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A fun movie
BigGuy2 November 2001
After watching most of the recent action movies, I left the theatre with a headache brought on by incredibly tight/shaky shots and edits so fast that any hope of seeing anything is lost. This movie takes a step back from that. It isn't entirely devoid of those annoyances, but is much better than most. In fact, at times, you can even see a whole string of punches and blocks without a cut or a shake! Of course there is the inevitable wire work, that combined with the necessary special effects to allow Jet Li to fight himself. But for once there is an excuse other than "because we can".

The story is pretty simple. A murdering criminal is killing all the copies of himself in all the other "universes". Each time one dies the life force/resonant string thing, gets divided amoungst the survivors. Of course this leaves a ton of questions that aren't addressed at all in the movie, but I can live with that since those are more topics for debate after having fun at the movie. That is one of the strengths of the movie, the progressively more intense action. As the movie progress, rather than trying to deal with any question the viewer might have, the pace and intensity of the movie goes up. The final action sequence is probably ten minutes long all told, which, to me, is a sign of a true action movie, as opposed to movies with action.

Overall I give it a 8/10 for fans of the genre. If you aren't particularly interested in sci-fi/martial arts, especially if you have a problem with wire work and blue-screens, then you might want to skip it.
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Jon Monsarrat review: action movie fans, rally!
johnnymonsarrat1 April 2002
Hey! Why'd this film get such a low rating?

I hope it's not due to the drama / arty types. I swear they walk into an Arnold Schwartzenegger film and start critiquing the dialogue or the deep cinematic reflections on life. I think they may have formed a false expectation. Action movies don't aim for that stuff, so it's a little unfair to then expect it.

Mostly stuff blows up in "The One", and I'm totally OK with that, being an action movie buff. What's weird is that you know they're using lots of wires and some of the stunts are a little overdone. But forget the fictional character's skill -- just the skill you'd need as a stuntman or stuntwoman making this movie to perform some of these stunts is truly impressive!

Let me warn you that the plot is a pretty stupid, and while billed as a science fiction film it really is not. However, it's nowhere near as bad as sub-intelligent flicks "Independence Day" and "Mission Impossible". It was more like "Mission Impossible 2". And lots and lots of stuff blows up.

Compared to Jackie Chan, Jet Li's films have more action, but it's stunt-like rather than natural, more of an "edge" (including blood and gore), less comedy, and he speak better English. I still prefer Jackie. If you're new to martial arts films, ease yourself in with accessible Jackie Chan action/comedies "Shanghai Noon" or "Twin Dragons".

Who should see this film:

-- action movie buffs and borderline action movie types

who will trade over-violence for under-plotting.

And don't drag along your SO.

-- sci-fi movie buffs who don't form expectations of real sci-fi

and like action flicks

-- I can't think of anyone else.

I'll give "The One" an 8 out of 10.
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nice movie
normano17 February 2002
I can't understand why all the Matrix fans are claiming a special effect as their own and that no other movie can make use of it.

The Matrix copied the Chinese movies that used those pulleys to keep the actor in mid air after jumping and doing all those kicks before they land back on the ground. And using those pulleys to fly backwards thru the air after getting hit.

I think that once a technique or special effect has been created then everyone's allowed to make use of it.

This is a nice movie to watch. Jet Li's English is such an improvement on his past efforts and you can feel the affection in his voice when he talks to/ about his wife. Jackie Chan, as wonderful as he is, still hasn't mastered English to Jet Li's level.

The action was great. I'm not looking for realism in a sci-fi movie. I had no expectations. Just watched to see what I'd get - and for the 1.5 hours, I was entertained. It's a simple story, simple concept.

I wish people would go to see this movie and not try to compare it to Matrix. Matrix itself is not innocent of "borrowing" special effects already used in other movies. As for the "there can be only one" theme, look back to the old days of Astroboy. There was that robot war thing where they had to kill each other so there would be only one winner. Big deal.

I will definitely be buying the DVD. But then again, I do have most of Jet Li's movies on DVD :-)
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A blockbuster as cheesy as cheap
FrenchEddieFelson25 May 2019
A disappointing mix of The Matrix (1999), Highlander (1986) and Men in Black (1997). The script and the plot twists are far-fetched and cheap, not to mention the pathetic dialogues. Although the budget is about $ 50 million according to IMDb, nevertheless the producers have failed to hire a real script-writer. What a pity!
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Finally, an action movie with a plot
PJSTOCK9423 April 2002
Jet Li has been able to come out with some good action movies like "Romeo Must Die", and "Kiss of the Dragon", but there is no doubt this has been his best movie so far. I absolutely love the plot for this movie. It's sci-fi, it's action, and above all it's pretty original. Jet Li is the best martial artist in the world. The actual fight scenes in Kiss of the Dragon may have been better, due to the fact little to no CGI's were used, but The One is a much better movie overall. What makes this movie work even more is the great selection of music. How can it get better than seeing Jet Li kick the not out of people while Drowning Pool's "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" is playing in the background? Other artists in the movie include Disturbed, and Papa Roach so you can get a pretty good idea of what the fight scenes are like. This isn't a best picture, though I'm surprised it wasn't nominated for effects. But in an overall enjoyment grade, I'd say this was one of my five favorite movies of 2001.
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Brilliant idea, but very poorly executed and wasted script potential.
Rich B17 February 2005
I didn't want to write this movie off on the reviews and critics in the western world, I mean how wrong have they been about Asian cinema that has now become a staple diet of the Hollywood remake monster? Plus Jet L is pretty damn cool, and he's made some interesting movies in Asia. So with an open mind I was surprisingly averaged out by this movie.

There are good points. The story is very clever, using M-Theory as a base to bring forward the plot that there are multiple universes each with their own versions of worlds, and most likely you. Each time one of you is destroyed the rest share the energy and power amongst them. The idea that someone might try and purposely become the only version of themselves in all the Universes to find out if they become a God.

There's also Jet Li, and he's not a bad actor and pretty nimble as a martial artist, plus Jason Statham who is an all round good actor. As for the special effects, some of them are really cool, a mixing of bullet time, and slow motion with normal speed, very cool to watch in places.

The bad points? Well Statham's accent is appalling, and some of the effects aren't as comparable as others, so it's quite apparent that money was spent on some of the main shots and not on others that were probably deemed as too short on screen or they just plain ran out of budget.

A big sore point for me is the close cropped camera action that Hollywood has long favoured, something that Jackie Chan has often talked about. Filming fight scenes close up serves two purpose. It gives greater emphasis on a single punch or movement, making it look harder and more real than it really is, and it also hides what is going on around the camera lens. For example people holding a fake arm or the face of a stunt double, etc.

What Chan always said was that he tried to open out the camera and show the audience what was going on, let them see the people fighting properly rather than a close up of a face and a fist, cutting to someone falling into frame. Showing the whole picture is more effective, and it's more impressive.

So the close cropped shots were just more annoying than anything, you failed to see the impressiveness of Li's fighting skills, and you found it hard to see some of the action. Slow the cuts down and pan out the camera Hollywood Directors! The biggest problem was the story though, despite having such a strong base on which to build, they seemed to loose the sense of the plot and concentrate on the action scenes. There are some serious plot building and explanatory moments that are just totally overlooked and covered in the space of a few sentences, yet these could have formed some excellent and complex character development.

It just all held together too weakly, and not enough was made of the story. All in all, not a great movie and it's potential was badly spoiled.
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Yin & Yang, Black & White, Evil vs. Good, Jet vs. Jet
doggert2 December 2002
Imagine that there are 123 universes, on each of those universes you have a planet, and on that planet lives a Jet Li. One of those Jet Li's (lets call him Evil Jet:) finds out that when he kills one of the others, he becomes stronger, faster, quicker, to put in a wrong perspective, he becomes "upgraded" - But the skills are equally shared among all the living Jet Li's. With me so far?:)

So Evil Jet has killed 121 Jet Li's, but has to kill one more Jet (let's call him Good Jet:), and by doing so he becomes in a way God, be becomes The One.

Sounds nice? Well it is, The One challenges The Matrix in my opinion, especially the opening scene, the first thing that came into my mind was "WOW!! Awesome, I want to be able to do that". I've seen a lot of Jet Li movies throughout the time, and this is one of his best (of the US made).

If you are a fan of Martial arts, heavy whopping combat scenes, and especially fan of Kung Fu - this is a movie that you have to see. You may get a bit disappointed because it has some of the similar F/X that were used in matrix, only difference is that this is Master Jet, we are talking about. (He'll whop Neo anyway:)

As you may have figured Evil Jet is trying to kill Good Jet, so with some logical thinking, you can imagine the final combat scene :)

I hope you like is as much as I did. One of my favorite Master Jet -movies, 10/10 ..
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Highlander with Kung Fu and alternate dimensions!
mstomaso14 March 2006
Jet Li and Jet Li star in this goofy sci-fi flick about a power-hungry sociopath Yulaw (Jet Li) who goes dimension-hopping on a killing spree focused on his alternate universe counterparts. As Yulaw finally comes to what I must assume is our universe to kill the last remaining version of himself - Gabriel Law - both his and his counterpart's strength, intelligence and agility have been increased to superhuman levels by the deaths (quickenings?) of previous counterparts. Predictably, the pace is furious and deadly. Many people are caught up in the violence of the ensuing battle, and , of course, since the honest, hard-working and altogether decent Gabe Law appears to be responsible for all of it, he becomes a wanted fugitive. Besides being pursued by this earth's police, both men are also sought by an inter-dimensional police force seeking to imprison Yulaw on a far-off prison planet.

Gabe Law is a likable character who works as a prison guard and has a loving wife. The few minutes of character development permitted by the furious pace of this film are what makes it work. And although the plot seems a bit like a pastiche of recent sci-fi clichés, at least the combination of clichés assembled for The One is original.

Recommended for sci-fi action and martial arts fans.
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Why wait for the "MATRIX" 2?
Tha_16 November 2001
What do you have when you combine the mind blowing effects of the matrix, with the smooth talent of Martial Arts Master Jet LI?? You have THE ONE!! This movie rocks!! Finally, this is a movie that has the budget to support jet li's mastery and skills! Jet li shines, the special effects only compliment what this man can do, to tell you the truth jet li is the only special effect you need to see, but the 75 million dollar budget on effects doesn't hurt either. Why wait for the matrix 2? It's already Here
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Li's Evil Twin and the `Procedure'
tedg18 November 2001
Warning: Spoilers
Spoilers herein.

There are two Jet Lis.

One is a national hero in China where he has a dozen quite good films to his credit. In that world, even popular actors move props and the simplest gopher criticizes the players until they get it right. In that world, films are an outgrowth of a stylized stage tradition that emphasizes physical acting. In this tradition, Li is probably the chief dancer, perhaps the best there is. In this world, they use him for his physical grace and his way of expressing himself with his body.

But he has an evil twin in a parallel universe called Hollywood. In this universe, films are something wholly different, a much gaudier spectacle in which fireworks and noise are the attraction. Actors are primarily marketing elements and are expected to act through dialog. In fact most actors in this world never learn to use their bodies at all. There is some physical motion, but that is arranged by digital magic and stunt standins.

This film is a battle between the honest and evil Lis for the one body. What's interesting is watching the good Li try to bring something from the other world. He does try some esoteric, subtle shading in the fighting styles, stances and motions of the two versions of himself. The good Li uses motions from the Hong Kong era that are genuine. The evil Li uses a parody of moves that aren't real at all but copies of what western kids think martial arts looks like. What he does is a big joke, and something to admire and respect, for him to poke fun at his western audience, at least for those of us who pay attention.

In Hollywood films, there has to be all this foolery with guns. See `Once Upon a Time in China' to get a feel for the background battle between shooting/blowing-up movies and martial arts films. This sets the stage for the two universes, which he surely feels battling.

But the very existence of this movie --- left for us to find after the battle is over -- is indication enough of which Li won.
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Li shows acting ability in sci-fi flick
lastliberal30 March 2007
The One is a martial-arts flick with strong sci-fi concepts. But the bottom line remains high-kicking action, and Jet Li delivers.

Li also shows his acting ability in this film. He displays that he can do more than one personality.

As Yulaw, he's a cold-blooded killer who lashes out with sudden fury and insolent superiority. As Gabe, he's a dutiful lawman and devoted husband. (Sin City's Carla Gugino plays his wife.) In the middle are Multiverse cops played by Delroy Lindo (Domino, Romeo Must Die) and Jason Statham (Crank), who lead a super supporting cast.

Director James Wong and his co-writer, Glen Morgan, are X-Files veterans who know their sci-fi. Choreographed by Cory Yuen (also of Li's Kiss of the Dragon), the best fight has Li battling himself, with each character using different techniques.

The One is one film whose far-out concept works.
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Good Fights, OK Acting, OK Storyline, and cheesy Visuals.
scooterscoots17 January 2005
This is a movie definitely worth renting, but not worth buying unless its the Special Edition DVD or its VHS for under 10 bucks. Th fights were sweet,although looked slightly cheesy. it looked like they tried to achieve the matrix type effects but didn't have a good enough budget. The Acting was OK. They stuck some good actors in with some bad ones so that kinda screws up the whole feel for the movie. The storyline is quite simple and somewhat intriguing. There are many universes, you look quite similar in everyone and your all connected by a wave of energy. every time one of you dies, the energy of that you that died goes to the remaining yous. One man has killed all of himself but one. Th movie basically starts here. Yulaw is about to get banished forever but stops his universe travel and goes to the last universe left, ours. Lately Gabe law has been getting stronger but he doesn't know why.

Whenever they go from one universe to the next, they break up into little puzzle pieces and they didn't do a very good job for the visuals on those.

My rating a 3/5 Stars
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Flawed but One of a Kind Sci-Fi/Action/Thriller.
hu67531 July 2005
There is not one universe but there are many, which is multi-verse. Gabriel Yulaw (Jet Li) manages to kill nearly all his alternate version of himself. He has one left to kill is Gabriel Law, who is a cop. Two Multiverse Agents (Jason Statham and Delroy Lindo) are chasing this man, who wants to kill his last universe alternate man. Yulaw becomes more powerful with each kill, he makes of his alternate universe life. Yulaw & Law must confront each other and fight each other, who becomes the one.

Directed by James Wong (Final Desniation 1 & 3) made an entertaining, tongue in cheek, sci-fi action/thriller. Jet Li is amusingly cast in this film. Which it was actually The Rock was originally cast in the film. The film has amazing special effects. Although the film is too heavy handed for some. Most will like the intriguing story. The film was a Box Office Disappointment.Carla Gugino also co-stars in three different roles.

DVD has an sharp anamorphic Widescreen (2.35:1) transfer (Also in Pan & Scan) with an terrific Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. DVD has an running commentary track by the filmmakers, amusing featurettes and an trailer. The film could have been a little longer or could have been a little more. But the film has enough plot twists to make this film great entertainment. Do not miss this visually impressive thrill ride. Written by the director and Glen Morgan (Willard-2003). Super 35. (****/*****).
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Double the action, Double the fun
hcalderon18 April 2005
The action movie since the Matrix. This movie was nothing but a good time. Jet Li plays Gabe a cop, who is married to a veterinarian. The day starts out like a typical prisoner transfer, until shots get fired and it kills the prisoner, then Gabe discovers those shots were for him. Then Gabe gets a good look at the killer and discovers that he looks amazingly like him. It turns out that double is named Yulaw, and he is from another universe, where every time he kills a double of himself, he gets their strength and speed. Will Gabe defeat Yulaw before he defeats him. I have always enjoyed watching movies with Jet Li but this one was the best.
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OK action thriller
xredgarnetx14 November 2006
In my previous IMDb iteration, I was pretty tough on THE ONE, a sci-fi thriller about alternative universes and a man (Jet Li) killing off his counterparts across the "multiverse" in order to become a god. I referred to this as a wire-fu quickie and crapped all over Jet Li for his performance as the villain (he had been seen to much better effect as the villain of LETHAL WEAPON 4). I have watched THE ONE a couple of times since then, and I will amend my comments slightly to give credit to Li for pulling off dual roles. He is convincing both as good and bad guy. His English is pretty darned good, all things considered, and I gave him credit for this in my previous review. The idea of a multiverse, a pretty new concept at the time, is intriguing although nothing is done with it in THE ONE, which primarily consists of Good Li and Bad Li playing cat and mouse across a city, while Bad Li kills and/or maims a veritable army of cops. The ending is predictable as all get out, but don't let it stop you from enjoying the many eye popping fight sequences. The always-entertaining Delroy Lindo and Jason Statham are multiverse cops chasing down Bad Li. The plot is straight out of HIGHLANDER, and clearly THE ONE would not have been made were it not for THE MATRIX.
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Good, If You Like the Genre
dromasca25 January 2003
If you like action sci-fi movies, you will enjoy this 'One'. It's very well filmed, though the effects are not too original - mostly going on the path open by 'Matrix'. It has a well written script, with some logic for a change. It is not too long, so that it does not get boring. It's simple, and does not pretend to take us into any psychological or philosophical track.

Of course, if you do not like the genre, all the above will be minuses, and you should avoid the movie. I can stand one of these, from time to time. 7/10 on my personal scale.
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"There can be only one..." Sorry, wrong movie.
Victor Field6 December 2003
To be fair, "The One" isn't a direct ripoff of "Highlander" (something I've never considered worthy of ripping off to begin with). It's more like "Highlander" meets "Sliders," only not quite as awful as that sounds - but the team of James Wong and Glen Morgan just toss away any potential of its premise in favour of endless shoot-'em-ups (or kick-'em-ups, as it were) and unimpressive digital effects.

Jet Li is certainly better at playing twins than Jean-Claude Van Damme, but the movie's too rushed to take any advantage of its storyline (even with the end credits it comes in at less that 90 minutes); it also doesn't thrill as much as it should, and often doesn't really make much sense even on its own terms - "The One" officially becomes irredeemably stupid when the good Li dons an outfit like the one the bad Li is wearing, when it would have been safer (and more sensible) for him to continue wearing the white gown he had on before, what with the police and the multiverse police officers (Delroy Lindo and Jason Statham) after the one in said outfit.

It's nasty and brutish, and it's also stupid and dull (even unto the climax), but it is short. Messrs Wong and Morgan have still to make up for "Space: Above and Beyond."
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The very ending is worth the price alone!!!
nomad-422 December 2001
I'm amazed people have been so critically of this movie.

True the fight scenes are not as good as many of his other movies. But they are still superb and naturally better than anything you'll find in the matrix (for all those pro-matrix people). The rock soundtrack is simply brilliant.

Jet fighting himself at the end in a shame. Because you don't really get to see Jet fight like he can. And his stunt doubles are no where near his speed and skill.

Another plus side is it show cases Jet Li demonstrating two different styles for each character. Gabe: Baguazhang and Yulaw Xing Yi Quen. Another example of the Jet's skill.

The act too was as bad as people make it out to be. Also try acting from the heart in English when your Chinese can't be too easy. But he does it superbly.

Plus the ending scene with Yulaw alone is worth the price of admission. How long is it! He clearly loved doing that scene!
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unbelievable action movie
aamon1 August 2002
This film is a must for any action movies fan, or a Jet Li fan, or a kung fu movies fan! It´s a non stop action from the beginning to the end... Jet Li act so great as the bad guy.. i never realized how good actor he is. The final fight (Li vs. himself) is simply majestic, like old times kung fu movies with the touch of special effects. Forget all the bad rating you saw about this movie, because it´s better than THE MATRIX (if you like REAL action) 10/10!
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Great movie but 1 Question
timmoore-362-59670915 November 2019
Warning: Spoilers
They keep saying about Yulaw murdering 123 people (hims). What about all the others that he murdered? Like all the cops or the people in the hospital?
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Jet Li at his best.
atjanus0063 November 2001
An innovative plot and mind-blowing action sequences make "The One" one of the best action movies I've ever seen. If you like martial-arts movies or anything with action like "The Matrix," be sure not to miss this movie.
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Jet Li: Feet of Fury
jhclues9 November 2001
A high concept film that offers the possibility of the existence of a number of parallel universes wherein a person actually exists in each as an individual entity, yet is linked to the others by a life force that enables one to draw power and strength from another, `The One,' directed by James Wong, is ultimately a showcase for the martial arts prowess of Jet Li. Li plays the dual role of Yulaw, a former policeman of the `Multiverse,' who at some point happened onto the fact that if his own counterpart in one universe dies, his strength is increased; and Gabriel, a member of the L.A.P.D., who knows nothing of the existence of Yulaw or the parallel universes until he finds himself suddenly and inexplicably being hunted down by an unknown predator. Gabriel, it seems, is the last of Yulaw's counterparts; and he has thus far disposed of one hundred, twenty-three others already. And, if the theory of the Multiverse proves to be true, with Gabriel's demise Yulaw will become a kind of god, invincible and unstoppable. But there is another theory that states that if such a thing in fact occurs, it will mean the destruction of the universe in which it transpires. So there is a lot on the line, with only two policemen from the Multiverse, Roedecker (Delroy Lindo) and Funsch (Jason Statham) on Yulaw's trail, hoping to stop him before it's too late.

Wong has crafted a clever and fast-paced, action-packed adventure in which his star, Li, proves more than capable of maintaining the excitement, especially in the scenes in which he squares off with himself (with a nod of thanks to the F/X wizards-at-large). In this case, more is better, and `two' Li's equals twice the action, which is the name of the game in this movie. But though the action is plentiful-- and extremely well done and choreographed-- the story, even with it's interesting premise, never seems to be fully realized, or at least not up to it's potential. And the action is good, but it lacks the nuance and finesse of films like John Woo's `The Killer' or `Hard Boiled,' and also the poetry that worked so well and enhanced the story of Ang Lee's `Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.' Still, with this film Wong moves very close to finding himself in the company of those great directors.

Jet Li has made a number of films, and certainly demonstrates here that he has that `star' quality; but though he has the looks and the moves, he does not possess the charismatic screen presence of a Jackie Chan or a Bruce Lee, and as an actor he has some definite room for improvement. He does put on a good show, however, and when the fight is on, he is riveting to watch, and after all, that was the intent of making this film in the first place. And in that respect, it certainly succeeds.

On the acting front, Carla Gugino gives a solid performance as T.K., Gabriel's wife, and though her supporting role is little more than a diversion between the action sequences, she is a welcome presence to the proceedings and makes the most of the screen time she is allotted. Most importantly, she makes T.K. believable, which adds some needed strength and emotional involvement to the story.

Lindo does a good job, as well, but his character, Roedecker, lacks the development that would've made him a more integral part of the story. The same can be said of Statham, also, and Funsch seems to be little more than a means by which to move the story along. Not a bad device, but it adds so much more to a film when the characters involved have some real life of their own in them.

The supporting cast includes Brandon Molale (Stygian Prisoner), Scott L. Schwartz (Prisoner) and Kim McKamy (Doctor). A film that seems to fly by as fast as Jet Li's feet and fists, `The One' is definitely an exciting experience and makes for some satisfying entertainment. It's a what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of a movie, and the chances are pretty good that you're going to get exactly what you expected going in. For fans of Jet Li and the martial arts, it's going to be an especially thrilling ride; and for everyone else it's going to at least get the adrenaline flowing and the heart pumping a little faster for an hour-and-a-half or so, guaranteed. It's the magic of the movies. I rate this one 6/10.
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Simple plain fun!
kosmasp4 April 2007
The story is kind of forgettable. It's the premise that sounds promising. A what if ... there was more to it, than we know. Add to all that some amazing action and you have the movie "The one" with Jet Li.

Jet Li who is very good in this movie, as is Jason Statham. The latter also an action regular is just a supporting player here, but that doesn't mean that he can't show what he's made of. Still as you can guess the main attraction lies within Jet Li and his performance ... especially action-wise ... That should be your reason to watch this movie! If you expect some art-house/drama movie, than you're completely wrong here! Go watch something else, because here it's all about the action ... and the action scenes are good, so I can only recommend this title!
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Does the term 'far-fetched' mean anything to you?
davideo-213 April 2002
STAR RATING:*****Unmissable****Very Good***Okay**You Could Go Out For A Meal Instead*Avoid At All Costs

Van Damme did it,Arnie did it,so surely it was only a matter of time before martial arts star Jet Li appeared in a movie where there was a double of himself.So it's safe to say it's been done before.But sadly,never this poorly.Director James Wong probably thought he was making a smart,intriguing movie here,but in fact ,the story of alternate universes and different versions of ourselves is as far-fetched as it is just plain silly.

Li is probably the youngest and most flexible action star around at the moment.Not only that,but his martial arts skill is amazing,as Kiss of the Dragon proved.So it only serves to hinder things further that the producers have once again taken the Matrix thing one step too far and incorporated it into practically all the fight scenes,when it really wasn't necessary.Not only that,but with Li as both the hero and the villain,(aside from the fact we've seen it all before) it's only a matter of time before the fight scenes become boring.Wow,Jet Li vs. ............Jet Li,who can win?Ultimately,the title spells out the rating.*
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Not much good to say about this one.
TxMike1 March 2004
Warning: Spoilers
While 'The One' isn't exactly bad, it isn't exactly good either. I may have checked it out of my public library because Carla Gugino is in it. Jet Li is a martial arts expert, but that type of fighting is way secondary here. The Sci-Fi concept is intriguing -- 125 or so parallel universes and we've figured out how to detect wormholes to travel from one to the other. But because of the hazards, such travel is highly restricted. This movie was filmed during or right after the 2000 presidential elections in the USA. They used that, and in one universe we see 'President Gore' on TV, while in a different universe we see 'President Bush' commenting on the same subject. However this bit of cleverness is not enough to make 'The One' worth recommending.

SPOILERS follow, quit reading, OK!? The rogue Jet Li figures out that if he kills the other 124 of himself in various parallel universes, he will be endowed with all the power of all 125, with strength, speed, and overall mastery of his universe. He will become 'The One.' The special effect, where they are pulled apart and sucked up through the wormhole, then re-assembled upon arrival at the next universe, is quite well done. But the story is not always clear, the acting is suspect, and most special effects often look fake, all adding up to a less than happy 83 minutes of movie.
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