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Lots of decent action
stevenfallonnyc31 August 2003
Agon was a short-lived series in Japan, Agon being yet another giant monster who smashes buildings and leaves destruction all over. But this one is a lot of fun, the action starts pretty early and the monster destroys all the miniature buildings and sets with a lot of enthusiasm. I have it in the original Japanese language form, and it doesn't make a difference as you just wanna see giant monster action, which there is a healthy dose of. Directed nicely and fast-paced. There's also a tan-ish "tint" over the b/w film stock. All in all it's not a Godzilla movie but it is a lot of fun to watch if you can find it.
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A nice little Kaiju TV show
koroxx13 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
A Godzilla like monster emerges in Japan, after a truck full of uranium felt in the ocean because of a violent typhoon.

I really enjoyed the first two episodes, the Kaiju appears fast on screen and there isn't any dead time. The only problem, for the whole 4 episodes, is Goro, the journalist. He's kinda annoying, always saying to everyone that he never let go a case, and that's why he's called a "suppon" (that what the subtitles says in the DVD you can find on Amazon, not sure of what that means)).

The two last episodes are less entertaining, as two bandits brothers are added to the story. The main story take then a different path, focusing on them searching a briefcase full of narcotics underwater and holding hostage a kid. I won't spoil everything, but let's just say the show ends weirdly. The fact that the monster hold a boat in his mouth the whole last episode for no particular reason, and the way he is beaten are kinda strange.

Anyway, overall this "Giant phantom Monster Agon" is nice/okay and if you're fan of Kaiju Eiga, I think you'll enjoy this little TV show.
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