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Ludicrously under rated
kyotu_o_shire1 August 2004
This film was fantastic. the characters were two dimensional and there was no depth to the film whatsoever but other than that it was pretty much perfect.

The stunts were great, the plot was quite well done, the characters well realized - I can't really think of anything wrong with it.

the best thing (and the thing which has annoyed some people on here) is that this film treats people like adults, not the dribbling morons that most Hollywood films treat us like. When they are about to pull off a hiest THEY DON'T TELL US HOW TO DO IT BEFORE IT HAPPENS. It's so nice to see something like that.

I loved it, the five other people I've shown it to loved it. It's worth your attention.
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razshady24 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
OK, so i sat down, thinking this film would be an OK average film, with a original, yet not spectacular plot.

Well, i was wrong. Seems the directors,writers and producers of the movie has never actually seen an action film in there life. Well, that can be the only excuse they have for ripping off at least every semi good action heist movie there ever was. The plot is predictable, the cast..average and let's not even start with the acting. I've seen better in a 'power rangers' film.

The most obvious bad acting comes from the (and i'm ashamed to say) British Stephen Berkoff, who sounds like he: A.Has never heard a southern American accent in his life B.Is performing in pantomime.

The same goes for Bruce Payne, who is so blatantly trying to look tough, but ends up a clichéd joke.

In fact i would go as far as to say this is probably the worst heist film of all time.

Dire trash. Watch it at your own risk.
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Shallow Doesn't Even Begin To Describe It
Theo Robertson23 October 2005
In order to enjoy STEAL (As it's known in the UK ) there's several things you must do

1 ) Switch off your brain

2 ) Develop an interest in extreme sports

3 ) Be aged between twelve and seventeen

I have a problem with all of the above especially the third one which meant I couldn't enjoy this movie and I'm sure anyone not in the aforementioned age bracket will have a problem with this movie which can be best described as " MTV Xtreme Sports Meets THE A-TEAM "

Everything about this movie is geared towards the cool visuals which means the editing and cinematography and stunts are excellent to the detriment of everything else , it's almost like a recruiting advert for bank robbery done in a comic book manner with no characterisation , minimalist dialogue and some atrocious acting

The cast ? OMG the cast . You know when you watch a Hollywood movie and it's the Brits who give the best performances ? Well here it's the other way round with Bruce Payne and Steven Berkoff heads and shoulders below everybody else . Berkoff especially is stand out in his awfulness and considering the poor performances all round he should be ashamed of himself , it's amazing this guy is still allowed an Equity card

The whole screenplay is written around the spectacular set pieces and to be fair the editing and cinematography do make them spectacular but there's too much gaps in logic involved which makes an unlikely story even more dumb . Without giving too much away one heist involves a freelancer getting very naughty which means the team ( Who are portrayed as being self righteously opposed to killing ) leave this guy to his fate by escaping but they do so in a ridiculous manner which meant if the goon had behaved himself they would still have left him via this method . What sort of morality is this ? Did the writers think no one would have noticed ?

Not really worth your time watching except for the stunts or unless you're addicted to the MTV channels
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unintentionally funny, dire script
leospitt24 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Just watched this film the other day on BBC. The write-up in the paper said something like: "a group of extreme sports-people undertake a series of heists". I immediately though that this sounded like film-making by committee. Someone thought it would be a pretty good idea to stick a load of "totally wack" young "X-treme" sports-people into a film with explosions and stuff. Unfortunately someone then has to find a way of linking the inevitable bungee jumps and climbing shenanigans with a plot, script and characters.


This film is completely and utterly stupid. The characters make absolutely no sense, are complete clichés, and are bound by a really funny script.... At times it feels like a spoof, though unfortunately I think we are actually supposed to take it seriously.

If you are a connoisseur of really bad, cheesy films, you won't be disappointed by this.

My highlight has to be Stephen Berkoff, whose accent is hilariously erratic.
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Really well made genre movie but man, what bad storytelling!
Boba_Fett11387 February 2007
The movie is really good looking with a great visual style, that makes this a great genre movie to watch. But the movie has such an incredibly bad story and storytelling that the movie still manages to almost become unwatchable at times.

Not only just the story is simple and formulaic, it also is told in about the worst way possible. The story never flows well, which is probably also due to some bad editing. Seems like director Gérard Pirès only concentrated on the style and action of the movie and not on its story at all. Definitely a case of style over substance.

The story features lots of clichés and some highly unlikely moments, even for action movie standards and the movie also doesn't exactly become much better as the movie develops. The movie even gets truly ridicules at times. Too bad because with its style and cast involved, the movie really showed some potential.

The movie really has a great cast. Stephen Dorff is a great actor and he also even shows that in this movie. Bruce Payne goes way too much over-the-top with his role, which causes him to be an unlikely and not likable enough villain. Steven Berkoff is way better, in an also over-the-top but very fun role, as a Southern villain, with an Elvis-wig. It's a role you normally wouldn't expect from him. And thank goodness that Natasha Henstridge's role is smaller than she is credited with.

The action is fair enough. Definitely no big-budget kind of stuff but obviously also way better than the average B-action movie. The movie provides a couple of thrills and kicks. Some of the special effects are a bit too fake looking at times unfortunately.

A fair enough enjoyable guilty-pleasure to watch but don't forget to switch off your brain first.

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Oh my God!
miesjel24 February 2003
Gerard Pires is a living legend in France since Taxi. But even "legends" are making mistakes. In Riders (in Holland known as Steal) is a B-movie in every way. It has a lot of car chases and action but that's the only positive thing about this product! The rest of the movie is as interesting as watching paint dry!

And did I mention acting? Oh my God, this is even worse, the guy who played the detective (I don't even want to know his name!!!!) must be forbidden playing a role ever again! This is the worst acting I have ever seen!!!!!
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A pointless, empty affair that only makes you think of other films that do it much, much better
bob the moo23 October 2005
A gang of four thieves rob a bank and use roller blades to escape from the cops. This is the first of several daring robberies they have planned – the second involving an armoured car and an underwater escape. When they pull that off they find that, not only do they get the cash they wanted but they have also stolen millions worth of bonds. Things look good for everyone as they know they will at least be able to get half their value through a shifty broker; meanwhile though they not only have to cope with the cops but also some other groups that want the gang for other reasons.

When this film started I immediately thought of a French short film called Argent Content which was a substanceless but enjoyable short about a bank robbery followed by a cool roller skate escape. That short was style over substance but the short running time saved it. However Riders moved past this copy and started to just lift lots of stuff from other films – Heat, Sneakers etc, all the genre clichés are forced into the movie but sadly nobody took the time to structure them into a worthwhile film that made any sense. So many things are thrown at the screen but they make no sense nor do they hang together. So we have stunts for the sake of stunts, characters that lack any motivation, a Heat-style relationship that appears as quickly as it disappears and a plot that is just all over the place. It isn't awful but it is just so inane you wonder how on earth anyone ever though it was a good idea.

The cast seem promising on paper but on film they are mostly confused and poor. Dorff is sexy and has good presence but he cannot make anything of his confused character – but he does look sexy nonetheless. Henstridge is also sexy but other than that you have to wonder how long she worked on the movie – all the rest of her scenes could have been done in a few days before getting sweaty with Dorff. The idea that their characters would have somehow had a Pacino/De Niro relationship is just laughable. Speaking of laughable, Bruce Payne is in this film and is terrible. However at least he is in the movie, which cannot be 100% said for Steven Berkoff who just appears to be in his entirely own, twisted little film. Bennett, Cliché and McCarthy are all reasonable in support but neither they nor anyone else can do anything with this shambles of a film.

The crazy style of Taxi might have worked once but Pires' attempts to do it again here just fall flat and it just falls flat on its face from the very start. Pointless and inane and will please only the very, very undemanding genre fan.
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great stunts, shame about the film
mustapha_wank22 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I just caught this rubbish on BBC1, and it was titled Steal. The plot concerns a group of hip young dudes who embark on a bank robbing spree to fund their early retirement (sounds like a good plan.) The first heist goes a little too well and soon they have problems with the cops and some annoyed gangsters all looking to get in on the action. This is all utterly predictable, and we can see the inevitable double crosses coming a mile away. Rest assured if you haven't seen a hundred films with the same plot, the makers of the film certainly did. The characters' are never really fleshed out, so we don't really care what happens to them or particularly want them to come out on top in the end. Along the way, our main dude Dorff gets it on with (it's your turn to be)Natasha Hestridge(tonight) playing a cardboard feisty police detective, which provides the only real volatility in the story. It's one of those films where the actors are more or less just doing impersonations of characters from similar, but much cooler films.

The whole thing is shot with a weird sepia filter that made me want adjust the hue on my projector all the time, and a lot of the actors seemed to have re-dubbed their dialogue to sound more menacing (tho unfortunately not Berkoff, who's southern state American accent is a bit of a joke.) That said the music score was pretty cool.

But never mind all this, the only reason to watch is the car chases and big bangs. I think the whole thing was edited by the stunt drivers union, with a lot of holes in the plot, scenes too short to maintain any tension, and probably more chases than were absolutely necessary...possibly the studio wanted Taxi 2 from the director, but this ain't it.
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A bad movie, but not in a good way
slam16310 May 2002
"Riders" is that rare thing - a bad movie that has nothing at all to recommend it. Oh sure, there are some neat (but unoriginal) stunts, and the people are cute to look at. But that's all. Really.

The film's French tagline - "Bank robbery is an extreme sport" - says where the film is coming from: it's the equivalent of that endless sports channel footage of skaters and snowboarders, but done as a heist movie. Unfortunately, it has about the same attention to character and scenario development as the sports channel footage.

The attraction of heist movies is watching the clever plot unfold, unravel, and then either work or fall apart. "Riders" doesn't offer any of that. No tension, no development, nada. Just another implausible heist, another burst of extreme sports footage, then back to the clubhouse for the cool young dudes to plan their next coup.

Except that they don't plan. Or rehearse much. Everything seems to 'just happen'. "Oh look, we just pulled off another perfectly- executed heist. How about that?"

This goes for the inevitable entanglements as well - the bad guys who want their share of the loot just seem to surge out of the woodwork on cue. Despite all the masks and disguises and extreme sports getaways, no one - police or thieves - actually seems to have any difficulty working out who these people are and where to find them. Did they leave flyers at the scene of the crime? Put up a website or something? The director doesn't tell, but telling a coherent story is apparently not one of his priorities.

There's lots more not to like. The dialogue is clunky, the performances are mediocre at best. The four hip young things and Natasha Henstridge are merely lacklustre; it's left to the veteran actors to really drag the movie down to the depths where it belongs. Bruce Payne is bad by any standard, but the prize has to go to Steven Berkoff, whose unwatchable scenery-chewing (complete with gratingly-false Southern accent) breaks new ground in the history of bad acting. If they'd digitally replaced him with Jar-Jar Binks it would have been more convincing and less painful to watch.

To describe this as "Straight to video" material would be too kind. It's not even that good.
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What's wrong with the detective?
adihed25 February 2003
I thought the acting by the guy playing the detective was the best thing about the movie. Sure, there's no award for him but he makes the movie funny!

The action was cool, and one of the actors reminded me of Tom Green. I had a great time watching this with my friends, and if you want some action without having to think about the plot, RENT THIS MOVIE.
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Are you kidding me
This is by far the worst movie I have ever seen. Honestly the only reason I watched the entire movie is because I was forced to by friends, in fact I only registered with IMDb to protest my disgust of this movie. I know that I personally can't make a better movie, but the only reason being I do not have the funding to do so. This movie has no real plot and the dialog is the worst I have ever heard. See this movie at your own risk. I am completely disgusted that movies as bad as this gets shown in theaters. I would rather stab myself multiple times in the chest than watch this movie again. Please stay away, very AWFUL movie, 1 star, and that's only because I did not have the option of choosing 0 stars.
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This movie is fun!
chrichtonsworld14 December 2009
Wow,some reviewers are way too harsh for this movie. Riders doesn't pretend be to be anything more than it is. Honestly I sometimes really ask myself what people are expecting from a movie that clearly is only a setup for stunts and action. And the stunts that are presented in the movies are beautifully done. Of course the acting is bad and the story not surprising. But boy did I have fun watching this movie. And this fun factor is not something that should be overlooked so easily. The fact that this movie and the actors don't take matters so seriously should also count for something. Since there are a lot of similar themed movies that do take themselves serious and which aren't nearly as entertaining as Riders. People craving for french action themed movies a la Luc Besson (like Taxi,Yamaksi or Banlieu 13) will have a blast watching this movie.
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Cut the boring stuff and bring on the stunts...
Enchorde29 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Recap: A young gang of extreme sports athletes pull off a daring heist in a downtown bank and then shaking the pursuit on inlines. Police have no clues, even when leader Slim flirts with one detective. But they are not finished yet. No. Next heist is an armored transport. Unfortunately for them they get their hands on twenty million in bearer bonds. Twenty million that somebody desperately will want back...

Comments: This is a no-brainer, and that goes two ways. You don't have to think for two seconds when watching this. The one scene, the one moment that is not extremely clear is explained in a flashback just moments later, so hang on. The movie team didn't spend much time working their brains either. All things that explain the progress in the movie, what most people would like to call the story, is conveniently cut out altogether. If you really want to know how the bad guys get their hands on our hero robbers, you will watch in vain. Because that piece might be a little complicated and left out. Actually there are really no words to explain all the time that is between the action-filled heists.

What's left is all the action. And that is not that bad, not bad at all. Nice explosions, nice stunts on inlines, nice stunts with the cars and some really nice stunts with trucks.

So, because I didn't really expect anything else the movie is just what I wanted it to be. An evening of entertainment where I didn't needed to bother my brain.

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Most Underrated Movie EVER
unemployedvirgin29 May 2011
it was a late Friday night as i was flicking through the TV listings of various channels when this film caught my eye, especially after reading the synopsis. Steal (as it was labelled here in the UK) is one of the best films i've seen in a long time. Original storyline, fast paced, and full of comedy and high flying action.

And when i mean fast paced...if you so much as blink for the first 30 minutes you will not know what is going on. Definitely a film worth paying attention to as the minute by minute scenes get ever more head spinning. I haven't seen Stephen Dorff in a leading role since watching Blade a couple years ago, brilliant casting. The soundtrack is truly amazing, every track seems hand picked to suit the play by play action in accordance with the song lyrics in an almost symbolic execution.

Extreme Sports meets Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels. LOVED IT!
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Dan_Steely9 September 2005
One of the cheesiest movies I've seen in a long time. Overacting, no real plot, extremely bad script and directing, excessive use of special effects that have no purpose/don't make sense, the dialogue is hilariously unrealistic and not even clever.

This movie is trying to be "cool", and fails. It tries to be "Snatch", but ends looking pathetic and contrived.

The few plot twists there are, are predictable.

I liked "Taxi" (the original french one)...this is a parody of that excellent movie. I'm sure the people involved making this hopes everyone forgets about it real quick. And they will.
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Epic plot failure.
ideazones4 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The main plot line is not credible. It suggests that a group of professional bank robbers would be intimidated into working for free, stealing their largest score yet, based on the threat from an unknown adversary whose only leverage is that he knows where one of them lives and will turn them into the police for their prior robbery.

It is just not believable that these robbers would work without compensation to steal enough money to disappear and set themselves elsewhere for life.

While there are additional shortcomings, including mediocre dialog and just average special effects, this failure of plot logic undermines the entire movie.
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neil_mc28 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Well to begin with, the plot summary describes something about "five consecutive burglaries, in five days, involving 20 million dollars", but had I not read something similar in the TV guide beforehand, I would not have had one damn clue what was happening. Either I missed it, or the writers completely failed to inform the audience of exactly how many, for how much and why they were doing all of these robberies. And just why they felt the need to do them on ski's and skateboards and other seriously cool stuff like that.

It began with them roller-blading from the first bank job, they count the cash and then "Day 2" flashes up, they are holding their breath underwater, another bank job, "Day 3" flashes up, rock climbing.... er, hang on, can you introduce the main characters first please!

It is hopelessly written, it actually has some of the worst dialogue you're ever likely to hear, some ridiculously poor acting, mainly from police chief Bruce Payne. You really do have to see his performance to believe how inept it is. And I'm still not sure how Slim and Karen ended up writhing around in a sauna, had they even met each other before that?

But you have to feel for Gerard Pires, "Taxi" was great and he was seemingly trying to create something similar hear for an American/worldwide audience, but he falls so short it is untrue. Interestingly enough according to the IMDb business page for this film, it had a budget of $15m and made absolutely nothing back, which is a genuine indicator of just how bad this all is. Never has a Peugeot 406 been missed so much.
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Roller Bladers stealing money?? out run hundreds of cops?
QuingQuongQuang19 February 2008
Roller Bladers stealing money? They can out run hundreds of cops with their freestyle skills?? and then they take of their masks and change into civilian clothing and guess what? they are all good looking people, one is a beach blonde guy one is a blonde women and one is an African American!? (cliche!) I don't know about you but the chances of a bunch of overly attractive people being able to skate like that with out at least one accident (ever seen a skate video) is pretty remote and when they take their robber out fits off at the end to change in to suits and stuff, well they would be covered in sweat and would pretty much stink! And who would come up with such a dumb plan like that anyway? Was this story written by a 5 year old? I can't tell you anymore about this film because I switched it off at this point before it turned my brain to mush!
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A fun mess.
Logic40423 July 2007
Let's start with the action. The action sequences had touches of excitement and originality but not enough. Some of the action was so over the top you CAN'T take it seriously. The camera work in some sequences was top notch, while other parts were a little uninspired.

One thing I noticed was the music for this (I presume) low budget film was not bad at all. It seemed to work sometimes but there were times where more low key music would have fit better. So the action and music were done in a slightly above average manner which helped this film greatly.

Most of the characters were likable enough but somewhat annoying at the same time.I got a real kick out of the preacher character for some reason. (He got a lot of the best lines). Not a character to like but funny anyways. The plot was all over the place with to many holes and things not explained well enough. (That "seduction" scene has to be one of the most unbelievable love scenes I've ever seen.) Fast moving and clocking in at 1 hour 17 minutes without the credits helped it's cause as well.

This movie is a small guilty pleasure and one that I decided to keep in my collection.
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Point Break for idiots
krachtm10 January 2013
The plot: A group of attractive, young daredevils rob some banks, while dodging cops and gangsters.

I've always liked Stephen Dorff, so I figured that I'd take a chance on this movie. It looked like a shallow ripoff of Point Break, but I figured it couldn't be all bad. This is one of the most shallow, superficial, and derivative action movies that I've ever seen. It's a pastiche of much better movies, and the fact that they ripped off Heat just pisses me off even more. It's one thing to rip off Point Break, which wasn't all that amazing to start with, but to rip off Heat... it's insulting. Michael Mann couldn't make a movie this bad, even if he tried.

Luc Besson could have made this movie in his sleep, and it would have been infinitely better. It's difficult for me to believe that this director has worked with Besson, because Besson's talent seems not to have rubbed off on him.

Even for junkies like me who love low budget action movies, this movie borders on near-unwatchable. I'm slowly beginning to understand why Stephen Dorff's career started to die.
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Jumbled; uninteresting and garbled nonsense - a film that does nothing bar the proving that throwing everything at the screen can, in fact, be crushingly dull.
johnnyboyz27 December 2010
Gérard Pirès opens his 2003 film Steal with a strange sequence involving extreme sports; police cars and the evading of capture following a robbery. The sequence, as well as Steal itself, predates the second Taxi sequel by a couple of months; itself a film that sets its stall out relatively early with a string of extreme sports altercations featuring Sylvestor Stallone evading capture and inserting a few neat stunts in the process for the Hell of it. Taxi 3's opening turned out to be purely in jest, a dream sequence appearing to send up your more typified dunderheaded action opening. Pirés' opening here is played straight, a brash and carelessly chaotic way to open what ends up being a stupefying dull; dumbo and ill conceived heist film-come-thriller more often than not resembling a more typical, more idiotic direct to video cut-and-thrust thriller you might find at the bottom of a DVD bin in a petrol station forecourt.

The irony is in that Pirés directed the first Taxi film, from 1998; the man, essentially a second unit director posing as a filmmaker, here responsible for churning out this piece of junk. Steal, or to give it its international release title in Riders, tells the tale of four young thieves dragged deeper into the world of crime when powerful men coerce them into working for them. The film is a mess and a half, with whatever Pirés picked up from working within that stable marked 'Luc Besson: the writer/producer' annoyingly resonating throughout in that the cops are unglamourous; the thieves-come-lowlifes quite the opposite; action and spectacle are granted gleaming and frustrating priority over story and character and all characters of a law enforcement nature are suitably corrupt or just ill-minded. The team of four is headed up by Stephen Dorff's Slim, he's the white male in a quartet additionally consisting of black male Otis (Bennett); attractive white female Alex (Cliche) and dopey hippie Frank, whom drives around in a (what else?) VW camper van, and he's played by Steven McCarthy.

The four of them are predominantly young, glamorous and good looking; their opening job seeing them rob a bank before escaping from many-a squad car by way of Rollerblade during which we're supposed to believe such things can outrun an automobile. The haul from the score is three hundred thousand dollars, but we must believe that they would carry on despite this sum; hell, if it's this easy - why not? Within the forces of law and order stands Bruce Payne's leering; chauvinistic; piggish police Lieutenant named Macgruder, consequently in charge of a room full of other droll; suited; unattractive officers out to catch Slim and his team of extreme sports indulging/bank robbing go-getters. New to the precinct is Natasha Henstridge's Karen, their initial meeting of which sees MacGruder actually pause his speech in front of everyone so as to make light of Henstridge's photogenic qualities as a low camera angle uncomfortably extenuates her lower figure.

The narrative sees Slim and his team forced into doing a job headed up by a scociopathic preacher from the Deep South named Surtayne (Berkoff, quite clearly playing the material for grins as those around him do so for grimaces) and with one of his own guys. If they refuse to do so, the preacher will somehow track them down; overwhelm them again and then turn them into human ice-lollies. Meanwhile, MacGruder is already using the crew for his own ill gain and Karen herself ends up getting romantically involved with Slim. The set up is purely an excuse to blow things up; have things crash into other things and just play out somewhat eccentric and alienating content that nobody with an I.Q. of double figures upwards ought to particularly take to. The film is dismissible nonsense; a really rather stupid exercise in second unit stuff which Pirés is clearly more interested in over anything else whatsoever, bar perhaps Henstridge's exterior qualities. Some highlights include: armoured vans crashing through meshed fences in slow motion; police cars landing already upturned onto the roofs of other police cars; people parachuting off of high bridges, upon which numerous action set pieces have already played out; as well as large, 18-wheeler trucks kicking up onto their sides riding along on half their wheels. I don't think Richard Stark, across the broad course of many of his heist orientated novels, ever inserted a scene in which his anti-heroic brainchild Parker ever rode a skateboard out of dodge.

Like many of Besson's films that he has both written and had a hand in funding, namely the Taxi franchise; the Transporter films and the first District 13 film; the piece is solely an exploration in style over all else, a vacuous exercise not in Parkour or the celebration of Jason Statham's manliness, but in extreme sports. Here, he has had little to do with the overall piece but his presence is in Pirés' ill-advised glamorisation of crime and criminals as well as his childish trivialisation of the sorts of dangers behind what the characters are involved in. On a closing note, and as many others have pointed out, the film's runtime in bolstered to the gargantuan length of 83 or so minutes by a few minutes of end credits informing us on who's to blame. Additionally, the extended use of slow motion throughout begs the question further still as to whether it was, indeed, a creative decision or whether it was one that spawned from a horror reaction in the edit room when the initial runtime was realised. Spritely; leering; repetitive and spasmodic nonsense, Steal is a film which will do exactly that to a designated length of time from your life.
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Good in a bad way or bad in a good way ...
theewraggaman8 October 2019
I can't imagine the budget was anything to write home about. And that's why I enjoyed it. It kept me watching. So bad it made me smile, but enough, with loads of potential from most of the cast. Even in "great" films people can forget they are wounded fifty example, not in this film. It's the small attentions to detail as well as the rest. Pros way outweigh the cons. It'll pass some time and I'd watch this lot again, theny can only get better, and the gimmicks and one liners in places will improve too. Come on writers, get with it! I've not managed to sit through a lot worse. Seriously, better than a lot of lower budget films. Give people a chance.
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How? Why? What in the World is Going on?
smitty00826 May 2019
Not the worst movie I've ever seen, but it might be the first one that I think is both too short and too long at the same time. These four robbery specialists manage to rob like four banks in ten days with minimal planning and the most impeccable timing in the history of the bank heist genre. At the same time, there is no back story on anyone (which in all honesty makes getting plot twists in a little easier), characters appear seemingly out of nowhere and then disappear again, plans are rewritten by the leader of the gang without informing anyone, and rules for the heists are broken pretty much as soon as they are stated.

I dunno, you'd probably do better picking something else to watch.
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Why bother?
paul-evensen17 March 2019
Predictable and boring. The film takes a contrived story and tries feebly to make it hip by putting the young runway models... robbers on roller skates. It's violence is fake, vulgarity unbelievable, and sexism rampant. It's like watching a Victoria's Secret or A&F sales staff trying to rob a bank using skates. Hopeless. You'd be better off watching the grass grow.
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Awful movie
sowbi13 June 2003
This is one of the most horrible movies I have ever seen. It tries to use the presently-in vogue formula of smart bad guy getting the gold. The plot is very twisty turny. It goes like this...

Three guys and a girl are out stealing banks using extreme sports talents. Action is okay, but after seeing movies like XXX, too much action has become somewhat boring. (A case of "If I see another idiot jumping over a two deck bus..."). Somehow they get into trouble with the police (gee, how is that possible?), a guy who stands in shadows and tortures them by keeping them in a really cold room, another guy who seems to be a cross between Elvis and a preacher (Horrors!).

I seriously don't know what Natasha Henstridge is for, oh wait.. I do. Those semi nude scenes. Even the love scenes suck cuz there is absolutely no chemistry.

The dialogues are cliched, the plot is cliched, the characters are cliched and the ending is cliched.

I loved Ocean's Eleven, but a hazard of its success seems to be the proliferation of crappy heist flicks that suck big time.

I used to really like Stephen Dorf, and thought he was doing weird but interesting movies. Then he did this one, and I don't think I'll ever be able to see that Aerosmith video again without grimacing.

Stay away from this one if you can't take boredom very well.

Overall rating 1/2
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