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Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy: Episode 4 – Who Needs You Review

Coming off the disappointing More Than A Feeling, I wasn’t thrilled with how Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: A Telltale Series was turning out. While I appreciated the fact that the story at least appeared to have some direction, as well as the solid additions of Nebula and Mantis to the core cast, a multitude of issues ruined the experienced. Like way too many Telltale projects, technical bugs were constantly popping up, and the tepid action sequences are still an awkward fit for the Guardians. The latest episode, Who Needs You, does a solid job of fixing these issues, but even as the series begins to wrap up, there are still problems to be found.

Picking up directly following the events of episode three, Who Needs You focuses on the Guardians dealing with the aftermath of whether or not Star-Lord destroyed the Eternity Forge. Regardless of your choice,
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The Top Uses of ‘More Than A Feeling’ by Boston in Movies and TV

Their success came in the 1970’s and 80’s but it’s fair to state that their songs are still treasured by fans and are listened to on a regular basis by many people. They had a few issues with managers and band members along the way but for the most part Boston made their own way in the music industry, cementing a legacy that still lives today and is fondly remembered. It’s easy to still be in love with the band and their sound since they still perform, but a lot of people believe that their earliest work is still the

The Top Uses of ‘More Than A Feeling’ by Boston in Movies and TV
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Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy – Episode Three: More Than A Feeling Review

We’ve now reached the halfway point of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: A Telltale Series, and going off the cliffhanger of the last episode, there’s still a good amount of ground to cover. More Than A Feeling, the third episode of the series, is the shortest chapter so far, but arguably one that has the most consequences for the Guardians going forward. For the first time in the series, it feels like the stakes have actually been raised.

Picking up directly after the conclusion of Under Pressure, Star-Lord and Gamora have arrived at Emnios to confront whatever’s sending the team visions of their past. Before they do that, though, we once again delve into their memories to learn a little more about each of them. For Peter Quill, it’s a confrontation with the school-yard bully he previously fought. For Gamora, we find out what
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Trailer for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series Episode 3 – ‘More Than a Feeling’

The third episode of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series – titled ‘More Than a Feeling’ – is set for release next week, and we’ve got a trailer for the episode, which you can watch below or over on our YouTube channel…

After tracing the origin of the Eternity Forge to a mysterious temple, the Guardians encounter an eccentric being who might hold the key to unlocking the relic’s true power. But with Gamora and Nebula busy wrestling with the past and Hala still bent on reclaiming the Forge by any means necessary, it falls to Star-Lord to make a crucial decision that could change the fate of the galaxy — and the Guardians — forever.

More Than a Feeling’ is set for release on August 22nd.
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Long Time: Tom Scholz, The Pop Rock Genius Behind Boston, Talks New Tour with Joan Jett

Long Time: Tom Scholz, The Pop Rock Genius Behind Boston, Talks New Tour with Joan Jett
Even if you don’t like Boston, you’ve heard them. The group’s hits, like the transcendent “More Than a Feeling,” right on down to “Peace of Mind” or “Amanda,” have remained staples of rock radio for nearly half a century (the group’s self-titled debut turned 40 last year) thanks to, among other things, their impeccable craftsmanship. To talk about Boston is to talk about Tom Scholz, who’s been the literal architect and driving force behind the group since its inception. Currently in the middle of Boston’s Hyperspace tour with Joan Jett, Scholz sat down with People
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The Voice Live Playoffs, Night 2, Recap: Were the Best 'Saved' For Last?

The Voice Live Playoffs, Night 2, Recap: Were the Best 'Saved' For Last?
And then there were 12. In Night 2 of The Voice’s Live Playoffs Tuesday, viewers, along with coaches Gwen Stefani and Adam Levine, took a break from playing Chris Blue’s sublime “Love On the Brain” cover on a loop — or is that only me? — to send packing another six contestants, and at long last, reveal which singers would be competing as Season 12’s Top 12. Who scored, and who bored? Read on…

RelatedTVLine Items: Shania Advises Voice, Shooter Adds Criminal Vet and More

Team Gwen

Brennley Brown, “Fly” — Grade: A (saved by America’s vote) | “You’re my only girl — you’ve gotta go big!
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Sib Hashian, Drummer for the Band Boston, Collapses and Dies Mid-Performance on Cruise Ship

Sib Hashian, Drummer for the Band Boston, Collapses and Dies Mid-Performance on Cruise Ship
Sib Hashian, drummer for the chart-topping classic rock outfit Boston, died Wednesday evening after collapsing mid-performance aboard a cruise ship. He was 67 years old.

“I can confirm that my father Sib passed away last night,” Hashian’s son Adam tells People. “It’s tough to lose him — he was a thoughtful guy with many friends and an amazing grandfather.”

The musician had been booked as part of the Legends of Rock themed cruise when he collapsed without warning partway through his set. Hashian was treated with CPR and a defibrillator onboard, to no avail. The cause of death remains unknown at this time,
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HB2: Who’s Boycotting North Carolina, From Demi Lovato to Pearl Jam (Photos)

  • The Wrap
HB2: Who’s Boycotting North Carolina, From Demi Lovato to Pearl Jam (Photos)
Pearl Jam cancelled their April 20 show in Raleigh via a handwritten note in which they called HB2 “a despicable piece of legislation” Ringo Starr scrapped a show in Cary scheduled in June. “All you need is love,” he said. Boston won’t be playing “Peace of Mind” or “More Than A Feeling” in North Carolina, cancelling the three shows they had in the state during their summer tour. Even porn sites are joining in on the protest. One such site, XHamster, announced they would IP block any users trying to access the site from North Carolina. Lgbt advocate Cyndi Lauper took a similar.
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Stan Hansen And Jacqueline Confirmed For WWE Hall Of Fame

The WWE Hall of Fame news continues with a report that former All Japan Triple Crown and Awa Heavyweight Champion Stan Hansen and former WWE Women’s Champion Jacqueline will be inducted into this year’s class.

Though WWE has not acknowledged the inductions on television or online, the company released a special commemorative WrestleMania 32 magazine last week that named Hansen and Jacqueline as 2016 inductees. actually broke the news of Jacqueline’s induction several weeks ago…

Though Stan Hansen primarily made his reputation in Japan, he also competed for WWE in the 1970s, quickly becoming one of the company’s top heels. When Bruno Sammartino suffered a broken neck in a match with Hansen, credit for the injury was given to “The Lariat’s” devastating finishing maneuver. He headlined shows with Sammartino and Bob Backlund before heading to All Japan Pro Wrestling, where he would spend
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The Walking Dead Season 6: 15 Wtf Moments From ‘The Next World’

Gene Page/AMC

With The Next World, The Walking Dead’s sixth season picked things up in the aftermath of its explosive mid-season premiere.

Following the casualties of last week, including the loss of an eye for Carl Grimes, here we find Rick and Co. looking ahead to the future and trying to once again get back to some sort of relative normalcy. As such, Rick and Daryl head off to find new supplies, although they end up coming across a mysterious fella by the name of Jesus.

Elsewhere, we see Carl back on his feet and spending some more time with Edith. And then there’s the long-time-coming change in the dynamic between Michonne and Rick. Yep, that ever-growing sexual tension came to an, err, climax by the time this latest Walking Dead effort concluded.

Throughout The Next World, as ever with The Walking Dead, there was a whole load of random,
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The Walking Dead season 6 episode 10 review: The Next World




Is The Walking Dead season 6 finally letting Rick Grimes lighten up? Uneven episode The Next World suggests so...

This review contains spoilers.

6.10 The Next World

In last week's review of Teen Wolf, I complained briefly about how the show has taken a turn away from its roots as something of a horror comedy and gone to something more akin to a straight action horror show. When that show began, it actually had a pretty strong, pretty consistent vein of humour that it minded to great effect. Sometimes, there's only so much bad and evil and violence that a person can take without a little laugh to lighten the mood and release some of the tension. Good horror movies do this, usually with a cat scare or a comic relief character.

Traditionally, The Walking Dead hasn't had this kind of relaxation. You might get a few chuckles during
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'The Walking Dead' Season 6, Episode 10 Recap: More Than a Feeling

  • Moviefone
You know you're in for a good hour of television when the first thing you hear is the opening guitar riff to Boston's "More Than a Feeling," and that was certainly the case on tonight's installment of "The Walking Dead." The episode was filled with inspired music cues – including a great Old 97's tune that scored Daryl and Rick's scavenging road trip – but that first scene really set the tone for the episode, and almost read to me like the beginning of a romantic comedy (leading man gets ready for his day to the strains of classic rock, banters with his children, teases his live-in girlfriend friend about toothpaste). Taking that lighthearted introduction into account, the episode's amorous ending really shouldn't have come as much of a shock.

It says a lot about how well the writers have developed Rick and Michonne's friendship over the past few seasons that it
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Strictly Come Dancing 2015: week four – live

After Anthony and Oti were knocked out last week, who will be next to leave Scd’s dancefloor?

7.58pm BST

So that’s it for another Strictly week! Only 12 couples remain, and I’ll be back next Saturday with sparkly bells on. Please join me then, it’s considerably more fun that way. If you can’t, please bring a note from your mum to Twitter @heidistephens.

Thanks everyone for joining in, and I’ll see you next week! Cheers Hx

7.57pm BST

They depart to an off-key version of Careless Whisper, which seems somehow appropriate. I’m really glad you’re never going to dance again, Daniel.

7.57pm BST

So dead-eyed Daniel is leaving on a jet plane back to count his millions in Ireland, and Kristina is finished for the season, having fulfilled her contractual obligations without any kind of love-triangle scandal. Well done Kristina, the nation loves you.
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Video: Bern, Baby, Bern: Bernie Sanders Shows Off His Disco Dance Moves on Ellen

Video: Bern, Baby, Bern: Bernie Sanders Shows Off His Disco Dance Moves on Ellen
Bernie Sanders attempted to dance his way into voters' hearts during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday.

The Democratic presidential hopeful took the stage to the 1976 hit "Disco Inferno," clapping, stepping in time and waving one disco finger in the air as the lyrics "burn, baby, burn" played.

DeGeneres declared his moves "fantastic" and went on to praise him for putting politics aside and coming to Hillary Clinton's defense during the Democratic debate Tuesday night when she was asked about her email controversy.

"I think that's the exact thing that people are sick of, is people being political,
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Bernie Sanders Dances on ‘Ellen,’ Reveals His Go-to Karaoke Song (Video)

  • The Wrap
Bernie Sanders Dances on ‘Ellen,’ Reveals His Go-to Karaoke Song (Video)
Adding to the endless list of presidential candidates making appearances on talk shows, Bernie Sanders made an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” in an episode set to air Thursday. The Democratic candidate came out dancing to The Trammps’ “Disco Inferno” from the movie “Saturday Night Fever” before sitting down with the host to discuss his campaign, Wednesday’s Democratic debate and the disappearance of the middle class. “You have in corporate America today you have incredible greed,” Sanders told DeGeneres. “I don’t know when they think enough is enough. They want more and more and more.” Also read:
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Film4 FrightFest 2015 Short Film Lineup Announced

Giving UK horror fans yet another reason to attend their scare-packed festival, the fine folks at Film4 FrightFest have announced their short film lineup that features over thirty shorts, including the cannibalistic wrestling tale, El Gigante:

Press Release: "Film4 FrightFest 2015 has expanded its Short Film Showcase event, with three strands and over thirty shorts from around the world, including eleven World Premieres and seven European Premieres. With films from thirteen countries, this is the most diverse and exciting shorts event yet programmed.

Highlights include the London premiere of actress Karen Gillan’s intense directorial debut Coward, and the UK premiere of Shevenge, a darkly funny tale of revenge, directed by Buffy The Vampire Slayer alum Amber Benson. Local FrightFest alumni will also be returning: screenwriter and director James Moran is back with screams and laughter in Ghosting, and Dan Auty brings us nostalgia and magic children in his new
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15 Times Wrestlers Became Dancers

Wrestling is awesome, dancing is fun, wrestlers that dance is awesome fun. Indeed it doesn’t happen often, but sometimes pro wrestlers just feel like dancing for a crowd. Gettin’ down is an easy way to interject some comedy because it’s either so great or so terrible.

There are those who have gimmicks that you would totally expect to shake their groove thing. Guys like Fandango, Funkasaurus, Alex Wright, and Disco Inferno have made a living off of tip toeing around their opponents. When they do, it usually gets a nice pop from the crowd.

What really gets the people to take notice is when talent that doesn’t usually two-step, decides to do so. Who wouldn’t like to see Lana, Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, or even William Regal — who is quite light on his feet — show off their rhythmic attributes.

The following list will highlight
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50 Cent Testifies: I Borrowed Gold Chains, Watches, Cars, Faked Lavish Lifestyle

50 Cent Testifies: I Borrowed Gold Chains, Watches, Cars, Faked Lavish Lifestyle
50 Cent can no longer afford to take you to the candy shop. The "Disco Inferno" rapper, 40, appeared in court in Manhattan on Tuesday, July 22, to discuss his finances as he faces a $5 million lawsuit.  The musician is famous for rapping about his success and wealth with tracks like "P.I.M.P.," "Straight to the Bank," and "I Get Money," but according to his new testimony, it was all a lie. The New York Daily News reports that 50 said in his session at the Manhattan [...]
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‘Discopath’ DVD Review

  • Nerdly
Stars: Jeremie Earp-Lavergne, Katharine Cleland, Ingrid Falaise, Pierre Lenoir, Ivan Freud | Written and Directed by Renaud Gauthier

I’ve said it many times before and I’ve no doubt I’ll say it many times again, but Canadians know how to make damn good horror flicks and guess what? They also know how to do great retro-grindhouse flicks too! Yes Discopath, the tale of a man turned to murder by the beat, is another fantastic genre flick from the land that brought us He Knows You’re Alone, My Bloody Valentine and the more recent Antisocial.

Writer/director Renaud Gauthier made his name as a music video director, so it should come as no surprise that music features heavily in his first feature film, Discopath, an epic tale of trauma and turntables:

It’s 1976, Donna Summer tops the charts and everyone believes in mirror balls. Except Manhattan burger cook Duane
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Quantum Leap: an episode roadmap for beginners

If Quantum Leap has always been on your 'to-watch' list but you've never had the time, here are a few suggestions to get you started...

Maps to TV shows: Is there a popular show you’d really like to watch but you just don’t have time to wade through years of it all at once? Do you just want to know why that one character keeps turning up on Tumblr? Do the fans all tell you ‘season one is a bit iffy but stick with it, it gets great!’, leaving you with absolutely zero desire ever to watch the boring/silly/just plain weird season one? Then Maps To TV Shows is for you!

In these articles, we’ll outline routes through popular TV shows focusing on particular characters, story arcs or episode types. Are you really into the Klingon episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation? Do you
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