To End All Wars (2001) Poster

John Gregg: Camp Doctor Coates


  • Dr. Coates : [examining newly arrived POWs]  Relish your health now, gentlemen: it's the last you'll see of it.

  • Dr. Coates : [to a freshly-beaten Gordon]  Ah. Looks like you didn't bow. Always bow before a guard, Korean or Jap. And *never* look 'em in the eyes when they pass you: that's pure defiance. Always look away. Rules of Bushido.

    Lt. Jim Reardon : Bushido?

    Dr. Coates : Yeah. Their kind of chivalry. Respect and obligation. If you don't respect them, they feel obligated to beat you. Nothing personal.

    Ernest Gordon : Well, it sure as bloody hell feels personal.

    Dr. Coates : Yeah, well, it works both ways. They do the same to their own.

    Lt. Jim Reardon : Now there's a comfort.

  • Lt. Jim Reardon : Colonel, I've been watching these Nips. There's never more than a handful of 'em guarding the perimeter at any given time. And they're not watching very closely. It just doesn't make sense to me unless...

    McLean : Unless what?

    Dr. Coates : Well, unless every prisoner's been caught or died in a thousand miles of hostile jungle. Unless the local villagers are willing to turn in a POW for a bowl of rice. Unless - escape is impossible.

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