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WWF Unforgiven (2000)

WWF Title: The Rock vs. Chris Benoit vs. Kane vs. The Undertaker, WWF Intercontinental Title: Eddie Guerrero vs. Rikishi, WWF Tag Team Titles (cage match) : Edge & Christain vs. The Hardy ... See full summary »


Kevin Dunn


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The stars of the World Wrestling Federation gather to determine the 2001 King of the Ring!

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10 Man Elimination Tag Team Match: The Rock, Chris Jericho, Kane, The Big Show & The Undertaker vs. Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam, Booker T. & Shane McMahon, WWF Intercontinental/... See full summary »

Director: Kevin Dunn
Stars: Dwayne Johnson, Steve Austin, Chris Jericho


Cast overview, first billed only:
Steve Austin ... 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin
Dwayne Johnson ... The Rock
Glenn Jacobs ... Kane
Chris Benoit ... Chris Benoit
Mark Calaway ... The Undertaker
Eddie Guerrero ... Eddie Guerrero
Solofa Fatu Jr. ... Rikishi
Paul Levesque ... Triple H
Kurt Angle ... Kurt Angle
Adam Copeland ... Edge
Jay Reso ... Christian
Jeff Hardy ... Jeff Hardy
Matt Hardy ... Matt Hardy
Steve Blackman ... Steve Blackman
Al Snow ... Al Snow


WWF Title: The Rock vs. Chris Benoit vs. Kane vs. The Undertaker, WWF Intercontinental Title: Eddie Guerrero vs. Rikishi, WWF Tag Team Titles (cage match) : Edge & Christain vs. The Hardy Boyz, Triple H vs. Kurt Angle, WWF Hardcore Title: Crash Holly vs. Steve Blackman vs. Al Snow vs. Funaki vs. Test, Strap Match: Tazz vs. Jerry Lawler, Chris Jericho vs. X-Pac, The Right To Censor vs. The Dudley Boyz and The Acolytes Written by Anonymous

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24 September 2000 (USA) See more »

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The original planned finish for the street fight between Triple H and Kurt Angle was supposed to have involved Stephanie McMahon betraying Triple H and helping Angle win the match, but Triple H demanded that the finish be changed on the morning of the PPV. See more »


Michael Cole: [Michael Cole is interviewing the Rock] Well, Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin will leave here not getting what he wants, but the question is will Chris Benoit, The Undertaker and Kane get what they want, namely your WWF championship?
The Rock: Finally... The Rock has come back... To Philadelphia! Michael Cole, How can you stand there and ask The Rock a stupid question? How Do You Know what they want? How Do You Know what they want? Maybe Kane just wants a box of matches so he can go light his big red ass on...
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Followed by WWE No Mercy (2003) See more »

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Recap of Unforgiven 2000
26 June 2002 | by Spawn DevilSee all my reviews

Match 1: Eight-man Tag Team Match Dudley Boyz & Acolytes vs. Right to Censor Dudleys come out first then the Acolytes then RTC. Richards does a little mic work before the match. Bull works over Buh Buh in the corner. Bradshaw with a swinging neckbreaker on Bull. Bradshaw whips Val into the corner hard. Bradshaw with a fall away slam on Val. Val powerbombs Dvon. Goodfather with a suplex on Dvon. Hot tag to Buh Buh who cleans house. Big brawl ensues. Flying clothesline off the top rope on Val by the Dudleys for a two count. Richards superkicks Buh Buh and Val gets the pin. after the match Dudleys do the top rope crotch dive on Richards. Tables are brought in. RTC saves Richards from going through the table. Brawl inside the ring continues. Faarooq with a spinebuster on Val. Top rope Buh Buh bomb on Richards through the table! Winners: Right To Censor

Match 2: Leather Strap Match Tazz vs. Jerry "The King" Lawler Match starts off with Tazz pulling Lawler down. Tazz with a fall away slam on Lawler. Tazz tosses Lawler outside. Tazz chokes Lawler in front of JR. JR tells Tazz to shut up and get in the ring. Lawler chokes Tazz and whips him with the strap. Back in the ring Tazz kicks Lawler between the legs. Tazz chokes and whips Lawler. Lawler fighhts back with punches. Lawler with a piledriver. Tazz no sells. Lawler does a second piledriver. Tazz gets right back up again. A third piledriver and Tazz no sells again, but eventually Tazz falls out. Lawler touches 3 turnbuckles. Raven shows up! Evenflow ddt on Lawler! Tazzmission on Lawler. Ref calls for the bell. Lawler got choked out. Referees come out to break up the tazzmission. Winner: Tazz

Match 3: Hardcore Open Invitational Steve Blackman vs. Al Snow vs. Test vs. Funaki vs. Saturn vs. Crash ** 10-minute time limit ** There can be an infinite number of title changes ** The last man to score a pin before time expires is the Hardcore Champion Saturn hits Trish with head by accident. Test gives Terri head. Saturn flies to the outside on everyone. Terri slaps Funaki. Saturn pulls Funaki to the back. Crash pins Blackman and runs off but gets hit by Saturn for the pin. Everybody fights into the crowd. Back to ringside Saturn grabs a kendo stick. Blackman grabs his sticks. Blackman wears out Saturn and Snow. Saturn with a side suplex on Blackman. Blackman controls the ring with the kendo stick. Blackman pins Saturn. With 58 seconds to go Blackman decides to leave. Everyone piles on Blackman. No one can pin Blackman in time. Blackman started out as the champion and left as champion. Winner: Steve Blackman

Match 4: Chris Jericho vs. X-Pac Jericho chops Xpac down. Xpac kicks Jericho down in the corner. Bronco buster gets countered with a clothesline. Spinning heel kick by Jericho. Xpac knocks jericho off the top into the guard rail. Xpac flies to the outside on Jericho. Xpac throws Jericho into the announce table and camera man. Xpac with a baseball slide dropkick. Spinning heel kick by Xpac for a two count. Modified sleeper by Xpac. Xpac counter a Jericho sleeper with a belly to back suplex for a two count. Bronco buster is hit. Powerbomb by Jericho. Flying forearm by Jericho for a two count. Jericho does a bronco buster on Xpac. Jericho runs into the ring post. Xpac grabs his nunchucks. Xfactor on Jericho for a two count. Jericho powerbombs Xpac and locks on the walls of Jericho. Spinning heel kick on Jericho for a two count. Bulldog by Jericho. Lionsault onto Xpac's knees. Xpac goes up top and jericho catches him. Walls of Jericho for the tap out. Ross slipped up and called it the liontamer. After the match Xpac attacks Jericho with the nunchucks. Winner: Chris Jericho

Match 5: Steel Cage Match for the Tag Team Championship The Hardy Boyz vs. Edge & Christian Lita did not come out to the ring with the Hardys. Match gets underway quickly. Hardys double team Christian. Jeff makes it to the top of the cage. Edge crotches Jeff on the top of the cage and Jeff eventually falls to the ground. Jeff is out of the match now since his feet hit the floor. Matt ties up Edge in the ropes. Matt climbs to the top. Edge and Christian chase after him. Double suplex off the top rope on Matt for a two count. Edge and Christian throw Matt face first into the cage which knocks Jeff off the ring apron. Jeff climbs to the top of the cage. Christian knocked Jeff back out from the top. Jeff assaults the ringside ref and takes the key away from him. Jeff unlocks the door and half way enters but Christian slams the door in his face. Christian locks the cage door back and puts the key down his pants. Matt is busted open. Double team on Matt in the corner. Double clothesline by Matt. Matt climbs the cage. Edge stops Matt. Christian climbs out of the cage and he is now out of the match. Edge with a top rope bulldog on Matt. Jeff sets up a ladder in front of the ring and begins to climb it. Jeff and Edge fight on top of the cage. Matt grabs Edge and does a belly to back. Jeff stands on top of the cage. Swanton corkscrew off the top of the cage on Edge which takes out Matt. Lita comes out and does a huricanrana on Christian off the top of the ladder onto the floor. Edge climbs the cage. Hardys chase after him with chairs. Double chair shot on Edge. Edge does the nestea plunge from the top of the cage. Hardys climb down and win the match.

Winners and new Tag Team Champions: Hardy Boyz

Match 6: Intercontinental Championship Eddie Guerrero w/ Chyna vs. Rikishi Match starts off with Rikishi tossing Eddie out of the ring, then into the ring steps. Back in the ring Rikishi misses a sit down. Eddie leaves the ring but Chyna encourages him to go back. Eddie tells Chyna she doesn't tell him what to do. Chyna shoves Eddie then throws him back in the ring. Chyna pulls Eddie out of an attempted stinkface. Chyna and Rikishi talk face to face. Eddie goes up top and dives to the outside on Rikishi. Eddie throws Rikishi into the stairs. Back in the ring Eddie goes up top and misses a frogsplash. Back that ass up on Eddie. Rikishi with a samoan drop on Eddie. Rikishi sets Eddie up for the bonzai drop, and connects but Chyna stops the count. Rikishi leaves the ring to talk to Chyna. Rikishi throws Chyna in the ring and shoves her down. Ref calls for the bell. Rikishi superkicks Chyna then does the bonzai drop on her. After the match Eddie grabs his belt first, then tends to Chyna. Winner by DQ: Eddie Guerrero

Match 7: NO DQ - Special referee: Mick Foley Kurt Angle vs. Triple H w/ Stephanie Angle does some mic work before the match. Angle says today is Stephanie's birthday. Angle then sings Happy Birthday to Stephanie. Match starts off with a clothesline by HHH. HHH backbody drops Angle to the outside. HHH slams Angle's head into the announce table and ring steps. HHH clears off the Spanish announce table. Angle clotheslines HHH. Back in the ring HHH spears Angle then hammers on his head. Angle walks into a big boot. Overhead belly to belly by Angle. Angle kicks HHH down in the corner. DDT by HHH for a two count. Angle pushes HHH into Foley. Angle pushes Foley but Foley pushes him back down. Angle suplexes HHH. Neckbreaker by HHH. HHH with the high knee. HHH drops a knee on Angle for a two count. Several times in this match I have heard Triple H calling the spots for the match...audio is too close or something. HHH throws Angle into the ring steps. HHH clears off the announce table. HHH suplexes Angle on the floor. HHH goes to pedigree Angle on the announce table but Angle low blows him. Angle suplexes HHH through the Spanish announce table. Back in the ring Angle runs his shoulders into HHH's ribs in the corner. Angle with several elbow drops on HHH's ribs. Angle baseball slides HHH out of the ring. HHH is busted open. Angle spears HHH's ribs. Angle tries it again but HHH moves out of the way and Angle hits the ring post. Angle places HHH on the top. Angle with a belly to belly suplex off the top for a two count. Angle with the abdominal stretch. HHH counters but Angle comes right back with elbows. Angle goes up top and misses a moonsault. Facebuster by HHH followed up by a one arm pedigree. Stephanie comes in the ring to check on HHH. HHH tells Stephanie to choose between him or Angle. Stephanie kicks Angle between the legs. HHH pedigrees Angle for the pin. After the match Stephanie shows signs of wanting to apologize to Angle. HHH kisses Stephanie. HHH may have busted open Stephanie's lip by kissing her hard. HHH and Stephanie leave but Stephanie seemed upset. Winner: Triple H

Match 8: Fatal Fourway Match for the World Wrestling Federation Championship Kane vs. Undertaker vs. Chris Benoit vs. The Rock ** All four men are in the ring at the same time ** The first man with a pin or submission becomes champion ** The Rock does not have to be pinned to lose his title Match starts off with Rock and Kane fighting each other and Benoit and UT going at it. Rock and Benoit fight in the crowd. Kane goes up top and hits UT with a clothesline for a two count. Rock chokes Benoit with the TV cable. UT with a flying lariat on Kane. UT with a big boot to Kane. Benoit stomps UT down in the corner. Rock samoan drops Kane for a two count. Kane powerslams Rock for a two count. Benoit rams UT into the ring post. UT drops Benoit across the guard rail. UT and Rock double team Kane. UT pounds on Rock in the corner. UT with a sidewalk slam on Rock for a two count. UT goes up to do the tight rope walk but Rock pulls him down then clotheslines him out of the ring. Kane clotheslines Rock. Rock pushes Kane into the ref. Rock ddt's Kane. UT brings a chair into the ring. UT nails Rock. Benoit comes in with a chair and nails UT for the pin but UT's legs were on the ropes. Foley comes out and takes the belt from Benoit. Foley says to re-start the match. Triple team on Benoit at the entrance way. Back in the ring UT nails an elbow on Benoit for a two count. Benoit and Kane double team UT in the corner. Rock hits UT with the ring steps. Benoit chops on Rock. Rock with a belly to belly for a two count. Benoit does Multiple German suplexes with the bridge on Rock for a two count. Benoit comes off the top with the swan dive headbutt on Rock for a two count. Rock puts the crossface on Benoit, UT breaks it up. Kane chokeslams UT, Benoit breaks the count. Rock with the spinebuster on Kane. Benoit intercepts the people's elbow. Rock knocks Benoit out of the ring. UT with the last ride powerbomb on Rock, Kane breaks the count. Kane clotheslines UT out. UT drags Kane out. Benoit nails Kane and UT with chair shots. Benoit puts the crossface on Rock. UT breaks it up. UT chokeslams Benoit. Kane pulls UT out. Rock bottom on Benoit for the pin. Winner: The Rock

This PPV deserves a B

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