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I've seen a lot worse...
clintkennedy28 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This movie proved a sleeper. It was mostly surreal and moved in a very predictable pace. Dennis Leary showed he could be subtle fun similar to Chevy Chase. In truth, this movie lacks a lot of emotional high wire madness. There is no promise made that it would. Elizabeth Hurley is a foil to Leary's dry humor. Together it is very dry. However, I've seen a lot worse and this movie is far from any of those. As for the opened ending, well, last nite I rented "40 Year Old Virgin" and that moviegoers is the worst ending I have ever seen in spite of a hilarious experience. "Dawg" ends where it should. The only loose end is Hurley trying to get Leary now to "forgive her" and he isn't biting. She played the b***h in the end as if their souls "traded places". So, IMHO there is your ending and nothing more matters. It is still a laugh if you just leave your hangups on the coat hook and hangout with Dennis and a script that could have been much more. It isn't a classic, and the language will prove not to be seen on regular TV networks, yet. Dennis improved his performance in "The Thomas Crown Affair", so look at this movie in a similar light without a higher level of supporting character actors.
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Worth watching, if you happen to catch it on cable
guyfromjerzee2 December 2006
Being an insomniac, I caught this movie on HBO late at night. I understand the movie never made it to theaters...and I can understand why. It's not a horrible film, but not worth the price of admission. It's basically a farce, filled with sitcom-like scenarios and low-brow humor. But I was entertained, partially because I just like Denis Leary. The plot doesn't contain much logic. Leary's character is forced to make his amends with 12 of his ex-girlfriends, who he just used for sex, in order to receive millions of dollars from his grandmother's will. In order to receive the inheritance, each woman must literally say the words "I forgive you." First of all, what are the chances that every one of these women are going to be home when he shows up at the door? And the way in which these women say "I forgive you" is solely motivated by the plot and not their characters. Even if they did want to forgive Leary's character, why do they all phrase their forgiveness in those three exact words? As I said, this movie doesn't contain much logic. I did laugh, though. This is simply one of those flicks you check out when it airs late night on cable when there's nothing else on.
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Leary & Hurley better than before.
=G=23 January 2003
Leary and Hurley hook up again for this fun little romcom romp which aired on cable under the title "Dawg". IMHO better than their previous collaboration "Double Whammy", this flick tells of a womanizer who will inherit a fortune if he can be forgiven his sexual trespasses by a dozen of his womanized victims. Hurley, attorney for the estate, tags along to bear witness leading to much fun, silly moments, a whiff of romance, a sentimental thread, and a kicker at the end. "Dawg" may not be Oscar material but it is quirky, unpredictable, and carries a message and a moral. Worth a look especially by romantic comedy suckers like moi. (B-)
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Light entertainment.
jaykay-120 April 2002
Bad Boy, screened at the American Film Market 2002 under its working title "Dawg", overcomes a lightweight premise with some believable acting by Denis Leary and Elizabeth Hurley.

Leary is Dawg who is so busy womanizing he arrives too late for his grandmother's funeral but, no matter, she has left him a cool million subject to one condition. As explained by estate executor Anna Lockhart (Hurley), Dawg must contact at least a dozen of the scores of women he has loved and left during his lifetime and beg for their forgiveness. Reluctantly, Dawg sets out on his odyssey which takes him, and the lawyer, to venues throughout California.

Director Victoria Hotchberg, better known for her work in episodic television, keeps the pace lively and interesting and imparts a degree of charm to the project. Not a major film but an entertaining candidate for anyone's date-movie list.
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Even bad boys have to be good sometimes...
Raistllin23 August 2004
You can counter a familier subject in this movie; A man has to do a mission to inherit a fortune from will. (Bachelor, Brewster's Millions etc.)

Douglas "Dawg" (Leary) is our man. He is selfish, rude and totally not caring about what a woman thinks after he gets his sex. He doesn't mostly remember them afterwards either. When his grandmother dies (which it seems doesn't affect Dawg either), in her will it is written that Douglas can inherit his grandmother's fortune which he wasn't aware of worth a million dollars. This is where Lawyer Anna Lockheart (Hurley) comes in. She's to witness that Dawg gets to hear "I forgive you" from his twelve ex-girlfriends.

I really didn't have a laughter while watching that movie nor I didn't feel any warmness as a romantic picture but I can't say I regretted watching it. Personally I think the ending could be better but well... It's as good as it gets. 7/10
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Denis - what happened? (2 out of 10 stars)
callen24022 November 2004
It pains me also to say so, since I too appreciate Leary's humour, but this movie was not funny or entertaining at all. Hasting's script and the resulting movie were terrible. In fact, the only thing positive about this movie was that Leary appeared in it. In other words, if he just ate at the funeral's buffet making comments about the grieving chicks the movie would have been just as fulfilling.

This general story idea wrapped around a true Leary character had potential to be good and funny despite following the common Hollywood formula: unsuspecting undeserving egoist must become somewhat changed to get a reward. But, unfortunately the movie was overly predictable and predicated on a stupid task: get a dozen ex-girlfriends to forgive him. ... Most of them still liked him, and banged him again, which made me think he was more of a stud than an a**hole.

Someone seemed to forget that Leary is best playing an a**hole - after all he did write and produce the song proclaiming himself so - and that this script was supposed to be about one. There were so many opportunities to capitalize on his true to life jerk humour that were slap-sickish instead. This is just plain terrible writing. I think given the time Leary could've made this stupid script funny.

I watched the whole thing waiting and waiting, either for Leary to be funny or Hurly to get naked but to no avail. I'm going to watch No Cure For Cancer again to try and forgive Leary for being involved in this waste of a project.
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Better described by UK DVD release title: "Dawg"
danlo114 July 2002
I settled down for an enjoyable piece of light entertainment, but realised quickly that while it may be light, this film fails to entertain.

Contrived situations would be perfectly acceptable if funny or interesting. There were such nonsensical characters that we actually guessed what would have changed for each female character (or "victim", possibly) in the time between our "hero" bedding them and when he must ask their forgiveness - and got it right, no matter how outlandish or cliched.

As for the Girls Club situation - no spoiler - it was merely insulting and completely unconvincing.

Acting by the two main characters would have helped.

This is easily the worst movie I have seen all year - 2 out of 10.
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Dreary as comedy, more successful as drama
Erewhon7 October 2003
Most of this movie is a would-be sex comedy, but it's rarely even remotely funny. The characters are unappealing, the situation is hard to accept, and the plot works itself out mechanically, with few details of any interest.

But surprisingly, near the end it unexpectedly swerves into more serious material, and is far more successful. The actual ending is unexpected and even touching. Maybe trying to make this as a comedy was a mistake.
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Dead Dawg
naturalbornranter7 January 2004
I am huge fan of actor/comedian Denis Leary, and it really pains me to say it, but this film blows.

The film features one funny scene (in the nightclub with an ex-boy/girlfriend), and even that didn't make me laugh. Or smile. It merely made me think "That's funny". Compared to some of the outstanding films Leary has been hilarious in ("A Bug's Life"/"Demolition Man"/"National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1" and a deleted scene in "Natural Born Killers"), this film suffers a major flaw, considering it is basically a vehicle for Leary.

Leary is just not himself. On the "No Cure For Cancer" and "Lock N' Load" tours, he was ranting, chain-smoking and acting like a more p***ed off and (close call, funnier) version of Bill Hicks. All of his other film roles have let him act like this, so why hasn't this one?

Okay, actors don't like to be typecast, and want to prove their acting ability taking on different roles, but Leary isn't Olivier or DeNiro. He's a p***ed off comedian. When you pay to see a Leary movie, how he is in "Dawg" is not what you want to see.

Hurley is also no help, being as wooden and useless as ever. No more need be said there.

If you're a Leary fan, wait for this film to come on TV.

If you're not, don't bother at all.

DAWG: 1/10
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I won't forgive you, Dawg!
jotix10023 April 2005
Whatever good intentions were behind this film, they are lost in the finished product. Never having seen it before, we took a chance because of Denis Leary, a talented actor, caught in the middle of this insipid comedy. As directed by Victoria Hochberg, this film doesn't go anywhere.

The worst thing going for the film is Elizabeth Hurley. As Anna, we figured out immediately she ties in with the childhood scene at the beginning of the film. The premise to seek redemption from all the women Doug has been mean to, is ridiculous at best. The two stars have no charisma in their scenes together. Laughter is absent from this movie.

Denis Leary has done much better and it's hard to imagine what might have attracted to a script that doesn't do anything for Mr. Leary's resume.

A film to be watched at the viewer's own peril.
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Dawg is for the dogs
MLDinTN1 February 2003
Warning: Spoilers
There wasn't much to like about this movie. It is about a womanizer who must find 12 of his old girlfriends and get them to say " I forgive you" in order to get a million dollar inheritance from his grandma. Liz Hurley plays the lawyer who goes with him to witness the "forgive yous".

(SPOILERS): Well, it turns out there is no million dollars. Liz was one of his old girlfriends who did this to humiliate him and get even for dumping her. What doesn't make sense is that she ends up having a one night stand with him on the road trip, and of course, at the end, decides he isn't so bad after all and is a changed man. And this is after he ends up sleeping/and almost sleeping with some of the girls he needs to get forgiveness from. Along the way Dennis, finds out one of his girlfriends died and he has a secret daughter. So, at the end, we see him with the daughter. I guess to indicate that he's a changed man after this trip. Considering how he acted during the trip, I don't believe this guy would just change like that. And that is one of the many flaws of this movie. Along with the fact it is not funny and just plain stupid.(END OF SPOILERS)

FINAL VERDICT: Nothing remarkable about this. Not worth watching.
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Not a "dawg" at all, this film is funny, if a bit on the wild side
inkblot1119 June 2008
Doug (Denis Leary) is a financial planner who makes the mistake of having a fling with an older woman, for she turns out to be his boss' wife. Poor Dawgie is promptly fired. To add insult to injury, the small time cad's grandmother dies, too. Late for the funeral, Doug nevertheless is startled to meet his grandmother's lawyer, Anna (Elizabeth Hurley) who promptly informs him that he, Doug, is the only heir. But, wait. Although he could inherit a million flat, there are conditions. Doug's grandmother knew all too well of her relative's penchant for flings with a long line of women and, therefore, her will decrees that Doug must get twelve old flames to say the words "I forgive you" before he can touch the dough. Horrors! Yet, Doug is a savvy operator and when he and Anna start on their journey to track down his ex's, she is amazed to find he can sometimes trick his way into getting the women to speak the appropriate phrase. Will he succeed in pocketing the money? This is a humorous and clever romcom but, as it walks on the wild side from time to time, can not be described as "good, clean fun". If you love Doris Day, your eyebrows might raise a bit over this one. Even so, Leary and Hurley are a dynamite combination, very funny and engaging. The west coast scenery is also quite nice while the costuming is first rate. All of the movie's production values are fine, too. As for the script, it is very comical, as some of Doug's past girlfriends are eccentric, to say the least. If you a seeker of funny love stories, you should check this one out. It is not a "dawg" at all but, rather, should fill an otherwise dull evening with some big laughs and sighs.
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If I wish I hadn't bother to watch it
mpmurr10 September 2005
I read a article that said you know you have watched a bad film when they show the funny outtakes over the end credits and that makes you laugh the most. Well this film didn't even make me laugh when I saw the outtakes. What in God's name was Leary doing in this pile of poop. He makes good comedy and has talent. Liz Hurley has less acting talent than my cat. Her only claim to fame was her association to Hugh Grant. As an Englishman I am ashamed that we let her loose on the world. To make things worse now she is breeding!! If you see this advertised at 12:10AM on HBO, don't watch, turn to PBS or CNN Headline news, you will laugh more. I promise.
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Another Swing and Miss Sex Comedy
Inches_7219 December 2003
The sex comedy is a dying breed of movie, kept alive be the

occassional success of movies such as the American Pie trilogy

and the faint memory of classics such as Nerds, Porkies, and

other 'coming of age' films.

Bad Boy (known as Dawg in Australia) has an interesting enough

premise. To inherit a million dollars womaniser Doug 'Dawg'

Munford must get apologies from twelve of his one night stands.

Doug (played by Denis Leary) is accompanied by Anne Lockheart

(Liz Hurley), who must witness these apologies for the inheritance

to be earned.

Ok, Liz Hurley looks good. She looks very good. In fact, let's take a

moment to reflect on just how good looking Liz Hurley is. Now, if

this movie was a porno, that'd be great- but it's not, it's a comedy

(or an attempt at one). Whilst drama may be seen as the 'true'

cinema, comedy takes a lot of ability to achieve, and Liz does not

have that ability. The movie would have been worse without Denis

Leary, who is at his usual sarcastic best, working as hard as he

can with a script completely devoid of any real wit.

Am I the only person in the world who finds it slightly unbelievable

that not one of his twelve 'conquests' is remotely normal. I know,

for comedic purposes it's funny that he's slept with twins, a

pornstar, a scary cat woman, and even a girl who has become a

man- but if you're going to stretch believability, it needs to be done

well. I didn't find myself laughing once during the movie, and that's

a mean feat.

So often someone decides to make a 'sex comedy' and thinks

that's all they need to do to make it funny. It's true, sex is a funny

act. It's also a big drawcard for a male audience (who we must

assume this chauvanistic piece was constructed for), but you

need to either have some funny situations or some funny

one-liners. This film had none of them.

See if you liked: Denis Leary. Liz Hurley. Strengths: Liz Hurley and a supporting cast of cute women Weaknesses: Lacks comedy. Liz Hurley's acting. My Rating: 2.5 out of 10
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Thank the f**k Christ this didn't ruin Leary's career
catman135 July 2006
How does something this horrible get made. Leary is much too talented to put out such an awful product so I know he only did it for the exposure and the cash. Thank God the exposure didn't sink him. Rescue Me is one of the greatest shows of all time. I guess his cries were answered after this one.... Perhaps that stupid pretty bitch can't act after all???? Anyone else concur? Leary at his best is in Rescue Me. Hands down the best show to ever hit the small screen. The Shield, Great, Sopranos, Great, Deadwood, Great, remember Homicide, Great... Larry David, Great... Rescue me....Outstanding... Great Job Denis...Why this awful movie was ever released is beyond me.
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somewhat entertaining
mojo777715 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Firstly, i get bored with most movies after the first hour, when the premise has become painfully clear but the movie keeps droning on for another hour or two towards the obvious conclusion; thankfully the producers kept this one short and sweet.

The plot has some holes (and some non-believable situations) but i wasn't expecting anything different being a comedy with Denis Leary so i forgive it. I was amazed at how easily he tracked down his old girlfriends and the fact that they all remembered him --- and that most were more than ready to resume where they left off.

I appreciated the twist at the end which was unexpected and actually thought-provoking. In summary, mildly entertaining and to the point.
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sodapopchicola11 May 2009
I just finished watching this movie, up late, nothing else to do or to watch so it was simply out of sheer necessity. But it ended up not being worth my time. It was entertaining at first, but overall a terribly stupid movie. A lot of it is really cheesy and lame, and I just couldn't buy into the whole story line very well or get into any of the characters. It's sad because Elizabeth Hurley is really hot so they could have made it work a little better, maybe by replacing Dennis Leary with a better actor or someone more convincing as a womanizer. But instead the whole movie is very unrealistic, way too corny, and not as simply entertaining as I had hoped for.
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Are there worse in the genre?
alhaz17 January 2008
Rarely have i hated a movie enough to decide that i need to finish watching it so as to more thoroughly criticize it, rather than just scolding my tivo for recording it, deleting it, and forgetting all about it.

Basically, it's High Fidelity.

Without good music, humorous dialog, likable characters, tension, cohesive pathos, a believable love interest, a compelling protagonist, an interesting plot, or a good ending.

I liked Dennis Leary as a standup but he is wooden as an actor.

Liz Hurley is a good actress and a bad choice for her part in this film.
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Funny and Sweet
cinemaniac200218 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
In order to get a sizable inheritance, Denis Leary is understated but hilarious as Doug, who must suffer the indignities associated with apologizing all of the women he has betrayed. Elizabeth Hurley, with her impeccably straight laced English accent is perfect as Anna, a rigid, nearly always thoroughly offended lawyer charged with chaperoning him on this perilous journey in what is sure to be the road trip from hell.

The first woman is a crazy cat lady - a wise choice to try to justify why he left her. Never mind that she may have become that way because he dumped her. The next woman is a sex maniac, so one wonders why he would dump that kind of chic. It would have made more sense to keep this one around kicks. Who knows, maybe she was too much for the old boy.

Christine is a militant African American mayor who publicly flogs Doug while he stands in her campaign headquarters. While she clearly used him as an experiment designed to see what would happen if she dated a white man, she is clearly still bitter about the situation. With good measure, she refuses to accept his apology. Anna insists he go back to renegotiate by admitting to disgusting things about himself as she feeds him the words to grovel for forgiveness. She relents. On to his next victim.

Angel is a model who embarrasses him because she doesn't remember their rendezvous. Then she drags him off to a private room while the director says tells the crew to take 5. Only Doug is unable to perform, despite trying to fake it. Again, Anna must listen to them trying to have sex as she waits by the car, but doesn't laugh enough to make the scene funnier. Instead, she modestly cups her hand over her face as if she is discovering something she shouldn't know about.

Emma's picture looks decidedly normal and sweet. She has a daughter and you can pretty well guess what this means. The girl says her mother died and that she does not have a dad. He could be her father, but the kid's granny sends him away. Anna shows some compassion and says she won't count that one.

He finds Erica at a strip joint but she is now a transsexual living as Eric. Then she busts a move using all her stripper guile. She became a man because she was sick of being a doormat. Then she whips out her junk. She says he was the first person she had oral sex with and that he'd told her not to worry that she would get the hang of it. When she finds out he stands to get an inheritance she demands that he perform oral sex on her new manhood. Anna comes to the rescue, just as Eric is beating the crap out of him. So this is the second time that she shows him compassion. We are well on our way to their mating ritual.

Will Sasso is hilarious as white trash trailer park Willy, the sister of the equally hilarious Alex Borstein (both Mad TV alum) who plays Doris. Of course, at least one of the babes he boned must have gotten fat -- so she has blown up like a puffer fish on steroids. Doris relates her tale of woe, telling him how he'd promised to marry her. He admits to being a cad during their high school years. No doubt, he probably deflowered her, too. Maybe there was a reference I missed. She asks for a kiss and then promptly jumps him in anger. I was expecting her to try to put the moves on him, because hot guys always seem to think that all fat chicks want them, despite what a douche they may be. So I was glad to see that instead, she throws him out and refuses to forgive him.

He can't get the little girl he thinks he fathered out of his head and returns to talk to granny. He finds out Emma fell for him, but when she realized she was pregnant, she knew Doug was an ass and didn't want him raising her kid.

Anna finds him weeping in his hotel room, consoles him and says he'll get his million dollars. She says she is not actually married. You know the rest.

Then POW! Anna is actually one of his victims! So she concocted the whole scheme up ... there is no inheritance! She's getting revenge for how he treated her when she was a mousy, bespectacled college student. As if anyone as beautiful as a supermodel like Hurley could ever be ugly.

Of course, he reunites with the daughter he never had. They run into each other and it is revealed that Anna perhaps regrets what he did to Doug to pay him back for breaking her heart. He turns to glance at her and we are supposed to know that eventually, they get together.

I realize it's only a movie, so there was probably not enough time to cover every woman he's ever screwed over - but if this is really all he had, this guy's got no game at all.

Of course, all the while that you know that the script will call for him to get together with his little hot lawyer, Hurley never appears to have much chemistry in this regard with Leary. That's probably a When Harry Met Sally tactic, but I'd still love to be able to ask him what it was like to work with her. In fact, maybe I'll pop him a Twitter and see what he says.

Stay for the out takes. They are worth it!
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