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Fast-paced action thriller
jb_campo28 July 2014
If you are craving a non-stop action movie with a decent plot and acting, go no further than MI-3. Tom Cruise reprises the role of Ethan Hunt, IMF agent extraordinaire who is attempting to leave the IMF field work to others as he takes over training of new agents. Can he stand it? Of course not! or the movie would've ended in 10 minutes!

He's engaged to marry Michelle Monaghan as his fiancée Julia. I think their chemistry was pretty good. I recently watched her in Source Code and she's a terrific actress. At an engagement party, Ethan gets a call and next thing you know, he's back in the field. He just has that itch and needs to scratch it. Cruise does a decent acting job of a guy torn between two worlds, where he wants to be just another normal guy, but his whole team is telling him that he can't have a normal life.

His team delivers, particularly Ving Rhames, who is so Mr. Cool. Also Maggie Q has a unique ability to blend in as nobody special, but be made to be very sexy when needed. Jonathan Rhyss Myers was standard. I saw him in Bend it Like Beckham, and he's OK as an actor. Laurence Fishburne delivers as a mega boss type guy who takes no crap or bs from anyone. And finally Billy Crudup as Cruise's mission chief who aids and abets Cruise outside the authority of officialdom.

The plot is pretty simple, good guys against bad guys. Phillipe S. Hoffman absolutely delivers as evil, sadistic, feelingless arms dealer Owen Davian, who sells anything to anyone for a price with no concern about anyone. Hoffman, RIP, has some tremendous scenes with Cruise, where they go toe to toe in life or death struggles. Whoa, those scenes are really intense emotionally and physically.

The action spans the globe from the US to Germany to Italy to China and back. At a little over 2 hours, the film is nicely paced. There are no real down moments where you feel the movie drags - it's non-stop. At the end, you don't really care about the Rabbit's Foot as much as you do about how it's going to go down. Just strap yourself in and enjoy this fine installment to the MI series. Enjoy.
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Thrilling, Entertaining and Occasionally Smart.
J.J. Abrams, creator of Lost, takes on the third instalment of the action franchise, which sees human yo-yo Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) in rare human mode as he plans on making an early retirement to be with his nurse wife (Michelle Monaghan), only to be go on another impossible mission as he plans catching sadistic arms dealer Owen Davian (Philip Seymour Hoffman). To aid him are Ving Rhames, Jonathon Rhys-Meyers and Maggie Q, and, this being a third, there are gadgets, explosions, sets and plot twists like now other.

You've got to hand it to Abrams – he certainly knows how to keep an audience on their toes. Drawing on a few of his popular plot devices from Lost (flashbacks, a crescendo to the turning point), he sets us up neatly into his little world, where Ethan Hunt is now a man trying to live a normal life. Whilst that scenario may be a hard to buy, this is redeemed by the many action scenes in the film which are each exhilarating. To go into detail would be spoiling it, but let's just say there is an extremely breathtaking sequence involving a fulcrum, an amusing one involving Tom Cruise disguising himself as someone, and lastly, but by no means least a helicopter chase which is utterly awe-inspiring and barely lets the audience pause for breath. All this, and you get a Michael Giacchino score that perfectly blends action, anxiety, fear and anger.

The cast in themselves are a treat. Tom Cruise, though not given the most trying of tasks in playing an action hero, does a good job with his usual intensity. In the action scenes, his facial expressions are concentrated and focused and utterly convincing. However, Cruise fails in having any genuine chemistry with Michelle Monaghan, for and the romance comes across as rather bland. This is not aided with the poor writing in these scenes. Ving Rhames, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and Maggie Q merely look cool as his helpers, and Laurence Fisburne and Billy Crudup successfully bring that edge of moral ambiguity to their characters. And Philip Seymour Hoffman is excellently malicious as the elusive and extremely dangerous Davian, shining in his lizard-eyed role and bringing some genuine terror to the villain. His scenes aside Tom Cruise are superb, as they practically tremble in tension and quiet hatred on both characters parts.

You will go to see Mission Impossible III expecting some grand-scale set pieces, and you will not be disappointed here. Each one of the four is masterfully executed, with a breezy slickness that is both cool and exciting. We're talking non-stop action, occasionally interspersed with those corny Hollywood love formulae, cruising as "emotion." Its big, its bombastic, and it could be the Summer blockbuster of the year.
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So what is the "rabbit's foot" anyway?
Jay_Exiomo3 May 2006
"Mission: Impossible III," the latest installment of the blockbuster movies which in turn were based from a TV series, is for those looking for a way to start off the summer season at the movies. Here is a movie filled with action and nothing more. There are the usual: Tom Cruise running and getting banged up, high degrees of improbability, explosions, gadgets, the whole shebang. Still, "M:I:III" is a fast-paced thriller that manages to get hold of you for the 120-minute span of its running hour and never lets go.

After retiring as Impossible Missions Force (IMF) team leader to lead a "normal" life with his fianceé Julia (Michelle Monaghan), Ethan Hunt (Cruise) returns to the team to help recapture criminal arms dealer Owen Davian (Philip Seymour Hoffman) who has escaped from prison and is now making life difficult for the IMF. As for Hunt, his encounter with Davian has upped the ante for him: he not only has to save the world now, he also has to save the woman he loves. Cruise (either you love him or you hate him) still fits into his role well, and Hoffman, who has just won an Oscar for his portrayal of Truman Capote, also effectively displays a chilling seriousness to his villain role. The rest of the cast - Billy Crudup, Ving Rhames, Maggie Q, Michelle Monaghan, etc. - all give nice performances.

It's a given that this film would offer little in terms of intellect or depth in the script. Yet the way director J.J. Abrams and his co-writers injected humor and emotions, plus how its action scenes were superbly handled, save "M:I:III" from becoming just another passable popcorn movie which is why I liked it. It is a film intended solely for the purpose of escapism and it achieves that purpose. Although there is a feeling that it could have been more, it easily surpasses the first two "M:I" in an explosively stylish way.
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Lived Up To The Hype: Very Entertaining
ccthemovieman-122 November 2006
I heard nothing but good things about this movie, so I rented it the first day it was available recently.....and I wasn't disappointed. Oh, it does have a bit too much action and a few politically-correct annoyances but neither are much and overall the movie is a lot of fun to watch.

The action scenes are not only interesting; they're spectacular at times. Overall, the photography is slick. It's a good visual movie. Not only the cinematography, but the director did a nice job with many of these shots. The version doesn't have all the gimmicks the first Misssion Impossible film, but it certainly has the best action scenes. The only bad movie of the three MIs was the second one. This one makes up for that.

All the characters are interesting. Philip Seymour Hoffman, as usual, is excellent as the main villain "Owen Damien." Michelle Monaghan makes for an attractive fiancée of Cruise in this movie, but her role is not a major one. Cruise's "team" is fun to watch: a PC group consisting of a white guy, black guy and Asian woman.

The action is improbable as Cruise's "Ethan Hunt" would have to be Superman to perform the stunts and acrobatics he does here. (I would never claim this movie is credible, or even "intelligent" - just escapist fun.)

Just put your brains on hold, and go along for the wild ride. The name of the game is entertainment, and this movie provides it in spades, hence the good rating.
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A HUGE improvement over #2
shiftyeyeddog5 July 2007
Not bad at all. After the John Woo craptastic crapfest that was MI2, Lost creator JJ Abrams takes over and makes a flick that is at least as good as the first one, possibly better in some respects. Some real surprises early in the flick start things off fast, and it keeps up the pace pretty well from there on. Sure, it's mostly same-old same-old, but it was fun and action-packed. Phillip Seymour Hoffman was fine as a villain, but was really not even in the movie that much. Tom Cruise was just Tom Cruise as usual, but for two hours I was able to forget about all his offscreen stupidity. You know what this really felt like? 24: The Movie. ...which they are apparently going to make. It should end up being much like MI3, and I think that'd be just fine.
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The fun, the adventure, the creativity, never ease up…
Nazi_Fighter_David13 August 2007
In this third film of the series, Ethan Hunt has retired from the field, and is training new agents…. His sweetheart Julia (Michelle Monaghan) thinks he works for the Department of Transportation…

When one of his pupils is kidnapped by a sadistic arms dealer Owen Davian (Philip Seymour Hoffman), Hunt decides to assemble his old team to retrieve her, putting in mortal danger his new love…

J.J. Abrams—in his first feature film—shot "Mission: Impossible III" with a sense of timing and suspense… We're dealing with full-flash blanks, glass breaking, explosions… And we see Hunt, in a quite interesting shot, running up a wall to enter the Vatican… Also, in the bridge sequence, he runs away from a rocket hit on one of the vehicles… It's cool because the way he's running, the look on his face, before, during and after that impact could only have been done only by an actor as good as him… In China, in an old fishing village, we see him jumping off tile rooftops, with incredible grace, precision, coordination and footwork… Then, with Lindsey Farris (Keri Russell) they jump out of a building on a cable landing on a truck…

The special effects, and visual effects are great… They all work together... The Shanghai street chase with Tom leaning out of the car at some insanely dangerous angle to shoot a gun under a truck; Also Tom, in a high-speed boat, on the Tiber River in Rome, Italy; the blowing of a nice spectacular sports car; and, of course, the helicopter chase sequence where, in pursuit, the bad-guy helicopter emerges out of a fireball…

Also, in a fantastic shot, in Shanghai, China, when the camera comes in and then goes around Tom as he's standing on top of a Shanghai roof… The camera comes over his shoulder and look down at the ground, so we'll see Tom on the top of the Shanghai building, hundreds feet in the air, and just to show and set up the jeopardy of what he's about to accomplish…

Well, I loved the director's work… He's so detail-oriented…The fun, the adventure, the creativity, never eased up…

And, please, don't miss Colleen Atwood, entering the Vatican, with a head-turner red dress…
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great action!!
DouglasK91911 May 2006
Overall I thought this movie was great. I went to it expecting it to be a good action flick. One with good fight scenes and explosions and got just that. The story line could have used a little work, but this blew the 2nd installment out of the water. This movie was definitely needed to revamp the Mission Impossible series. I was kind of hoping for a few more lines from Phillip Seymour Hoffman, but he still played an excellent villain.

As far as story line goes...I'd rate the trilogy this way. 1st movie, 3rd movie, and then dead last is the 2nd.

As far as action...I'd rate this 3rd installment as the best! If you are looking for an entertaining movie this will definitely grasp it. Enjoy!
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Adrenaline Rush
baseballrhs27 April 2006
I saw this as a sneak preview with my fraternity. I was hesitant to see it because of how bad Mission Impossible 2 was, but I think it more than makes up for the 2nd flop and I would even argue that it's better than the first. The action really is non-stop, and there aren't any cheesy love scenes slowing anything down. The bad guy doesn't change every five minutes either. The plot moves quickly but it doesn't lose the audience at all. You don't need to have seen either of the first two to understand what is going on (I can't remember the plot from either). Lots of guns, loud explosions, cool gadgets and fun locations. I can remember on more than one occasion where the audience clapped or reacted to the action. It does everything an action movie should do very well. I would highly advise anyone who likes action movies to go see it. Even if you think Tom Cruise is a little insane, MI:III is extremely enjoyable.
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A Depressingly Ordinary Action Film
murrayspeer7 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
If you liked "The Bourne Supremacy," then... go watch it again instead of seeing this movie.

MI:3 tries to have intrigue, espionage, action, suspense, and a touching romantic subplot, but it falls short on all levels. There is no 'mystery' to the mystery - only vagueness and obscurity that fails to engage the imagination. The action is unoriginal and confusing, and the "Ethan's love interest" plot line is more of a hindrance than an enhancement. The 'twist' ending fell flat as no suspense had been built and I didn't really care about the characters or their mission. The eventual (and obligatory) scene in which the bad guy explains "why" is simplistic and lacks any sense of high drama.

Paramount has managed to take one of the most incredible high-concept television series of all time and in the course of three films turn it into a mediocre franchise that bears only a passing (and mostly musical) resemblance to the source material.

On the plus side, Hoffman is brilliant as always, and the people in this movie are certainly pretty (Maggie Q wearing an evening gown that qualifies as "half-a-dress" is definitely a highlight). It's not that it's a BAD movie, but there's nothing great or worthwhile about it. 5/10
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MI:3 Raises the Bar Again
kraddick-12 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
When you walk into a movie expecting to be blown away by death defying stunts and tremendous special effects, it's easy to be disappointed. What a monumental task directors had in making MI3 even more over-the-top and more spectacular than the first two. Mission Accomplished. (Sorry.) Tom Cruise takes Ethan Hunt to new heights. Fishbourne is great as the ambiguously dirty IMF leader. But the best actor in the movie is Philip Seymour Hoffman. Not many actors can take a role that's more one-dimensional than Doctor Evil and turn it into a deeply layered performance. From an acting standpoint, there was almost a feeling that he was too good for this movie and the actors around him. He doesn't breathe the same air as this cast, not even Tom Cruise. The women in the movie are a dichotomy. On the one hand you have Bahar Soomekh, an unknown actress who kicks ass and takes names on par with the bad boys, Cruise, and Ving Rhames. On the other you have Keri Russell in a part we've seen too many times in this kind of movie. The wide-eyed innocent who becomes the villain's prize and the hero's salvation. Keri Russell and Michelle Monaghan spend most of this movie tied to a chair. I hope they're not method actresses. They would have to spend the last year of filming at home, bound and gagged in the kitchen. At least they made Monaghan a doctor, so we know she's smart, even if she's so naïve she thinks her husband works for the department of transportation. Forget the love story, forget the corruption at IMF, forget the plot entirely. None of it matters. All that matters is "how are we going to get in" and "how are we going to get out" and the magnificent twists and turns that follow. Some action movies spend way too much time milking the set up of a weak script before the explosions and the stunts finally kick in. Others dull your senses with one mindless montage of violence and car chases, without a point to be found. MI3 walks the line perfectly…the story is simple enough to understand but well-thought out enough to not poke gaping holes in it. Now let's get to the action. MI3 manages the action sequences smartly, expertly getting your heart rate (and hopes) up and then bring you crashing back down to earth. The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, followed by a 10 minutes of blah blah blah. "You shouldn't get married," Ving says to Tom in the middle of a dangerous operation. "You know guys who do what we do can't be married." By the way, this is another well-worn action film technique. Inject casual talk between principals during the most intense and dangerous scenes. It shows that they're so highly-skilled and confident, they can chat nonchalantly about relationships while in the middle of an elaborate Vatican City break-in. Thank you Quentin. Thank you Bruce Willis. But the breaks in the action work. They give you a chance to buy into the suspense each time, from your feet up. Acknowledging that you're drained from the previous sequence, they give you time to catch your breath and then come at you all over again. The air-to-ground assault on the Washington Bridge is astounding. Cruise attempting to catapult between two skyscrapers in Shanghais is beyond belief. Watching him descend way too fast from said skyscraper in a flimsy parachute, knowing he's going to crash down onto the busy freeway and immediately be run over by a gas tanker? Priceless. Remarkable stunts, solid acting, and a villain that may be the best ever in this genre (Hoffman) makes MI3 the best of the series and maybe the best action movie ever made. Until 4, that is.
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I loved it!
blonde_mr3 May 2006
Well, this was straight to the point. Finally Hollywood seems to be over their boring (hoping for Oscar) drama movies. Good old Cruise returning as Ethan Hunt is what you will see here. Action consisting of explosions, clever bombs, helicopter chases, flashbacks to True Lies without spoiling too much, evil villains, heartbreaking stunts and a pretty okay script is what you can expect.

Some predictable scenes, but the fast paced action made the effort worth it with some very welcome ideas. You also got to love the scenery. Berlin, Vatikan and China is refreshing to see.

007 look out, hard to match this one!

Long time since I had such fun at the cinema. 9/10!
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Ethan Hunt is back. Getting involved with some girl - but should he marry her in his line of work?
docbilbo2 May 2006
I personally did not have to much expectations to this one. Thought it would be just like number 1 and 2. But I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it at a press viewing in Oslo today. The film is actually really good. The story stronger than before, and they play nicely on feelings this time.

There is also plenty of action :) All in all i would give this 8 out of 10. I personally think there is some really good acting in this one. We have Philip Seymour Hoffman as the bad guy, perfect role for him. Others worth mentioning is Jonathan Rhys Meyers. I recently saw an other movie with him - Match Point - and I must say like this actor.

Tom Cruise is very mainstream as always. But I think this has got be one of his better roles the last years. I did not think he preformed well in for example War of the Worlds. But in this one here he does a much better job :)

So run to the cinemas and see it :)
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Not worthy of the legacy...
Enchorde17 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers

Recap: Ethan Hunt has found the girl of his dreams and has left active duty at the agency. Now he only train new agents. When one of his former students get captured, Ethan resumes active duty. To his wife-to-be, who of course knows nothing of Ethan's past, he tells that he has to go out of town on a conference. The student, Lindsey Farris, has been captured by a black-market dealer, Owen Davian. Davian is obviously a man with no conscience and has more than a little sadistic twist. Ethan is of course able to rescue Farris, but only to have her die in his arms after Davian planted (during her capture of course), activated and detonated a small explosive charge in her brain.

The mission a failure, Ethan gets a scalding from his superiors. To redeem himself he goes to Rome to capture Davian. This time the mission is a success, but he is about to learn that Davian has a connection to the agency's top level, a connection having lethal consequences...

Comments: I'm not sure whoever took a coffee break here, the director, the writers, the producers, the studio... but somebody did. This is the third installation of the MI movie series. For med MI stands for technical ingenuity, brave plots and plans exercised masterfully keeping everyone (including the viewers) on their edge. This movie does not. The most technical ingenuity, the most MI:ish, I saw was wearing rubber faces and faking voices. I vaguely recall that being done somewhere else. Oh that's it! The previous MI movies!

The problem with a sequel is that you have to top the previous ones. Be a little more clever, have some new gear, offer some new thrills. Evolve. MI3 does not do that. It doesn't even try. I remember the first movie when Ethan and Co broke into and stole from Langley. Apparently so does Luther Stickell as he before what could be the biggest heist yet says (something like) "Langley was easy". The movie makers does not, and instead of giving a thrillingly heist, they offer a big great anti-climax. All we get to see from the heist is Luther and the team sitting in their car complaining that Ethan is late. Not a single shot, view is shown from inside the building Ethan broke into. It is not even described, or for that matter, spoken of. That's the coffee-break people! MI _not_ showing a break in, a heist of epic proportions. COME ON! You got to do better than that... or at least try.

To really rub it in, the mastermind behind the evil Davian is a mole inside the agency. What a shock! Wait a minute... now that too feels familiar. Oh yeah... haven't there been moles and rogue agents in the MI movies before? Ah well, both actually! Actually IMF, as the agency is called, must be the worst agency ever. Want to make the world a safer place? Your first step should be... must be to stop IMF. Obviously it is they who educates and sets free the biggest criminals in the world.

I hope you get it by now. MI3 is not new, fresh and clever. It's old, everything has been done before, by themselves nonetheless!

So what we get is a predictable story, decent action and some decent thrilling moments, but nothing new. Not MI, and that's why MI3 is not worthy of the legacy. It is just like any other action flick.

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I think this movie should have been called 'Ethan Hunt: Superman'
Movieguy_blogs_com10 May 2006
In 'MI-III' Tom Cruise returns as Ethan Hunt, an agent of the Impossible Mission Force (IMF). Ethan is an instructor, he is no longer in the field. But when his Protège student is captured by a ruthless arms dealer, he decides to break out of retirement and go to the rescue.

I think this movie should have been called 'Ethan Hunt: Superman'. I think since Tom is one of the producers, he wants to go out with a bang. It is loaded with all out action; so much action that it is really quite unbelievable in parts. I thought the plot was a little weak, however it is certainly better than 'MI-2'. I was very disappointed that Philip Seymour Hoffman had such a small role. He does have a couple of good scenes, but does not appear to be a main character. This movie is all about Tom.

This film pales by comparison to the original 'Mission: Impossible'.
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Too much Cruise, not enough Schifrin, as usual
schappe17 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The TV show, which I loved, was about outsmarting people. The IMF was a government sponsored confidence team whose job it was to manipulate events in such a way as to thwart and get rid of the bad guys without anybody even knowing they existed. They use some gadgets but mostly impersonate people to set things up so that they didn't even need to be there for things to play out the way they wanted. They hardly ever used violence and their plots never came down to a car chase, a firefight or a boxing match between the head of the team and the bad guy. That would have been way too sloppy. They would be clinking champagne glasses, knowing "Our work here is done" while Lalo Schrifin's classic theme, which had followed them throughout, accenting their every move, began to play in an upbeat mode in celebration of their achievement. They made their impossible missions seem very possible while the audience wondered what it must be like to be that clever.

The movies are about a government sponsored high-tech commando team that uses force to achieve their goals, including Spiderman-like stunts, video-game-like chases, explosions, firefights and duke-outs with the bad guys, all of which would advertise their presence to the world and likely negate anything they accomplish while signing their own death warrants. Obviously a decision was made that this is what the public wants in its action films and that it would find a tradition Mission: Impossible story too boring.

I don't find the movies boring but I do find them exhausting and not very satisfying. What I would have liked is for the first half of the film to a sort of biography of the villain, showing how he became what he was and how he formed his plan for what he wants to do that makes him, (or it could be her), such a threat. Then have the IMF head show up in the middle and get his assignment in some imaginative way, pull together his team, (and let's find out who these people actually are and what interesting things they do when they aren't on assignment-remember that in the TV show they all had other professions), and then run a con that foils the villain, who never knew what hit him.

But the conventional wisdom is that you have to give your audience their first glimpse of the star immediately and these films are all about conventional wisdom. Unfortunately the conventional wisdom didn't include the liberal use of Schifrin's classic theme, which appears slightly at the beginning and over the closing credits of MI:3. I recall in the first movie that the use of the theme over the final action sequence, (its only use in the film), brought the loudest ovation I've ever heard in a movie theater.

That sequence illustrates the problem with the movies better than anything. The bad guy arranges to exchange the MacGuffin for money on the bullet train as its heading for the Chunnel. He then climbs to the top of the speeding train to grab a ladder dropped from a trailing helicopter just before they get to the Chunnel. Does that sound like something a genius would think up? Does any of it in any of the three movies? The impossible has been replaced by the improbable.
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Okay Blockbuster
Theo Robertson28 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3 was originally to have been directed by David Fincher but he dropped out . Next director was Joe Carnahan but he quit before third choice JJ Abrams was hired . Condidering Abrams had never directed a film before you get the impression that the studio were starting to get desperate not to pull the plug on the project . Humanity might have struggled on without seeing MI3 and evolution wouldn't have been affected one way or the other but a studio needs to make money

It's an okay Summer blockbuster , not something you'll remember days later but not something you think you've wasted two hours of your life over and could have been far worse due to the production problems . . It's an uneasy mix of the two previous films in the franchise , where as the first was too complicated for its own good and the second was overly simplistic the third one tries to be character driven as well as plot driven . The back story involves Ethan Hunt failing to save a female IMF agent from the clutches of international arms dealer Owen Davian so makes it his life's mission to bring Davian to justice . Hunt almost succeeds which leads to Davian making it his life's mission to seek cruel revenge on Hunt and Davian is used to seeing his plans succeed

This character driven dynamic of the narrative just about works but it's more to do with the cast rather than the writing . Philip Seymour Hoffman was considered to be the world's best actor when this was released and easily carries the film as baddie Owen Davian . He's hardly the most multi layered written character in the history of cinema but he probably doesn't have to be . He doesn't have to do anything evil because he has the money and power to get other people to carry out his dirty work . Tom Cruise is of course Tom Cruise rather than Ethan Hunt . He smiles a lot which means he's a good guy and you don't want to see him get tortured or killed . One slight casting distraction for Brits is that Simon Pegg who is forever associated with Channel 4 sitcoms crops up as does Sean McGuire who will be forever known for his role in EASTENDERS along with a spectacurally unsuccessful pop career

The film's major set piece , one which involves Davian being rescued by his mercenary team on a bridge . It's an impressive enough Summer blockbuster set piece but unfortunately after this the final third lacks a climax to match this . Instead there's plot turns revealing a traitor and double crosses , lots of running around and Ethan trying to save the woman he loves along with cinematic convention that says if you're heart has stopped it can be easily started by heart massage rather than a defibrillator
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Provides plenty of bangs for the buck but lacks tension or excitement beyond the superficial
bob the moo28 May 2006
In an attempt to get closer to a "normal" life, IMF Agent Ethan Hunt has stepped back from field work and into a training role. His fiancé is none-the-wiser and believes that he works with the local traffic commission, studying patterns and planning improvements. When he learns that one of his top pupils has gone silent in the field and is believed kidnapped, Hunt accepts the offer to lead a rescue team to extract her. The mission sees him coming directly into conflict with the elusive arms dealer Owen Davian.

I didn't expect a great deal from the man that had given me Lost and Alias – both series that rely on forward motion to keep them going rather than doing anything in terms of depth or foundation. And so it was with MI3, because despite a few failed efforts to flesh out Hunt's life with a dog and a wife, the action is the all and we never go long without something going bang. Opening with a tense and engaging scene, the step back in time to Hunt's training role was a bit of a blow but it moved past quickly enough. The actual plot is then rolled out and despite being total nonsense from start to finish, is probably enough for those looking for summer thrills. Those looking for more (which, as a fan of the first MI film, I was) will probably not get it because generally the film eschews any detail or sense of intrigue and heads right for the action and spectacle. This has its merits of course but I must admit I wanted more than just that. As it was I let the noisy and shaky cameras bully me into submission and I found myself enjoying the film even I never doubted that it was quite an unremarkable film that attempts little of interest outside of the visual aspect.

As director Abrams shows that he has an eye for movement and excitement but he mostly does it by artificial means as the material is not there to help him. It is not a great turn from him but he has certainly improved on the disappointing second film in the series. The cast are a strange mix but surprisingly nobody really makes much of an impression and they almost all come over like mere plastic models in one big special effects shot. Cruise does charming, driven, angry or determined as the story requires but other than that he lacks depth and in this film his charisma only got him so far for me. Hoffman is miscast although I can see why he accepted the role; he has good presence but the material he is given is below him and aside from one or two genuinely menacing scenes, he mostly just shouts. Rhames is so-so but the film doesn't do much with new crew members Maggie Q (who admittedly looked great) and Rhys-Meyers (who has a knack of grating on me in most of his performances, not sure why). Fishburne is an obvious red-herring; Monaghan is a non-person, unconvincing in the extreme and only there as a pretty narrative device. Simon Pegg was a very strange discovery and his version of Alias' Marshall didn't really work for me and didn't fit with the flow of the film.

Overall then a noisy film that has plenty of running, shooting, shouting and bangs to make it fit the "mindless summer blockbuster" gap at this time of the year. Those looking for more will probably have worked out that Abrams was not the man to give it to them, since hollow but engaging movement without substance is what he does best. The story just about hangs together and I did enjoy the noise but by the end I was longing for some actual, quiet tension and build-up, the like of which the film opened with promisingly but then never managed to deliver again.
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I laughed
justametalfan27 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Well, I do apologize for the humongous amount of spoilers, but I'm hoping nobody will see this movie after I'm done with it. I won't talk about the actors, nor the directing and special effects, because they had enough money to make them worthwhile. I will talk about the plot... MY OH MY THE PLOT! Besides the whole "let's capture the evil bad guy who has a weapon that may destroy all mankind there's also an important twist. Ethan Hunt is betrayed! ZOMGD! An by whom? Well, either: a) His boss, who is always nice and tries to help him (he even lets him escape) b) His boss's boss, who is a tough individual, and doesn't like Ethan nor his attitude

If you answered b), you haven't seen most "twists" in the movies lately. It was the bastard "friendly" guy all along... Who'da thunk it? The best scene must be where Ethan is handcuffed, and, IN 4 OR LESS SECONDS, head butts the bad guy, steals his pen, and uses it to open the handcuffs! I laughed so loud during that scene, I thought I had done some internal damage. I know he's supposed to be the best of the best, but why not making something more plausible like having him shooting fire bolts from his ass? Then, Ethan is implanted a device in his head. Whilst most people couldn't even move because of the pain, he is capable of crushing the bad guy; creating his own defibrillator in order to die and be resurrected thanks to his wife (who can learn how to properly shoot a weapon in 4 seconds as well... I've heard of gifted but...) AND! saying the cheesiest line possible (right before getting electrocuted)"Wait wait wait....(pause for drama) I LOVE YOU! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!! WHYYYY??? I could go on and on about how can some helicopters destroy a freaking bridge in broad daylight, when a bird flying too damn high in America is immediately shot down. . . The fact that nobody knows how Ethan can enter a highly-secured vault inside a heavily secured building and come out with the "Rabbit's foot". My guess is he disguised himself as a pizza delivery guy, and rang the bell. You know how those Asian folks are suckers for pizza with anchovies and a little Tom Cruise on the side...*sighs* I'm sure there were some good action scenes, but the overall silliness of the whole movie just wiped them out of my memory.
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Lots of explosions no substance
xolt7 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
If your idea of an action movie is limited character development, not much dialog a weak storyline BUT with lots of fancy stunts and things exploding. Then MI-III is the film for you.

However if you like even a minimal amount of intelligent dialog, character development a more detailed plot and reason for these characters to be engaged in this high octane behavior then MI-III fails dismally.

There was the weak, extended and boring party scene early on that only served to highlight Ethan (Tom Cruise) loves his wife to be so very much and he can read lips. Plus everyone smiles a lot and all go to the same great dentist.

Oh yeah Ethan loves his wife to be so much that an out of the blue mission to save a former female infatuation of his results in Ethan accepting the mission almost immediately.

Such love but I guess that childish paternalism with a former employee is greater than your new life with the most important person in your life right? Oh well I guess the film would have stopped there had he refused the assignment, so off we go on a wild goose chase for some "holy grail", "preperation H", "rabbits foot", "mojo" "x" who cares? who knows? nobody it's just an excuse to break into places and blow things up.

I saw it on the big screen and can only imagine how boring and shallow such a production would look watching on small screen.

The overall impression I had was a shallow story, nothing to drag you in and keep you hooked. Zero suspense nothing had me on the edge of my seat not even once. Cardboard cutout characters would have more life than the ones developed in MI-III.

Unless you really like things exploding and watching Tom run, you'd probably get more enjoyment burning your money.
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This isn't MI:3; it's M:I, and the first worthy to carry that name.
Quentintarantado2 May 2006
I agree with most of the posted comments, it's easily the best of the three and I think the secret recipe this time is J.J. Abrams. Producer Cruise has surrounded himself with talented actors before (Henry Czerny, Jon Voight, Vanessa Redgrave in M:I and Anthony Hopkins and Dougray Scott in M:I 2) and it didn't work so well. He chose a vacuous hole as an actress for M:I 2 (Newton) so we don't buy the romance. He chose two talented directors (DePalma and Woo who have done far better work elsewhere) and it didn't help. Robert Towne did work in both scripts and his contribution didn't turn the movie into a cohesive whole. Both movies were a mess, with some great parts and a lot of bad parts.

J.J. Abrams has had years of work doing spy drama in Alias, and he seems to recognize how to bring the movie back to its roots.

I mean, essentially, that's what the TV series was, they had a mission and they'd carry it out in the most convoluted way possible, and the suspense was how they'd pull it off despite the million of things that could go wrong.

Abrams is like a magician. He knows the main plot is hokey so he has techniques to misdirect the audience, so we won't be poking sticks into the plot holes and we essentially buy the drama.

It also helps he brings in his own IMF team to make M:I 3, his scriptwriters from Alias, plus the fact he also writes scripts. Who else is better qualified in divining the scriptwriters' intention and directing the scene than one who was a member of the scriptwriting team? With a cohesive writer-director team, add a good team of actors (Laurence Fishburne, Billy Crudup, Simon Pegg and the two female leads, Michelle Monaghan and Keri Russell) plus a great scorer (Michael Giacchino who did a great John Barry impression for The Incredibles, doing a great Lalo Schifrin adaptation here), it's like an engine with all cylinders firing in perfect tune, the audience is taken for quite a wild ride.

Even the essence of the story, that they are looking for the "rabbit's foot", Simon Pegg's explanation is brushed off as "It could be my imagination", and when Fishburne was about to explain it, he didn't! It's a McGuffin, and it's a nod to Hitchcock. In the end, Abrams winked at us and we still ended up grateful for the experience.
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See it regardless of what you think of Tom Cruise
adudewhoiscool19 August 2006
We have all heard many things in the media about Tom Cruise, good or bad. We all might be a sick of hearing about him preaching about his "religion" and ideas. We all might be sick of the whole "TomKat" media infatuation, but one thing that I am not sick of is his movies. The man makes decent movies and that is what we pay our money for anyway. If you are using everything you hear as an excuse to boycott this don't because you would be missing an entertaining movie.

Ethan Hunt has retired as an active agent in IMF, but he has stayed on to train new field agents. Ethan Hunt is then called back into action to recover a missing IMF Agent. Complications arise when Owen Davian holds his fiancée hostage. To safely get her back, Ethan must go retrieve the "Rabbit's Foot". Ethan Hunt does retrieve the "Rabbit's Foot", but loses it. Ethan Hunt still saves Julia though, without even being able to retrieve the "Rabbit's Foot".

"Mission: Impossible III" is a great start to the summer movie season. From the first scene to the very last "Mission: Impossible III" grabbed me by the hair and never let go. The action is not too over the top, were you are thinking, "You have got to be kidding me" like it was in "Mission: Impossible II". The opening scene, which I will not go too into, is very intense and made me want more. A rescue mission was the first of the big action sequences. There are other action scenes too, like an explosive battle on a bridge which is shown in the trailers, which will not disappoint action movie fans. When I was watching this, I was thinking to myself, "I hope I don't have to use the restroom during this movie."

What I liked most is that this was more of a team effort then the previous ones, especially "Mission: Impossible II", and in order to do that you need a good cast, which this had. Tom Cruise is well Tom Cruise (I mean Ethan Hunt); there is nothing more I can say about that. He does carry this movie but not as much as the other two "Mission: Impossible" movies. This is what makes it much better then "Mission: Impossible II".

Philip Seymour Hoffman stole the show as Owen Davian; he was very threatening and villainous. Michelle Monaghan played Ethan Hunt's fiancée Julia. Ethan and her had had some chemistry together, but it does not seem hard since Michelle Monaghan at times looked like a Katie Holmes clone. Maggie Q (who plays Zhen Lei) and Keri Russell (who plays Lindsey Farris) were both butt kicking females; which JJ Abrams (the co-writer/director) is very familiar with because of "Alias". Lawrence Fishburne and Billy Crudup played Ethan's bosses, John Brassel and Musgrave, which were very likable. Ving Rhames returns from the other films as Luther Stikell and he gave a nice performance as a familiar face. Jonathan Rhys Meyers had a nice role as the transportation expert, Declan. Simon Pegg had some humorous lines as Benji Dunn, an IMF Technician that assists Ethan Hunt.

Another cool thing is that the movie kept it open for a fourth installment. So why does this movie keep it open for a fourth? It is because the "Rabbit's Foot" was never revealed. The audience does not know what the "Rabbit's Foot" is. In a way this is a negative though, since there was so much emphasis on finding the "Rabbit's Foot", that not discovering it is was a little disappointing. I picture a fourth movie dealing with understanding what the "Rabbit's Foot" is and what it does.

JJ Abrams did a great job. I expected this to be more like "Mission: Impossible II", where it is more of a brainless action movie then anything else. Instead, this was a realistic spy movie along the lines of the first "Mission: Impossible". It was not only a brainless action film, but a brainless action film with twists and a decent plot. This had an "Alias" type feel to it, which was not a bad thing. JJ Abrams proved that he could do more then just direct popular television series like "Alias" and "Lost", he is a motion picture director as well. I cannot wait to see what his future brings up!

Overall this is a lot better then "Mission: Impossible II", and just about up to par with "Mission: Impossible". I definitely recommend watching this at least once. This has a lot of action, suspense, good supporting cast, and an engaging plot. This is a must see regardless of your thoughts of Tom Cruise!
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Good movie, hate the shaky cam
falcom19416 May 2006
I really like the mi series and anyone who likes action should as well. It is everything that James Bond meant to me as a kid. My negatives of the movie is that It has the shaky camera effect as did Bourne supremacy - I think this technique is a real cop out, It may just be me but I cant see what is happening and with special effects so good these days it is unnecessary . Hoffman was amazing and should have had a bigger part.

Anyway if you like action movies go and see it. Tom Cruise is a real professional when it comes to these types of movies and it shines through.
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See how Tom runs
charlietperez4 February 2007
Messy, loud, ridiculous and all the other things that the devoted fans of the genre expect. At least that's what I imagine. Personally, I find it an indigested soufflé full of heavy duty ingredients that don't seem to melt all that way together. Fortysomething super star Tom Crusie - one of my favorites from the 80's and 90's - runs like the wind from Shanghai to the Vatican (the one in Caserta not the one in Rome)I didn't know what the rabbit foot was and, quite simply, I didn't care. In fact I didn't care about any of it. It took a me little while to realize that the wife in jeopardy wasn't Katie Holmes and I was kind of embarrassed for Philip Seymour Hoffman and Billy Crudup. To think that with all the power at Cruise/Wagner's feet, they could be making the most extraordinary movies. Commercial movies too, but how disappointing to find out that their ambitions are so basic and pedestrian. MI3 as an action flick I guess it's okay but, just okay, shouldn't be acceptable and for what I gather, it wasn't. Come on Tom, you can afford to take risks, can't you? So what are you waiting for? I know you could still dazzled us. "Born On The 4th Of July" "Color Of Money" and "Rain Man" were not that long ago.
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Haxxploits7 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Good evening, my name is Tom Cruise. I'm going to unload on a plane with my full clip of g36 ammo, then reload and run out after 3 shots when I shoot at the important bad guys. I'm also going to own a defibrillator that takes 30 seconds to charge and has a colorful beeping LCD screen. And I was thinking about being blown to the right, into a car when an explosion goes off 100 yards behind be. I'm also going to shoot a handful of other unrealistic sounding guns. When I am not shooting guns and can't seem to find a 30 second charging defibrillator, I am going to rig up something that would completely eradicate me in the real world, and tell my girlfriend that if she doesn't kill me, I will die. But not before giving her a lesson on guns....because this is a Berreta M92 F, very effective at close range. When I know I could have just said that this is a gun. After my girlfriend kills me with my ridiculous kitchen cookware Popsicle stick defibrillator, I'm going to lie lifeless until she uses about 25 bullets to kill 2 guys. But I am not going to come back alive until she kisses me on the lips. Then on the way out of china, I am going to explain to her that I am part of a GOVERNMENT FUNDED TEAM CALLED "IMPOSSIBLE MISSION FORCE". Because the government thinks up crazy lame names for their organizations that I would expect a 5 year old to come up with for his group of toddler friends.
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Best sequel ever
coolyama3 May 2006
I loved this movie right from the beginning to end. First I was really skeptical about this movie being the third in the series and wasn't sure as to what I can expect. I would say this movie is like the 'Bourne Identity' or the American version of 'James Bond'. I am big fan of spy movies and I have enjoyed this whole movie and times it was gripping. The movie starts with Tom Cruise being tormented about revealing the truth about the where abouts of a 'Rabbit Foot' as opposed to getting his girl friend killed. The beginning is explosive and the location shots were excellent...I really enjoyed the chopper scene and It has been a while since I have seen such adrenalin rush.
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