. Variety reports that Sherlock creators Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat are now collaborating on another classic of literature; this time it's Bram Stoker's Dracula for the BBC.

Related - Kurtzman Talks Universal Monsters Universe, Reveals If Dracula Untold Is Canon

It's an intriguing, but curious, choice of subject matter. In recent years several TV and film versions of Dracula have struggled to connect with audiences (films such as Dracula 2000 and Dracula Untold, and Dracula for NBC in 2013 by the folks behind Downton Abbey). Additionally, Universal is also re-booting the character in film for their Dark Universe series of monster films.

It's unclear whether these past efforts failed due to poor execution or a general lack of interest in the character; there's certainly no lack of interest in vampires within recent pop culture. Let's be honest, there have been dozens and dozens of Dracula productions since the original Bela Lugosi film in 1931 -- perhaps the problem is that this character has simply played-out his popularity and/or his story is just too well-known.

Fortunately, in addition to Sherlock, Gatiss and Moffat have spent a lot of time in genre television, working on shows like Game of Thrones and Doctor Who, respectively. Gatiss also reportedly has deep affection for Dracula, particularly the classic 1958 version starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. If anyone is going to produce a version of Dracula that engages audiences and catches fire, you could do far worse than Gatiss and Moffat.

Both men are quite early in the process. Plot, casting, setting, and timeline details are unknown, but we'll update you as soon as we know more.

How do you feel about yet another attempt to bring Dracula to life on TV? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Source: Variety

Lrm It'd be a smart move for them. https://t.co/v5P0gDRdpg about an hour ago
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Van Helsing Reboot Gets Wrath of the Titans Writer

Van Helsing Reboot Gets Wrath of the Titans Writer
Universal Pictures has brought on Dan Mazeau (Wrath of the Titans) to rewrite the script for the studio's Van Helsing reboot. It is part of Universal Studios' monster universe, which will feature a bunch of classic creatures in modern day. While his involvement hasn't been reported until now, Dan Mazeau has been with this project since September. He was also part of the original writers room that came together to flesh out this universe, which included Noah Hawley (Legion), Aaron Guzikowski (Prisoners) and Ed Solomon (Men in Black).

The Tracking Board broke the news of this writer coming aboard, with Eric Heisserer (Arrival) and Jon Spaihts (The Mummy, Passengers) previously working on this project together through the writers room. Just yesterday, Eric Heisserer revealed that he tried to make the movie as scary as possible, although he qualified that by stating, "I don't know what it's going to look
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Van Helsing Remake Is Inspired by Mad Max Says Writer

Van Helsing Remake Is Inspired by Mad Max Says Writer
Earlier this month, production began on Universal's The Mummy reboot, which will be the first full-fledged adventure in Universal's monster universe. We got our first glimpse at this unique world in a post credit sequence for 2014's Dracula Untold, where Luke Evans' title character is transported to present day. But, aside from The Mummy, we don't know which project is next in this sprawling universe. One of the movies being included is Van Helsing, and today we have some new details from writer Eric Heisserer.

Eric Heisserer came aboard to write the script alongside The Mummy writer Jon Spaihts back in November, but the project still doesn't have a director yet and there is very little we know about the story. Eric Heisserer recently spoke with Hitfix, while promoting the new thriller Lights Out, which he co-wrote, where he revealed that this version of Van Helsing was inspired by another iconic character.
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'Van Helsing' screenwriter: Mad Max was our inspiration for the character's new iteration

  • Hitfix
'Van Helsing' screenwriter: Mad Max was our inspiration for the character's new iteration
Not much is yet known about Universal’s Marvel Cinematic Universe-style Monster reboots, which have been racking up quite the cadre of A-list stars over the last several months. While shooting on The Mummy starring Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella is already complete and two of the other installments -- The Wolf Man and another untitled monster project -- have been given release dates, there are a total of six other films in the series that remain in some phase of development. One of those developing projects is Van Helsing, which is being scripted by Eric Heisserer and Jon Spaihts and will serve as a big-screen vehicle for the eponymous monster-hunter who has been portrayed in various incarnations by Peter Cushing (Hammer’s Dracula series), Laurence Olivier (1979’s Dracula), Anthony Hopkins (Bram Stoker’s Dracula), Christopher Plummer (Dracula 2000) and Hugh Jackman, who embodied the character in Stephen Sommers'
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