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MPAA Rated R for strong violence and gore, and sexuality/nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • A Native American (which is actually played by an Asian) gets a massage from a naked girl.
  • -3 men enter a brothel, as they walk the corridors, there are shots of semi-naked women with breasts, buttocks and in some cases genitals exposed - there are subsequent shots through the film of women exposed .
  • -A prostitute and a man have sex on a bed, later on she is seen lying naked on the bed.
  • -A young woman is raped although the camera cuts away and blurs.
  • The nude body of a woman killed by the monster is depicted in one scene

Violence & Gore

  • -A woman, already bloodied and in shock, is bashed against a rock face several times until dead
  • -A group of men dressed as women beat a young dark woman with sticks.
  • -An Iriquois indian fights using non-lethal martial arts , the only real wounding being a gunshot flesh wound.
  • -Soldiers on horseback fire at and kill several wolves during a hunt
  • -A large beast is seen eating a young boy.
  • -2 or 3 fighting dogs are chained in a pit, barking furiously at a large beast that enters the pit. The camera pans away and only the sound of fighting/mauling is heard.
  • -A large beast attacks a man, dragging him across the cellar floor. A pitch fork is jabbed into its head, but the beast escapes.
  • -A large beast is shot with a rifle, struck with an axe, then hit by a large swinging spiked log as 3 men try to trap it. The beast bites into one man's arm and drags him.
  • -An Iriquois Indian armed with an axe is surrounded by a group of ragged, semi-feral hunters. As they attack, he uses axe swings to dispatch them and to keep them at bay. He is slashed across the back . One of the hunters has a hand chopped off and the weapon he was carrying thrown into a mans chest.
  • -A man, bloodied and near dead, is thrown over the edge of a small rock face and left to die
  • -A man ambushes a group of ragged looking hunters. A flaming arrow is fired into a mans forehead, throats are slashed with a knife, a man is stabbed in the stomach, another man has a knife thrown into the back of his neck.
  • -A brief vision of a man tied to a cross device and tortured with a spear
  • -A man has a spear projected at him ,then driven in deep causing death
  • -A man, whilst in jail, is poisoned and coughs and splutters until unconscious
  • -A man is scalped, a shot of a ponytail with a jagged piece of flesh at the stump is shown.
  • -A sword fight ends with a sword flying into a man's upper torso. The sword is then pulled out sharply as the man gargles blood.
  • -A woman has her throat slit with a razor edged fan


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • -Consumption of wine at a dinner party -A young man takes an Indian sacrament, which makes him unconscious.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Numerous scenes depicting fighting with some individuals killed. Numerous scenes of women or children attacked by the monster. These can be scary and traumatic.

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