How High (2001) Poster


Chris Elwood: Bart



  • Silas : Peace.

    Bart : Peace is meant to explain a state of tranquility. Ok? So why don't you try finding a way to say goodbye, now that you're among civilized people.

    Silas : Well, Mr. Civilized, peace can also be used interjectionally, as a request, greeting or farewell. So, try to find another way to be an asshole, if you don't know your, grammar, that is. Peace.

  • Bart : I'm the captian of the crew team, Jermaine.

    Jamal : The name's JAMAL, and I'll FUCK yo' crew up! Who are dey?

  • Bart : [Jamal is rowing pathetically]  What are you doing, Hip-hop hooray? Paddle! Paddle like a man, get jiggy with it or something!

    Mamma King : [Mamma King appears in the sky]  Jamal! What is ya ass doin' in a boat. Oh I see, you've been smoking too much ganja huh.

    Spectator : [noticing her]  It's so huge!

    Mamma King : Well, I guess you might have to just come back home and live with me!

    Jamal : OH HELL NO!

    Mamma King : Did you curse at me!

    Jamal : [Jamal starts paddling as hard as he can] 

    [to Bart] 

    Jamal : Row motherfucker ROW!

  • Bart : I know what you're trying to do Silas, you're trying to frick her!

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