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Season 8

10 Jun. 2010
A look into why feminists and the company Varsity, do not want cheer-leading to be classed as a sport. This is despite it being more dangerous than ice hockey.
17 Jun. 2010
Fast Food
Penn and Teller question why food Nazis wish to control everything we eat.
24 Jun. 2010
Martial Arts
Penn and Teller argue that martial arts do not provide real self defense.
1 Jul. 2010
Teen Sex
Penn and Teller argue that teenagers have always had sex, and we should not be worried.
8 Jul. 2010
Easy Money
Penn and Teller show how network marketing schemes are nothing more than pyramid selling, where the only ones making money are the companies.
15 Jul. 2010
Area 51
Penn and Teller argue that UFO believers are wrong about Area 51, and that it is nothing more than a military base.
22 Jul. 2010
Criminal Justice
Penn and Teller show that the criminal justice system is broken, and that forensic science is far from perfect.
29 Jul. 2010
Old People
Penn and Teller show how American society disrespects old people.
5 Aug. 2010
Penn and Teller show that high self esteem can lead to the development of a narcissistic personality.
12 Aug. 2010
Penn and Teller show that vaccinations are safe, and that their link to autism is false.

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