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The Twisted Case of Angie Dodge

A brutal murder and police have DNA evidence - could a discarded cigarette lead investigators to a possible killer and close a case two decades later? CBS News correspondent Anne-Marie Green reports.


7 Jan. 2017
Crime and Punishment
A stepfather sits in prison for killing his wife. Her daughters vow to keep him there. Does he deserve parole? Correspondent Tracy Smith investigates.
21 Jan. 2017
Innocence Lost
The murder of four young girls leads to two murder convictions, but then everything fell apart -- 25 years later, there's new DNA evidence.
21 Jan. 2017
Devil's Island: Conculsion
An ex-Marine with a secret life and a secret wife -- a five-year investigation turns on shocking DNA evidence. Is the one-time hero a killer, too?
28 Jan. 2017
Who Killed Kay Wenal?
The brutal murder of a former model in her Georgia home remains unsolved more than nine years later - can you help investigators find her killer?
4 Feb. 2017
Guilty Until Proven Innocent
A pair of workman's overalls, a victim who said she could identity one of her attacks, and DNA were the evidence that led to the conviction of Darryl Pinkins and Roosevelt Glenn in a brutal 1989 rape case in Hammond, Indiana.
11 Feb. 2017
Murder in Beverly Hills
Who killed a Las Vegas mob boss's daughter? Could the answers be in an unprecedented interview with millionaire Robert Durst? "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty investigates.
11 Feb. 2017
The Strange Life of Dr. Schwartz
A wealthy doctor is violently murdered in his Florida mansion -- was it a random killing, a botched robbery or something more sinister?
18 Feb. 2017
Eleven Hundred Miles to Murder
A Florida doctor brutally murdered - her husband has an airtight alibi, but police travel 1,100 miles for a suspect that looks exactly like the dead doctor's husband. "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty investigates.
25 Feb. 2017
Stalking: Out of the Shadows
Singer Christina Grimmie was killed by a stalker and Ivanka Trump has been stalked, too; now, an "NCIS" star is trying to change stalking laws. "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty investigates.
25 Feb. 2017
Actress Pauley Perrette's push for stronger legislation that would better protect stalking victims.
11 Mar. 2017
Live to Tell: Afraid of the Dark
Kidnapped from her own bed at age 8, strangled and dumped in a field to die -- the real-life story of a survivor and her lifelong journey to find her attacker.
18 Mar. 2017
Death on Valentine's Day
Tried twice for allegedly killing his wife, former hard-charging prosecutor Curtis Lovelace speaks out about the case that made national headlines. "48 Hours" correspondent Maureen Maher investigates.
25 Mar. 2017
The Alternate Suspects
A popular football coach convicted of murder gets a chance at freedom -- can evidence withheld from his trial prove him innocent? "48 Hours" correspondent Richard Schlesinger investigates.
15 Apr. 2017
The DNA of a Killer
Police have DNA evidence in a brutal murder, but can't match a killer -- so how did a public DNA database lead police to suspect a filmmaker of murder? CBS News correspondent Anne-Marie Green investigates.
22 Apr. 2017
The Golden State Killer
True-crime writer Michelle McNamara was obsessed with finding the man who terrorized California for a decade until her own death last April. Her husband, comedian Patton Oswalt, reveals to CBS News' Tracy Smith the driving force behind McNamara's quest to unmask a killer.
29 Apr. 2017
The Family: A Cult Revealed
Allegations of stolen children, drugs, abuse and a leader who claimed to be the second coming of Jesus Christ -- "48 Hours" follows the trail of a cult that began in Australia and led the FBI to New York.
6 May 2017
Resident Evil
Two double murders: a doctor's child and a housekeeper, a doctor and his wife. Police track clues to a local hospital -- could a doctor be a killer? CBS News correspondent Jim Axelrod investigates.
13 May 2017
Murder in the Mansion
It was one of the most notorious cases in Texas history -- an ambush in a mansion that killed two and wounded two others - 40 years later, no one has been held accountable.
20 May 2017
Murder by Design
Did fashion icon Gianni Versace know his killer? A "48 Hours" investigation into the killing spree that ended his life in Miami 20 years ago. Richard Schlesinger reports.
16 Jun. 2017
Death by Text
Death By Text A mother's only TV interview about the friend convicted of leading her son to suicide through text messages. "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty reports on the groundbreaking case.
24 Jun. 2017
Serial Confessions
The shocking confessions of Todd Kohlhepp -- a real estate agent-turned-serial killer and the stunning rescue video of a woman he held hostage in a shipping container. David Begnaud and Peter Van Sant report.
30 Sep. 2017
O.J. Simpson: Endgame
48 HOURS kicks off its 30th anniversary season with a Saturday night double feature of all new back-to-back editions, Sept. 30, on the CBS Television Network. At 10:00 PM, Erin Moriarty investigates the case against Raynella Leath, a Tennessee woman with two dead husbands -who both died under strange circumstances - and the stunning outcome, in the season premiere of 48 HOURS, "The Widow on Solway Road." Leading into the season premiere, CBS News Special Correspondent James Brown tackles the impact of the O.J Simpson murder trial and how it reverberates throughout the...
30 Sep. 2017
The Widow on Solway Road
One woman, two husbands dead under strange circumstances - could she be that unlucky? "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty investigates.
8 Oct. 2017
Moment of Truth
A daughter hears her father's last words - can she help convict his killer?
14 Oct. 2017
Operation Murder
When two Texas doctors meet, it seems like true love -- but police say the couple had some unfinished business with their former partners.
21 Oct. 2017
Red Notice for Murder
A Brooklyn woman turns to a New York private eye for help tracking down a Russian beauty she believes robbed and killed her mother. Can they find her?
28 Oct. 2017
Storm of Suspicion
Texas mother Crystal McDowell vanished just before Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston area. "48 Hours" followed investigators on their search for the missing mom.
11 Nov. 2017
Reality Kills
Was an Atlanta detective's investigation into an alleged rape and shooting death case influenced by cameras following her for a TV reality show? "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty investigates.
29 Dec. 2017
Secrets of Waco
A retired UPS driver reveals new details about cult leader David Koresh and what led up to the deadly 1993 standoff with law enforcement in Waco, Texas.
23 Dec. 2017
The Evidence Room
Accused of murder, a young woman's life hangs in the balance. "48 Hours" goes behind the scenes with her defense team and a forensic animator as they strategize how to present their theory of what happened - will a jury believe them?
18 Nov. 2017
Taken Away
Jessie Bardwell Case: A father dreams his daughter's been killed, then later she disappears. What does her boyfriend know and could the dad's nightmare have been real? Maureen Maher investigates.
25 Nov. 2017
A Brother's Mission
Karl Hoerig murder: Correspondent Erin Moriarty tracks down the accused killer of a decorated military pilot in Brazil -- will the United States get her sent back to face a jury?

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