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So Sweet...
AndyShedd8 March 2006
I got turned on by a friend to The Comedy Channel and immediately fell in love with Rachel Sweet and the Sweet Life. She WAS sweet, and her tongue-in-cheek humor also was. I wish HBO would release a compilation, but I don't think many people actually watched the Comedy Channel--as the other reviewer noted. All of Comedy Central's shows were funny and creative...it just wasn't the same after they merged with HA! Remember the Higgins Boys and Gruber? Onion World with Rich Hall? Night After Night with Allan Havey (which did survive the merger...at least for a while). Maybe there will be a home for the reruns on the internet some day...
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Hip and Funny!
prue-327 March 2002
"The Sweet Life" on HBO's Comedy Channel was a very hip and hysterically funny sketch/talk show starring singer Rachel Sweet. So few homes had cable in '89 and '90 -- and even the houses with cable didn't usually carry the Comedy Channel(now known as Comedy Central) -- but if "The Sweet Life" had been seen by more people, I know it would have had a HUGE following. Rachel was a fantastic, downtown-hip host and the sketches were just fantastically funny! Jon Stewart, who was a writer on the show, was often featured in the sketches. Even the guests on "The Sweet Life" were before-their-time -- like Queen Latifah, Crowded House, Colin Quinn, Paul Reiser, Sandra Bernhart, Nick Bakay, etc. My friends and I watched "The Sweet Life" every night and it was the main topic of conversation the next morning! Loved, loved this show!
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