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It shows the triumph of the two lovers
deickemeyer17 April 2016
It is probable that the principal feature in this film with most audiences will be the half-drowned man clinging to a spar and his rescue by the girl. That they were lovers was made plain before, but her father objected and undertook to compel her marriage with another man. The wreck upon the shores of the island where she lived and the casting up by the sea of her lover renewed the attachment and naturally it wasn't long before they went to the mainland where the ceremony was performed. The picture will be popular because it shows the triumph of the two lovers over the objections and adverse circumstances. - The Moving Picture World, October 7, 1911
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misidentified film in the EYE collection - in fact The Old Captain
kekseksa21 October 2016
A film in the EYE Desmet collection is wrongly identified as being this film. It actually concerns an old captain who loses his post on account of a jealous mate, a drunkard who causes the wreck of the ship and the death of the ship's owner. This film is a Selig film of 1911 but it is The Old Captain not Shipwrecked (although this is the Dutch title - hence the error).

For other misidentifications in the Eye collection see also Lost Illusions (now correctly identified as The Price), A Loyal Deserter (in fact 1861) and The Poor Musician (in fact The Musician's Daughter).
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