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Ashley Judd: Claire Kubik



  • Claire Kubik : Doesn't it make more sense that some of those alleged witnesses were ordered to lie on their CID statements?

    Major Hernandez : They were NOT ordered to lie.

    Claire Kubik : How do you know?

    Major Hernandez : I would know if something like that happened to my men.

    Claire Kubik : And if something like that happened to your men you would tell us.

    Major Hernandez : Of course. I wouldn't lie about it.

    Claire Kubik : But major, you were trained and often compelled to lie about your clandestine missions. As I understand it, you're trained to beat a polygraph. Is it true you possess that talent?

    Major Hernandez : I'd only use it if interrogated by the enemy, ma'm.

    Claire Kubik : That's good to know. So tell me this major, do you consider me a friend?

  • Claire Kubik : Agent Mullins! I just need a minute of your time!

    FBI Agent Mullins : Somehow I'm confident it's not my rugged good looks to which I owe the honor of this visit.

  • [to Brigadier General Bill Marks] 

    Claire Kubik : I've already survived you once you smug son of a bitch. The question is: Will you survive me?

  • Claire Kubik : I can't. I'm trying to get pregnant.

    Charlie Grimes : Well. I'm not trying to get pregnant.

  • Claire Kubik : Lieutenant, I am an attorney. May I please see the charging document?

    Lt. Embry : We call it a charge sheet.

    Claire Kubik : Fabulous. May I see it?

  • Jackie : I just don't believe it. I refuse.

    Charlie Grimes : My assistant now used to say 'truth is less fun than fiction'.

    Jackie : Terry would never do that!

    Claire Kubik : Oh, you're screwin' him so you know him?

    Jackie : Excuse me, Mrs RON CHAPMAN!

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