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(1968– )

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2 Jan. 1968
Agon Appearance First Part
A powerful storm is raging in the dead of night, and a transport vehicle carrying uranium is forced to stop due to a landslide blocking off the road on the mountain pass they were traveling on.
Jan. 1968
Agon Appearance Second Part
Goro and Yamato rush back to try to find Satsuki, who was knocked unconscious from the fall into the chasm.
Jan. 1968
Fuzen'notomoshibi First Part
During a torrential rainstorm out at sea, two brothers are hanging on desperately in their rowboat as it suddenly capsizes from the waves.
8 Jan. 1968
Fuzen'notomoshibi Second Part
Agon begins to make its way into the village as the military is still unable to attack it with Monta in its mouth.


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