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The Twisted Case of Angie Dodge

A brutal murder and police have DNA evidence - could a discarded cigarette lead investigators to a possible killer and close a case two decades later? CBS News correspondent Anne-Marie Green reports.

Season 29

12 Sep. 2015
Death on the Hudson
A stunning twist in the case against a woman charged with killing her fiancé during a kayaking trip -- was it an accident of murder? "48 Hours" correspondent Peter Van Sant has the latest in the case.
26 Sep. 2015
Hannah Graham: Deadly Connections: Part 1
48 Hours examines the abduction and disappearance of University of Virginia student Hannah Graham and looks at its connections to two other disappearances in Virginia: Morgan Harrington and Alexis Murphy. Ultimately, police connect the abduction to a former Liberty Football player Jesse Matthew.
26 Sep. 2015
Hannah Graham: Stalked by Evil: Part 2
48 Hours examines the arrest of Jesse Matthew the chief suspect in the disappearance of University of Virginia student Hannah Graham. Hannah's body is later discovered in a search of an abandoned property while Matthew is indicted for an abduction and rape of another woman in 2005. Matthew enters an Alford Plea and is later charged with the murders of Hannah Graham and Morgan Harrington.
3 Oct. 2015
The Doctor's Daughter
48 Hours goes to Syracuse, New York, to examine the death of Leslie Neulander. Initially her death is ruled accidental, but forensic specialists argue that she did not die as the result of a slip in the shower. Ultimately Leslie's husband Robert a respected doctor is found to be guilty of the murder despite the testimony of his daughter.
10 Oct. 2015
Shadow of Death
48 Hours goes to California to examines the case of Andra and Brad Sachs who where shot to death in their San Juan Capistrano mansion in February 2014. Initially, the crime is believe to be the result of a business deal gone bad. Several months later, however, police arrest their son Ashton for the murder and say that his motive was jealousy. He also stands accused of shooting and paralyzing his younger brother.
17 Oct. 2015
Vengeance in Vegas
48 Hours goes to Las Vegas to examine the murder of casino cocktail waitress Shauna Tiaffay who was beaten to death in her living room with a hammer. Police investigators eventually discover that she was killed by a Noel Stevens in a hit that was arranged by her estranged firefighter husband George Tiaffay.
24 Oct. 2015
The Hunter: Searching for Kelli Bordeaux
48 Hours goes to North Carolina to examine the disappearance and murder of Fort Bragg Army Specialist Kelli Bordeaux in April 2012. Police with the help of a private investigator eventually determine that the murderer is convicted sex offender Nicholas Holbert who Kelli had recently befriended at a local bar.
31 Oct. 2015
The Bugs Bunny Defense
48 Hours examine the 2007 murder of Patrick Duffey by his wife Linda Duffey Gwozdz in Los Angeles. Linda admits to having shot her husband, but claims it was an accident that occurred as they were recreating a scene from a cartoon. Although her initial trial lead to a hung jury, her second trial finds her guilty due mostly to the testimony of firearms experts.
14 Nov. 2015
Paris Under Attack
48 Hours offers a special report on the recent ISIS terrorist attacks in Paris, France. It goes to Paris for a live report and talks to witnesses to the attacks. It also talks to counter-terrorism officials for analysis, reports on the conflict in Syria, and considers the impact of the attacks on the U.S. presidential race.
20 Nov. 2015
The Accidental Husband: Update
48 Hours re-examines and updates the case of Harold Henthorn whose wives Lynn and Toni died 17 years apart in what were supposedly freak accidents. Police investigators, however, believe that Harold murdered them. Eventually, Harold is arrested and convicted of first-degree murder.
21 Nov. 2015
The Strange Case of Kurt Sonnenfeld
48 Hours examines the 2002 death of Nancy Sonnenfeld in Denver, Colorado. Her husband Kurt, a former videographer for FEMA, claimed that it was suicide and moved to Argentina. Police issued a warrant for his arrest in 2003. Sonnenfeld is currently fighting extradition claiming that the U.S. is trying to silence him for something he discovered about 9/11.
28 Nov. 2015
Road to Redemption
48 Hours looks at the 1990 murders of Richard and Nancy Bishop Langert by David Biro in Chicago, Illinois. It examines how Nancy's sister Jeanne through her Christian faith has learned to cope with the deaths and has even forgiven her sister's murderer.
5 Dec. 2015
Dear Savanna
48 Hours examines the case of Dorothy Lee who kidnapped her daughter in the middle of a bitter divorce with her then-husband Harris Todd. She eluded the FBI for two decades eventually settling in Australia. Recently arrested she tells her side of the story and her daughter reflects on the past she never knew about.
19 Dec. 2015
Murder in Aspen (II)
48 Hours updates its story on the 2014 murder of heiress Nancy Pfister in Aspen, Colorado. Trey Styler was convicted after his confession to the crime. He has since committed suicide while in prison. His wife has changed her name and moved to a different state.
26 Dec. 2015
Love and Death in Alaska (III): Part 1
Is Mechele Linehan a conniving ex-stripper who should be in jail for murder, or was she unfairly targeted by police because of a past life? Susan Spencer investigates.
26 Dec. 2015
Love and Death in Alaska (III): Part 2
48 Hours offers a second update on their story on the 1996 murder of Kent Leppink near Hope, Alaska. Police originally convicted Mechele Hughes and John Carlin of the crime, but after Carlin's death in jail Mechele was released on bail. Prosecutors have chosen to not give her a retrial due to the now weakened case against her. She lives in Washingston state though she is separated from her husband.
30 Jan. 2016
Ryan Ferguson: Wrongfully Convicted
Convicted of murder at 19 -- 14 appeals and 10 years later, he's free. Is it the end of the story? Not yet.
23 Jan. 2016
Live to Tell: My Name Is Victoria
48 Hours talks to the survivor of a brutal December 1990 gang rape in California. She speaks about her abduction, assault, and eventual release by her to attackers. Eighteen years later a DNA match eventually links actor and former MMA fighter Joe Son to the attack. Police also arrest one of Son's former associates Santiago Gaitan who pleads guilty to the crime.
30 Jan. 2016
Murder 90210
48 Hours updates the case of millionaire Robert Durst who was recently the subject of the HBO True Crime documentary. Durst is suspected of involvement in the disappearance of his wife and was once charged for the murder and dismemberment of a neighbor. He is now facing trail in Los Angeles for the 2000 murder of Susan Berman.
13 Feb. 2016
Target Justice
48 Hours goes to Kaufman, Texas, to look at the January 2013 murder of Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse and the March 2013 murders of District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife Cynthia. Police later arrest former attorney and justice of the peace Eric Williams who was once prosecuted by the two victims.
20 Feb. 2016
What Did the Children See
48 Hours goes to Quincy, Illinois, to examine the case of former prosecutor and University of Illinois football star Curtis Lovelace who was arrested in August 2014 of murdering his wife Cory who died on Valentine's Day in 2006. Prosecutors claim she was suffocated by her husband while the defense claims she died due to an enlarged liver and bulimia. The case turns on what the Lovelace children remember of the Valentine morning. Ultimately, the case ends in a hung jury and Lovelace is released.
27 Feb. 2016
A Student of Murder
Was the shooting of a Seattle man a random incident of road rage, or was the gunman a self-taught killer intent on finding the perfect moment to kill?
5 Mar. 2016
Trail of Tears
A couple's mountain hike turns deadly. The girlfriend had a haunting premonition -- did she predict her own murder? "48 Hours" correspondent Peter Van Sant investigates.
12 Mar. 2016
Playing by the Rules?
A popular football coach is serving life for killing his pregnant wife -- was evidence hidden that could set him free? "48 Hours" correspondent Richard Schlesinger investigates.
19 Mar. 2016
Eliminating the Threat
An elite FBI agent shoots his estranged wife after he says she came after him with a knife -- was it self-defense or murder?
2 Apr. 2016
What Happened in Apt. 1601?
A couple claim they can't remember what happened when a friend is stabbed to death in their home after a night of drinking.
9 Apr. 2016
A Mother Accused
In her only interview, a mother convicted of murder by poisoning her son with salt claims it was the hospital's mistake. Is she right?
16 Apr. 2016
The Last Confession Revisited
"48 Hours" investigates the case of Irene Garza -- a young Texas beauty who went to confession in 1960 and was never seen alive again -- and the priest suspected of her murder.
23 Apr. 2016
Ryan Poston Murder Part 1: Breaking Point
A lawyer shot -- his girlfriend admits she pulled the trigger and then dances in a strange police video -- was it self-defense or love gone bad? "48 Hours" Peter Van Sant investigates.
23 Apr. 2016
Ryan Poston Murder Part 2: Obsessed
A lawyer shot dead at home - his girlfriend admits she pulled the trigger and then dances, twirls and snaps her fingers in a strange police video. Was it self-defense or love gone bad?
30 Apr. 2016
Blood in the Sand
Two teen-aged girls brutally killed on the same California beach six years apart. Thirty years later, DNA on one of the victims leads to two suspects -- one of them worked for police.
7 May 2016
The Soldier's Wife
A soldier claims the fatal shot he fired into the back of his young wife's head was an accident, but prosecutors say he did it intentionally in a fit of jealousy.
14 May 2016
Death of an Olympian
Olympic hero Dave Laut shot six times -- his wife pulled the trigger. Was it murder or self-defense? In her first TV interview, Jane Laut tells "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty she's been hiding a secret.
21 May 2016
The Spymasters - CIA in the Crosshairs: Part 1
All 12 living CIA directors share their passionate disagreements about the agency's past, its current mission, and its future.
21 May 2016
The Spymasters - CIA in the Crosshairs Part 2
All 12 living CIA directors share their passionate disagreements about the agency's past, its current mission, and its future.
28 May 2016
Cal Harris: The Final Verdict
Over the past nine years, Cal Harris has gone on trial for the murder of his wife, Michele, four times. He was convicted twice, even though Michele's body has never been found. Both verdicts were overturned. A third jury couldn't decide. Now a fourth trial. Will this be the final one for Cal Harris?
4 Jun. 2016
Muhammad Ali: Remembering a Legend
A look at the life and legacy of the outspoken boxing champion and cultural icon.

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