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Bam Margera: Himself



  • Bam Margera : Since we no longer have to bleep cuss words, I promise I will get my mom to say, "fuck" by the end of this movie.

    [after seeing an alligator in her house] 

    April Margera : That's the scariest fucking thing I ever saw!

  • Johnny Knoxville : That had bad news written all over it.

    Bam Margera : Dunn can't drive for shit!

  • Johnny Knoxville : [dazed, holding head after golf cart accident]  I don't know what happened. I just remember we went in the air and the next thing I know, I'm just... fucked.

    Bam Margera : Dude, you were hauling so much ass!

  • Bam Margera : [after Dunn puts a toy car in his butt]  So, why couldn't you do this, because your dad would disown you?

    Steve-O : Well, no, I...

    Bam Margera : Dude, you drank wine off a dude's ass crack!

    Steve-O : Well, my dad never saw that, never told him that. I just went to him and said, "Listen, Dad, we're going hard these days, and there's some ideas floating around," and I just mentioned the toy-car-in-the-butt thing. And then he said... You know it's when like your parents said "I'm not mad at you, just disappointed" You know that hurts so much more.


  • Bam Margera : Whose dick do I gotta suck to get some explosions around here?

  • [after waking Phil up with fire works] 

    Bam Margera : Hey Phil, you know you have to get up at 5 in the morning tonight.

  • Bam Margera : [from extended footage, on phone]  How much does Rake hate mustard?

    [to cameraman] 

    Bam Margera : This is Rake's mom and she says I wouldn't be able to have children in my future.

  • Bam Margera : This is Sweaty Fat Fucks.

  • Bam Margera : Look at Phil's tummy.

  • Bam Margera : Now these rocket skates are going to be a little different than the last.

    Johnny Knoxville : You using different bottle rockets?

    Bam Margera : Nope. Just more of 'em.

  • Bam Margera : [about the upset customer in the store]  He was so bummed! He went there to buy QTips and he just got bummed because there was a fight going on!

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