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Extravagant and funny it is, and also quite dark at times.
New York Magazine (Vulture)
One of the sharpest and funniest movies about the music business ever made.
L.A. Weekly
The movie's a rave and a half.
Loud, hilarious, and enormously entertaining, 24 Hour Party People makes you want to toss current FM radio out on its pre-fab, corporate-sponsored backside. And not a moment too soon.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
So energized by the subject that it overflows with inventiveness.
Hopped-up and electrifying. The soundtrack is wall-to-wall and propulsive.
The A.V. Club
A funny, unexpectedly inspiring story of excess, poor choices, and unwavering high-mindedness, all tied to that quintessential bit of rock wisdom: Icarus did fall, but first he flew.
Also featured are countless cameos from local superstars ranging from the Fall's Mark E. Smith to Mani of the Stone Roses, making the film an absolute thrill for fans of the Manchester scene.
Entertainment Weekly
An insider nostalgia trip for graying art punks. It could have been called ''When We Were Cool,'' and it's finally so cool that it freezes you out.
Personally, I'd rather have my brain invaded by flesh-eating beetles than listen to 10 seconds of the Sex Pistols -- Truth is, I've rarely had a worse time watching a good movie.

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