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Being a jackass looks fun...
MovieAddict201620 August 2003
"Jackass the Movie" defies just about every set law of film-making. It is rude, it is crude, and it is doggone hilarious. I can't really think of words to describe this film as none do so adequately. It is, of course, based upon the popular television show on MTV of the same name (except there's no "the Movie" on the end of it). Basically it is "Candid Camera" meets the X-Games meets drunkards. Its cast are a bunch of jackasses: Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Chris Pontius, Wee Man the Midget, Ryan Dunn, and Steve-O. They go around pulling various pranks, and sometimes - or most of the time - injuring themselves.

The humor is very selective - some will hate it and others (mainly stoned teens) will love it. Take, for instance, a gag where one of the men walks into a plumbing store and relieves himself into a display toilet. Things such as this have been insinuated before on a commercial I remember for Best Buy, but this movie shows everything - in detail - including the feces inside the toilet bowl.

Sound disgusting? Well it is. But some of the gags - for I can think of no other word to describe them - are just downright hilarious. For example, the co-creator of the TV series, Johnny Knoxville, borrows a car from a rental lot, takes it to a garage, has all the gears messed up and windows smashed, spray paints it, and then enters it into a car derby. He takes it back to the lot all smashed up and refuses to pay for the damage. He admits that he was drinking before it happened. He says they must help them pay for the damage to the vehicle. They point out that he signed a contract declaring that he would pay for all responsible damage, and he says, "Yeah, but I had a little to drink when I signed that, too."

The cast and crew seem to have not grown past the age of 13 in terms of maturity. One of the best gags involves about four men on a golf course blasting air horns during tee-offs. One golfer gets so angered that he throws a golf club at them and starts to actually tee off at the men (who are hiding behind trees on the course).

I've never quite witnessed something like "Jackass the Movie" before. It is like a giant unedited TV show stretched out to a full 80 + minutes, and let me say that this is the first time in history I have seen a TV-show-based film that I thought was too short. (Movies like "Night at the Roxbury" seem to go on forever.) "Jackass the Movie" is lots of fun - it isn't deep or intellectual, but it's fun.

This film is definitely going to gross-out certain people, and enthuse the more wacky crowds out there. But it is one of the most "technically" entertaining films of the year. It isn't a masterpiece but it is very fun to watch. Maybe I'm an immature sicko, but I liked this movie.

Before the film starts, there is a warning which reads something like "the stunts performed herein are executed by trained professionals." Let me ask: How does one train to be a jackass? This film doesn't tell us, but it sure does show us what trained jackasses are like. And you know what? Being a jackass looks fun.
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Purely for true fans and those with iron stomachs
Agent1010 November 2002
Quite simply, the scariest movie ever made. This includes the likes of the Seventh Seal and Working Out with Zsa Zsa Gabor. What our fellow man will do to himself to get a cheap laugh is beyond me, but it tends to work in multiple fashions. Johnny, Steve-O, Wee Man, Party Boy, Bam, Preston Lacy, Dave, Ehren and all the other fellas in this film will never win anything but my self respect. It takes guts to get hit by a tidal wave machine, go up against Butterbean and eat a urine-soaked sno-cone. While many will attribute this as a factor to the continuing downfall of society, at least it was damn funny (even with multiple viewings). Never has a film actually induced me to nearly vomit. Not for the tasteful and high faluting type.
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hilarious, not for the faint hearted
duncthepunk27 September 2004
belly laughs and occasional cringing from start to finish, people who don't find this film funny are kidding themselves. we've all seen the MTV series, this is more outrageous.

Anyone who would voluntarily:

1. eat their own urine mixed with snow 2. give themselves paper-cuts between their fingers and toes 3. fire rockets from body parts which shouldn't have rockets fired from them 4. shove toy cars where toy cars should not be shoved 5. attempt to make their mother swear on camera by going to the great length of placing a live alligator in her kitchen 6. attach muscle stimulators to tender glands

Deserve all the plaudits they receive.

It's not big, it's not clever but my god is it funny.....
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The Daredevils' "Gone With the Wind"?
Buddy-5121 August 2003
About the only thing that can be safely said about the gross-out fest `Jackass – The Movie' is that it is definitely an acquired taste. You will be either delighted or appalled by the masochistic antics contained in this film, and if you ever needed proof that there is a distinct cultural divide existing in this nation today, `Jackass' provides it in spades.

For those who do not know, `Jackass' is the brainchild of Johnny Knoxville and his assorted buddies who have made a lucrative industry out of devising and performing death- and injury-defying stunts so that likeminded individuals, from the comfort and safety of their couches and theater seats, can at least get a vicarious thrill by watching others act out what they themselves wish they had the nerve (or stupidity) to do. (The film, of course, comes with a `don't try this at home' proviso that is as transparently insincere as it is obviously ineffective). `Jackass' is like the ultimate boys-will-be-boys extravaganza, a fifth grade prankster's dream come true. Not only do the `men' perform the stunts, but they spend most of their time in convulsive hysterics responding to them. On-screen vomiting, defecating, intentional bloodletting and the imbibing of urine are just a few of the goodies offered up for the audience's delectation by the makers of the film. Think of this as the dark side of the Peter Pan Syndrome, a tribute to adult men who have serious maturity issues and who clearly refuse `to grow up.'

Like most compilation films, `Jackass – The Movie' is a hit-and-miss proposition. Some of the `stunts' are clever and amusing, and there is a certain anarchic kick to be derived from seeing these guys pushing back the boundaries of conventional common sense and good taste. But there's also a certain mean-spirited tone to so much of what we see on screen that it interferes with our enjoyment of vast portions of the movie. Personally, I don't care if these guys want to injure, maim or even kill themselves to get their kicks, but why do they have to get so many of their laughs at the expense of other people? A number of the `bits' seem designed to do little more than humiliate hardworking business people, innocent bystanders and even members of their own families. In making a cruel version of `Candid Camera,' the filmmakers only heighten their own smugness and attitude of superiority, helping to alienate all but the group's most fanatical followers. What also surprises me – given the general nature of the film's target audience, that is – is just how homoerotic in tone many of these stunts turn out to be. I'm not saying that as a judgment against the film, but I do find it to be an interesting observation.

I don't want to belabor the issues too much here, and I certainly don't believe that the success of this film (and the TV show that spawned it) in any way foretells the imminent collapse of Western Civilization, as others have charged. That is clearly an overreaction. `Jackass – The Movie' is obviously intended for a very specific niche audience and, in those terms, I guess, it gets the job done. Just make sure you're in that niche before spending your hard-earned money to see it. You've been forewarned.
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One of those movies which you either hate or love it
peachmango1825 December 2003
Want to spend 87 minutes of your life watching a pathetic group hurting themselves in a senseless way? Jackass: The Movie is a perfect movie to do that. Its a movie that people either hate it or love it instantly. And I'm a proud person to say that I love it. Some funny scenes, gross-out scenes, and some that are just... TOO GROSS! But after the credits roll, you got to think, "How could they possibly do that?" Just to make people laugh. 9.5 stars out of 10
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The first movie I actually wanted to walk out of!
c_p_c26 October 2002
Warning: Spoilers
*SPOILERS*-A couple of the stunts pulled off are mentioned.

I'll start off by saying that I was convinced to go to this movie by some friends of mine. While I knew I probably wouldn't totally like this movie, my feelings of it afterwards were far worse of not liking it. I am not one to usually walk out of movies, but, I couldn't stand this one. The only problem is that I couldn't leave because my ride was greatly enjoying the film.

The humor in this film is so low and gross. These guys have staked their reputation on being of the lowest form of human kind. I can respect dumb humor like this but only so far. From sticking things up their butts, to attaching a firecracker to a guys penis, and to pulling crude pranks and painful pranks on innocent people, this movie has not due credit and should be classified as complete trash. There were many times when I found myself closing my eyes or leaning toward the floor to throw up (and I consider myself to have a decently strong stomach).

The making of such trash like this gives us a look into our society, of how low can we really go and still get people's money. This movie has reached all lows and I feel totally violated. Not worth a penny.

This movie has no merit to it and I regret falling into the peer pressure of going to see this heap of garbage. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY-1/10
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Jackass, maybe.... Hilarious, YES!
winged_loner3 August 2006
When Jackass scraped across the screens of MTV viewers, people were both disgusted and left rolling on the floor laughing... at the same time. Never before has a show gone so far to make us laugh with experimental slapstick comedy that goes there. Then the film came out... and its non-stop, laugh-till-your-throat-hurts, vomit-till-your-stomach's-dry comedy. There are no stunt-men, no stand-ins... not even a high-tech camera... THIS is Jackass, and it still manages to make us 'ooh' and 'oh my god' plus 'HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!' without tire or wear.... Cheers, you Jackass... you earned it.
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Speaks For itself. Insane Genius.
Sir_Clint_Eastwood24 February 2003
No plot whatsoever, no real content, to be honest, this film has absolutely nothing that would make you wanna see it, except the Jackass crew!

So what if it is basically one long episode of Jackass! It's the best Jackass you will ever see.

Just about every skit is funny, you will be cracking up for the whole 90mins.

There will be those out there who can't see past the humour, but for those of us who can, long live Knoxville and the rest!

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R rated piece of crap !
mohammedriadh3 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I think the following comment is overwhelming " Johnny Knoxville and his crazy friends appear on the big screen for the very first time in Jackass: The Movie. They wander around Japan in panda outfits, wreak havoc on a once civilized golf court, they even do stunts involving LIVE alligators, and so on. While Johnny Knoxvile and his pals put their life at risk, they are entertaining people at the same time. Get ready for Jackass: The Movie!! "

I haven't seen the second sequel of this movie yet but I'm really disappointed of the first one, so why wasting my time in an immoral unethical pathetic movie Why? If we remove some of the (rare) "clean" funny scenes of this movies it becomes a pure R rated piece of crap! Because this movie is not just an offense to mankind but it also defines humans as unstoppable crazy animals!
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gross and grosser! Avoid at all costs!!
aussieukangel4 June 2006
What a waste of film!! and its a waste of time viewing this gross piece of work. I can't imagine what inspired these people to make such a piece of junk, can only imagine that they were bored and thought is might be nice to gross people out. No redeeming features in this film, none whatsoever. Stupid pranks and stupid people.Not a normal person to be seen. What makes it worse is that they are showing young people how to act crazy and risk your life all for what they seem to think is fun. Its's not fun, it is highly dangerous at times and I only hope that not many people will view this film or its sequels. I hate to think what would happen if others tried to mimic what they see as "fun" in this film. Now I know there MIGHT be people out there that like this sort of thing and will be offended that I have given it such a dismal rating of 1 out of ten. I would have given it a big fat 0 if I could have, but the lowest rating allowed is 1. Don't know why this was not banned before it made it onto the shelves?? Avoid it at all costs, and pray that your young ones don't turn out like this! Definaletly a big fat 0!!
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Beyond bad, but not completely worthless.
PatrynXX10 April 2004
Warning: Spoilers
there is no need to include a spoilers warning here. there's nothing to spoil. it's jackass. I debating why I should bother writing a review on this thing. I decided to join in. This has got to be the worst movie I've ever seen. Total crap. Avoid at all costs.

Now that I got that away.. it's fairly obvious the makers of this thing had no intention of getting anything but laughs. No quality whatsoever. And therein lies the joke. Would I give this anything but a 1 star? No. I neither asks for or deserves anything but a 1 star. Battlefield earth has more quality than this. Howard the Duck is a masterpiece against it. This is a movie that is based on entertainment alone.

One thing is for sure, virtually no replay value. Purely a rental piece.


Quality: 0/10 Entertainment: 6/10 Replayable: 1/10
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I feel like I have a hangover
Smells_Like_Cheese19 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Ever see a movie called Idiocracy? A film that takes place in the future as we see what our society has become due to the lack of intelligence in film, television, doctor's direction in finding a cure for baldness vs. the cure for cancer, etc. I think Mike Judge had the show Jackass in mind when he wrote that film. Jackass was a show started on MTV that I don't know how, just became very popular. Apparently men hitting their nuts with random objects is very entertaining. But the other day I wanted to watch a movie and my boyfriend brought up Jackass, I decided to go for it, what do I have to loose? Now I knew what I signed up for, after all just look at the title. It starts with the opening credits as the guys are rolling into the set on a shopping cart with epic battle music playing which I have to admit I got a good kick out of, so I thought how bad could this be? Then they start getting hit with cement and are hitting and kicking each other, but I stood strong and held on tight for this movie and God help me, I survived.

Johnny Knoxville and his group of friends get together to pull a bunch of gags that will make you gag. Just imagine a bunch of drunk frat boys that have too much time on their hands and can only think of their gentiles and behinds as the only answer to any prank.

I tried, I really tried, I'm one of the most liberal people you will ever meet. My opinion is as long as it's not hurting anyone, let people do what they want. But I honestly just couldn't find this funny. The only thing I laughed at and felt so dirty laughing was when Johnny and his friends dressed up as the elderly and do random things like shoplift and go running down a hill in their wheel chair. Seeing the people's reactions was just priceless. Party Guy is kind of funny too, even though I had a bad experience a few years ago with someone who dressed up as Party Guy at a Halloween party. One of those things where it's funny to see it happen to someone else as long as it's not you. With Johnny and his friends just laughing maniacally at everything bad that happens to their friends, I just found it more annoying. I feel so bad and uptight saying this, but I have to say that nothing about this movie was enjoyable or entertaining. When I was watching it with my boyfriend, he wasn't laughing, I thought it was because I wasn't, but he said he couldn't laugh, that he found it funny in high school, but not so much now. I think maybe Jackass was just a trend that led up to those wonderful videos on youtube.

People who harm animals or themselves for the sake of laughs is just stupid. I know this is the title, but it worries me that people find this show/movie amusing. It shows that our intelligence is decreasing and our attention span is the length of a peanut. I guarantee you that in 10 to 15 years, these guys are going to have a lot of problems and it's not going to be so funny then. I guess maybe either I'm not as liberal as I thought or I'm just too smart for this kind of humor.

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Stupid movie
jimlow200131 October 2002
This movie was extremely pointless and stupid. The actors who were not acting need to go to a mental house, who would hurt themselves in ways that may seem funny in the head but are not later and this is done what to make people laugh. I know when i went to see this movie i had no expectations at all for the little retarded movie and i am glad because it lived up to no expectations i have for a movie, it was stupid and makes the human race look stupid. All in all this was the worst movie that i have ever seen and i will never want to see it again. In my opinion the people doing these outrageously stupid stunts should not get to reproduce with the rest of the human population.
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what a waste
River4Rain20 November 2003
This is absolute crap. The stunts are stupid, painful and pointless (like getting a tattoo during offroad racing), innocent people are constantly harassed (a rented car is smashed to pieces and abandoned, a minigolf-park is destroyed by racing electric cars through it) & genitals, s**t and vomit seem to be their favourite topic (eating your own p**s, electro-shocking your d**k, putting a toycar up your rectum) In my opinion they should be protected against themselves, because clearly they have all brain damage, and i wouldn't waste my money and time on a movie which has been put together by a couple of retarded adolescent-wannabe's, in a vain attempt to bring humour to the world..

If nowadays those "stunts" are the things that are considered funny, i'll gladly jump of a bridge while shooting myself through the head.
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Community service for all participants
SunTsu29 January 2003
You may or may not believe that sane people would re-enact what they see in movies - I generally don't. However this movie made me think twice about being liberal on what can be shown on the screen or not. With the vandalism going on in our cities, this is exactly what I don't want to be shown to young folks who are easily impressed and consider the displayed activities cool. The disclaimer at the beginning is nothing but a legal figleaf - I think we all know that we'll see the young and stupid follow up on what they've seen here. The movie has no redeeming artistic value, it's about as funny as it would be to watch kitties being tortured with a blowtorch and the thought that the morons acting in it are not doing jail time or community service until they grow up is an itch I can't scratch. My suggestion would be to confiscate the revenue from this movie and put it in a fund to repair damage done by vandalism in our communities.
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Makes Freddy Got Fingered seem like CITIZEN KANE
lghmgrfran28 October 2002
Truly, this is a movie made by low class idiots for low class idiots to enjoy.... and I ENJOYED Freddy Got Fingered! This is a pathetic attempt at humor. If seeing fecal matter, and innocent people being the brunt of your folly is hilarious to you, then be my guest. This stuff is made for geeks and losers who like to set-up make-shift wrestling rings in their back yards and have their low lofe friends hit them over the head with light bulbs and chairs after they jump off the roof of their parents' house. The only time I (WILL) (EVER) laugh at the antics of the JACKASS crew is when I hear that they are confined to wheelchairs and have someone wipe their pathetic asses due to one of them eventually becoming crippled... will THAT make lovers of this trash laugh then? I know (I) will.
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-10 and counting
RetroStylistic18 April 2003
Ok, I'm a guy but that doesn't make me an asinine idiot. How the hell this 'thing' made it to the big screen is beyond me, but the fact that they have the nerve to call something like this a MOVIE or FILM is irritating and inept beyond belief. I got stuck seeing this. Why anyone would actually spend money to see this is way, way, way beyond me. Unless you into potty humor of the lowest level, actually this is beyond potty humor, don't even let it near your DVD system. It may be corrupted for life. Or worst yet, if you have a good system, it may just self destruct rather than have to play this s***. No kidding.
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This movie reached a new level of sucking .
After I saw "Jackass:The Movie " I guess that I will have to made some changes in my most -hated list . This will have a honorable mention . Because not so many movies are so idiotic , boring , one -dimensional , and worthless like this . Seriously ,is that bad . Well ,unless you were a fan of the show .In other way ,anyone hardly will find this funny . Year by year ,this "comedies " keep coming ,sinking the industry of movies into a lower level were any talentless hack have chance to have his 15 minutes of fame ( or to get it worst , a sequel of his movie )and even that ,have fans . "Jackass: the movie " is just trash . If this isn't the worst movie ever made ,it's a strong candidate . Zero stars.
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The most stupid absolute crap ever made
chairman-218 June 2005
If you have the mental age and attitude of an eight year old boy (a stupid eight year old boy), and think vomit, urine, excrement, and sticking foreign objects up your anus is hilariously funny, you will like this movie.

The segments which did not include any of the above, usually involved some sort of vandalism or destruction of property, again the kind of thing only a complete moron could find funny. To reinforce this, the segments usually involve various slack-jawed members of the cast laughing hysterically at the pain, degradation, or destruction involved.

If your IQ is anywhere above 80 or so, don't even bother with this. I was forced to watch this piece of unparalleled stupidity by an acquaintance who I have lost all respect for as a result.

Appalling stuff. Not shocking. Not daring. Not innovative. Just really stupid.
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Funny???? Where's the funny part? Stupid, YES!!! Not Funny
RAA7281 October 2006
Funny???? Are we talking about the same movie? Stupid YES!!! Idiotic YES!!! Bizarre YES!!! Please tell me who in their right mind thinks this is funny, because if they do they seriously need to get their head examined. Or at the very least need a life.

I have watched all and I mean ALL kinds of movies and have never been more turned off by the IDIOTIC, TOTALLY WRECKLESS and DANGEROUS acts these idiots perform.

I can just imagine how many preteens and teenagers that watched this stupid movie and perhaps thought to them selves, "hey, so and so, I dare you to jump from that condominium roof top into the pool, Jackass style?" Which by the way really did happen, was video taped by a friend and the kid missed the water by 24 inches breaking his legs in the act. We all saw it on the news when cops took the video as evidence and released it to the news reporters.

And these acts with animals like bulls, sharks, snakes and alligators just to name a few and then stand there in front of the camera laughing like a bunch of STUPID, RETARDED IDIOTS is so outright dangerous I think they should BAN these idiots from making these films. WHY?? because we have children, and anyone under 18 is considered a child, watching these acts and not all, Thank God, but you and I know that there are few out there just waiting for the moment (no parents or guardians around) when they see the opportunity to "just try it out to see what will happen".

I just think this goes beyond the line of sanity and shudder of the thought that a bored, naive child will be urged, dared or coerced by his so-called friends to do a stupid act "Jack Ass Style".
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What a sham. The MTV-version is much more entertaining.
djnate7721 February 2003
This cinematic version has no added value or entertainment whatsoever over the regular episodes on MTV. They had an opportunity here to make an unprecented reality-film but they kept it at a mere montage of some uninspiring and bland clips to cash in on the Jackass-concept.

Had they continued the film in the style of the first 10 minutes and added something like a plot or story, this could have been a lot more fun.
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Waste of my time.
simpleandcleanuh3 September 2007
At a party, we decided to watch this movie. I hated it. It was a bunch of grown men acting like children. It was unneeded and ridiculous that anyone would even think to make this movie.

Half the time it was them getting bitten by something, or hit by someone, basically putting themselves in painful situations that aren't funny at all. It was a shame that these men couldn't find anything better to do with their lives.

I think you'd like it. If you like to waste your time watching people get hurt. I don't know why this movie is even funny to some people. It has no good qualities.
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Wonderful film for Children
John-42329 October 2002
Even with its R rating and bad reputation I recommend this film to all parents looking for something to keep junior busy, as anyone over 12 years old may find it to infantile to watch. Lets see... plot? None. Its an MTV film afterall, and since the people who watch that channel have for years been told to find new and refreshing things in life, they have also been programmed how to live and what to watch so this film will no doubt be a priority. I swear its the last time I ever let my mutant friends drag me to a film...
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Feckless Stupidity + Breakneck Elan = Lots of gut-wrenching laughs
george.schmidt28 October 2002
JACKASS: THE MOVIE (2002) *** Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Chris Pontius, Steve-O, Dave England, Ryan Dunn, Jason `Wee-Man' Acuna, Preston Lacy, Ehren McGhehey, Brandon Dicamillo, Henry Rollins, Tony Hawk, Spike Jonze. MTV's cult-classic gross-out daredevil stunt show headlined by Knoxville (nee PJ Clapp) goes gonzo on the big screen for bigger, stupider and more dangerous bits of anarchy and insanity that delivers huge, gut-wrenching laughs from the most primordial (and primal) depths with some truly gross-out sequences and arguably original inanities at hand. You've been warned! (Dir: Jeff Tremaine)
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Digusting, distasteful
avansant200726 October 2002
It is sad to see a low budget movie go down the drain, but Jackass, that is another story. Jackass is just another way to get hurt or killed while you are on camera and have everyone in the movie theater laughing their butts off.

Stupid, losing, and distasteful.
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