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Along with its historical value, The Weather Underground is also a terrific movie, energetic, and articulate. It's the don't-miss documentary of the season.
Essential viewing for anyone who wants to know the roots -- and perils -- of modern political dissent.
Chicago Sun-Times
Whether the protest movement hastened the end of the Vietnam War is hard to say, but it is likely that Lyndon Johnson's decision not to run for re-election was influenced by the climate it helped to create.
This terrifically smart and solid piece of filmmaking lets the former Weathermen, now in their 50's and older, speak into the camera and reveal a bit of their personal histories as well as what the peace movement meant to them.
Chicago Reader
Fascinating documentary.
Powerful and surprisingly timely.
The documentary plays it down the middle, neither condemning nor romanticizing the political outlaws, but making sense of who they were and what they did.
It's curious that the filmmakers choose to end the story without reporting on Weatherwoman Kathy Boudin's involvement in an ill-fated 1981 robbery of a Brinks truck in New York State.
Village Voice
One leaves with barely a clue as to how this group was able to orchestrate a successful string of terror bombings.
Filmmakers Sam Green and Bill Siegel tend to shy from tough questions, allowing their subjects to wax nostalgic about bomb-throwing as yet another youthful folly of the '70s. That's tougher to swallow than some boomers' claims they didn't inhale.

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