Van Helsing (2004) Poster


Will Kemp: Velkan



  • [the Werewolf arrives back at Castle Frankenstein and lands next to Dracula, growling menacingly. Dracula ignores him] 

    Count Vladislaus Dracula : Werewolves are such a nuisance during their first full moon, so hard to control.

    [just as the Werwolf is about to lunge at him, he stops and transforms back to Velkan, writhing in pain. Dracula strides majestically past him] 

    Count Vladislaus Dracula : I send you on a simple errand, to find out who our new friend is, and you have to stop for a little visit with your sister.

    Velkan : Leave her out of this, Count! She doesn't know your secret, and I am soon to take it to my grave.

    Count Vladislaus Dracula : Don't wish for death so quickly. I intend for you to be quite useful.

    Velkan : I would rather die than help you.

    Count Vladislaus Dracula : Oh, don't be boring, everybody who says that dies.

  • Velkan : Come on. Dracula unleashed you for a reason.

  • [the Dwergi rip a blackened corpse out of the machine's pod and throw it down in front of Velkan] 

    Count Vladislaus Dracula : Look familiar?

    [Velkan recognizes the crucifix around the corpse's neck] 

    Velkan : Father? No!

    [charges at Dracula] 

    Count Vladislaus Dracula : [stops him easily with a finger]  He proved useless. But I'm hoping with Werewolf venom running through your veins, you will be of greater benefit.

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