Don't Say a Word (2001) Poster

Sean Bean: Patrick Koster



  • Patrick Koster : Daddy's smart little girl, aren't you?

    [Jessie stays silent] 

    Patrick Koster : Better hope your mother didn't hear that!

  • [Nathan beats Patrick with the broken shovel several times till Patrick is down. Then he drops the shovel, takes Patrcik's gun and holds it against his head] 

    Nathan Conrad : I never got your name.

    Patrick Koster : Patrick.

    Nathan Conrad : [slowly]  Patrick... are you sure I'm not like you... are you sure?

    [Nathan cocks the gun. Patrick freezes in fear. Nathan takes the diamond from Patrick's jacket] 

    Nathan Conrad : Was this... really... worth it?

    Patrick Koster : What?

    Nathan Conrad : Your life.

    Patrick Koster : Absolutely... it's mine.

    [Nathan looks contemptuously at the vile criminal, who killed so many innocent people for the diamond] 

    Nathan Conrad : Then you go get it!

    [Nathan tosses the diamond into an open excavation ditch, then kicks Patrick into the ditch. Patrick falls near Max's body. Thinking that Patrick does not pose any danger, Nathan turns to help the injured detective Cassidy. Patrick picks Max's gun and opens fire at Nathan. Nathan drops to the ground. Noticing the excavation mechanism, Nathan activates it. Patrick is covered with earth, buried alive] 

  • Patrick Koster : She heard.

    Dolen : How do you know?

    Patrick Koster : She stopped breathing.

  • Patrick Koster : [reading aloud a number]  1798.

    Dolen : That was a bad year.

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