Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law (TV Series 2000–2007) Poster

John Michael Higgins: Mentok the Mindtaker, Zardo, Announcer, Big-El, Commercial Voice, Cop #2, Gene Winkleman, Grape Ape, Momtok, Tom - HR Man


  • Harvey Birdman : Your Honor, I'd like to...

    Mentok : [interrupting]  Yes, you can introduce it.

    [Harvey looks at Mentok for a long second] 

    Mentok : Hello? Mind-taker!

  • Mentok : Zombie guards: SEIZE HIM!

    [as the zombie guards obey] 

    Mentok : Tell me that's not fun to say.

  • Bailiff : Hear ye, hear ye! All those with business before this court, step forward and ye shall be heard.

    [Mentok's theme music starts up] 

    Bailiff : The right honorable Mentok presiding.

    Mentok : [emerging from a purple cloud]  Was I announced?

    [Bailiff nods] 

    Mentok : And now! Kicking ass, and taking minds! *Mentok! The Mindtaker!*

    [music abruptly cuts dead] 

    Mentok : Or was it the other one; the, uh, "Now presiding," blah-de-blah-de-blah-de-blah...?

    Bailiff : Uh, w - We were running late, so I just thought... Y'know, the short one... Because it's shorter.

    Mentok : Uh-huh. Okay, yeah. Bigger one next time, all right? Try the scary one... next time.

  • [Mentok loses patience as Spyro conducts a particularly inane examination of a witness] 

    Mentok : That's enough! Ooo-weeooo!

    [summoning powers] 

    Mentok : Cheeseburger, french fries, chocolate shake! Somebody's mind I's about to take!

    [Selecting among people in the court] 

    Mentok : Eeny, meeny, miney... *Mind-swap!*

    [an unearthy voice utters Mentok's name as the mind of Spyro and a dog exchange bodies] 

    Mentok : You were saying?

    Spyro : [*bark!*] 

    Mentok : Uh-huh. And...?

    Dog : Honestly, your Honor, this is juvenile, even for you.

    Mentok : I'm sorry; I can't hear you over this.

    [blows wet raspberry] 

  • [Mentok is doing a magic show for his nephew's birthday party] 

    Child #1 : Make a rabbit disappear!

    Child #2 : Do a trick!

    Mentok : Nope! Got something much better.

    [dons fortune teller's turban] 

    Mentok : Byooo-weeeeeeeee-oooo...

    [points to successive children in turn] 

    Mentok : You: You're going to die in 23 years of a coronary embolism. You? You're going to live in Tuscany with your mother... *and your boyfriend!* You: Telemarketer. You: Lite FM radio DJ. You? You will raise poodles. And not the big kind that win prizes. No, the annoying little kind that go, "Bap! bap! bap! bap! bap! bap! bap!"

  • Mentok : Why? Because Mentok wills it so. Proceed.

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