Shattered Glass (2003) Poster

Mark Blum: Lewis Estridge



  • Lewis Estridge : [talking privately in the break room]  All I'm suggesting is that there are facets of this you're not considering

    Chuck Lane : Why are defending him?

    Lewis Estridge : Nobody's defending him

    Chuck Lane : Of course you're defending him

    Lewis Estridge : He's a kid

    Chuck Lane : He doctored his notes just consider that for a second, he sat down and hand wrote a bunch of phony quotes and handed them in as source material for the fact check doesn't that offend you?

    Lewis Estridge : Of course it does

    Chuck Lane : He also lied to his editor that's supposed to offend you too

    Lewis Estridge : His a confused distraught kid obviously so suspend him for a couple months but let's not bury him

    Chuck Lane : [Shaking his head]  suspend him?

    Lewis Estridge : There are also political considerations to take into account here the rest of the staff, the way they feel about him

    Chuck Lane : I already know all of that

    Lewis Estridge : All I'm saying is if you fire him, some of these people will leave I don't know if we'd still have a magazine at the end of the day

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