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Lacks Substance About The Making Of Superman II
Desertman8412 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
"The Making of Superman II" is a documentary about the experiences of the cast and crew during the making of Superman II.It presents interviews from Christopher Reeve,who portrayed Superman and Clark Kent,and the others like Margot Kidder,Jackie Cooper,Mark McClure and many others including director Richard Lester,who took over Richard Donner after being fired the producers - the Salkinds - in the middle of the production.

Due to change of directors,the documentary focused more on the success of the film instead of its making.It showed how fully packed the its theater was during its premiere night as well as how much money it earned during its box office.Apparently,the support for Donner was overwhelming from most of the cast like Gene Hackman,who never returned after Donner was fired; and Margot Kidder,who was left only with a cameo role in the next film,Superman III after publicly expressing her distraught over having new director.Added to that,it also avoided the controversies like deleting Marlon Brando's scenes and the changes made into the screenplay.Obviously,this documentary lacks substance with regards to its making as and failing to address the controversies behind it made it only dull and incomplete.
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