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Seattle Post-Intelligencer
It's more thrill ride than movie and Wong plays it that way: no sentiment, no complications and no pesky story to get in the way of an arsenal of flashy special effects.
New York Post
Overall, this sci-fi/martial arts hybrid has the stale aura of a product assembled out of bits of other action movies.
It's called One, and the hemorrhaging begins with the so-called story, which doesn't quite add up to one.
It's hardly much of a thrill to see The One recycle, on a lower budget, the slo-mo bullet dodges from "The Matrix," along with unspectacular variations on several other of that film's time-bending demolition-ballet effects.
L.A. Weekly
There's nothing like a feature-length video game to make you feel you're being played.
So narratively garbled and its screenplay so underwritten that you have to strain to piece together the story.
Pseudo sci-fi gobbledygook aside, X-Files alumni James Wong and Glen Morgan's script is little more than an excuse for Jet Li to kick his own ass, which he does energetically and often.
New York Daily News
An almost comically unsuitable title. There's absolutely nothing singular or special about this slapdash sci-fi film featuring martial-arts megastar Jet Li.
A stunt that fails.
Washington Post
The story is so ridiculous and the acting so completely amateurish, the fights have no dramatic impact; you don't care whether good Jet or bad Jet wins – not that you can tell them apart anyway.

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