Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (2004) Poster

Lindsay Lohan: Lola



  • Lola : So how've you been?

    Stu : Sober. I'm in recovery - again. Someone very sweet called me a drunk. And I didn't like it.

  • Lola : Life can be so randomly beautiful.

  • Lola : Here's what I learned: when you're happy, the whole world's New York. And that dreams are important. Someday, when you're not even looking, they find you.

    Lola : It was the first time I realized that absolute reality could be so much more fun than fantasy.

  • Lola : I lied because I wanted to make myself seem more interesting.

    Ella : More interesting? We are 1,000 miles from home in a New York police station with a drunken rock star waiting for your dead father to show up. You want to be more interesting? More interesting than what?

  • Ella : I'm getting really scared being out here all alone, Lola.

    Lola : We're not alone. We're with an adult.

    Ella : Aside from the fact that he isn't actually with us, he isn't actually an adult. He's a rock star.

  • Ella : Maybe we should just go to the hotel.

    Lola : What? And miss the concert? Yeah, I don't think so.

    Ella : We're not actually at the concert.

    Lola : We're close. Stu Wolff's only a few yards away from us. And then he'll be at the after-party with us.

    Ella : Your belief system amazes me.

  • Lola : I sunk into a depression only Hamlet would recognize.

  • Lola : [as Eliza]  I will be a teacher because being a teacher is the most worthy thing a person can be.

  • Lola : I like your... boots.

  • Karen : Ok. That's it. No allowance for 1 month and then you're gonna have a parole hearing.

    Lola : I could really use the money now, mom. Can't you take it away next month or September?

    Karen : No.

  • Lola : [Lola and Ella are in the classroom, looking at Lola's scrapbook of Stu Wolff, with Lola rapidly flipping through pages]  And that's Stu Wolff dancing. I've downloaded some great shots of him.

    [opening the scrapbook and looking at the pictures] 

    Lola : Here he is at the Grammy's.

    [looking at a picture of his house] 

    Lola : This is where he lives!

    [flipping down a picture of Lola in a dress] 

    Lola : Oh, and this is the dress I'm gonna wear when we get married.

    [Ella chuckles, and Lola shows him another picture] 

    Lola : This is him getting into his limo. That black spot right there? That's his head.

    Ella : [the classroom door opens and three girls walk over to Lola and Ella]  What a wonderful black spot it is!

    Carla : [introducing herself to Lola]  Hi! Carla Santini.

    [looking over at Ella and Lola talking about Sidarthur] 

    Carla : Sidarthur? My father is Stu Wolff's lawyer.

    Lola : [amazed]  Really? Wow! Your dad must've been in the same room as him and everything!

    Carla : Many... times.


    Carla : Aren't you the girl who just moved into the Swenska house?

    Lola : [introduces herself]  I'm Lola Steppe. I didn't know our home had a name!

    [Lola chuckles] 

    Carla : Is that supposed to be that famous New York sense of humor?

    Lola : Well, New Yorkers learn to laugh at themselves and everything else when they're very young.

    [Carla chuckles to herself] 

    Ella : [to Lola]  My parents took me to New York for my birthday. I thought it was beautiful. You know, the lights and everything. I know why they call it the greatest city in the world.

    [Carla rolls her eyes at Ella] 

    Lola : Ella Gerard, you're the sister of my soul!

    [Ella smiles] 

    Lola : You should see Park Avenue at Christmas! It's like walking through the Milky Way.

    Carla : Except no one gets *mugged* in the Milky Way!

    [Robin and Marcia giggle as the bell rings] 

  • Robin : [from the distance, seeing Carla's tickets and invite]  So cool!

    Carla : [Carla, Marcia and Robin walk over to Lola and Ella]  I've been looking all over for you two! I knew you'd wanna see these.

    [Carla shows Lola and Ella the ticket for the concert and the invitation for the party] 

    Carla : See, they just came in the mail! They've just been printed.

    Lola : Please! You're blocking my view!

    Carla : [to Lola and Ella]  So, did you get *yours* yet?

    [Marcia and Robin giggle] 

    Lola : [to Carla, thinking she got the party invite and concert tickets]  Actually, mine came in the mail yesterday, but I'm nice enough not to flaunt them!

    Carla : [Carla knows Lola is lying]  Why don't you just admit that you don't have tickets or an invite and get it over with?

    Lola : [to Carla, about the party]  You know, I'm sure there's gonna be lots of photographers there! Maybe we can even get our pictures taken together!

    Carla : [nodding]  That's a deal.

    [to Ella] 

    Carla : Oh, and you can be in the shot too, Ella!

    [Marcia, Robin, Carla and a collection of girls giggle as they walk off] 

    Ella : [calling after Carla]  Absolutely! I'll be there!

    [Carla and the girls giggle as they walk off] 

    Lola : [excitedly]  Really?

    Ella : [reluctantly and hesitantly]  Uh, I guess.

  • Lola : [Lola & Ella are at the mall, and they see Carla playing a dance game with a random opponent with a crowd of people cheering; unaware of Sidarthur's breakup]  Can you believe this? One of the most catastrophic events in the history of the universe has just occurred, and everyone's acting as if nothing has happened!

    Carla : [Carla finishes the game with her dance moves and the computer screen says "Winner!"]  Me again! Of course.

    [to the crowd] 

    Carla : So, who's next?

    Lola : [Lola quickly puts her hand up to volunteer]  Me!

    Ella : [to Lola, thinking she's lost it]  Are you crazy? Carla's the all-time champion!

    Lola : So? There's going to be a *new* all-time champion!

    [steps onto the game board against Carla] 

    Lola : I think you've peaked.

    Carla : Hop on!

    [Carla presses the button and starts the game, the computer screen says "Round 1"] 

    Carla : My father, who, as you know, is the lawyer for Sidarthur, just called me on my cellphone to tell me what he found out about the band.

    Lola : Oh, really?

    [Lola and Carla begin dancing] 

    Carla : [Carla and Lola begin dancing and follow the steps on the game]  What he told me isn't available to the public yet. Sidarthur's having a party in New York City next month. Daddy already has VIP seats, but, that's not the best part!

    Lola : I didn't think it would be!

    [Lola and Carla still follow the steps on the game] 

    Carla : There's going to be an awesome party afterwards at Stu Wolff's loft for all of Sidarthur's closest friends.

    Lola : So I've heard!

    Carla : [Lola and Carla still follow the steps]  And guess who already has an invitation?

    Lola : [Lola and Carla still continue dancing]  It just so happens that Ella and I do.

    Carla : Oh, really?

    Lola : Yeah, really!

    Carla : How'd you manage that?

    Lola : Same way you did; through parental connections.

    Carla : What connections do you have other than the phone?

    [Carla hops over the dance board and back again, following the steps. Marcia and Robin claps as they see Carla dance. The computer board displays "Winner" on Carla's screen] 

    Carla : Me again!

    Lola : [the computer screen displays "Loser" on Lola's screen]  Game's not over yet.

    [Lola hits the button and the computer screen displays "Round 2" and Lola and Carla start dancing] 

    Lola : Actually, my mother has the connections. Marsh Foreman bought a piece from her last summer. And "Marshy", as I call him, is their manager.

    Carla : [Carla and Lola follow the steps, Carla knows who the manager is and is annoyed with Lola]  I know who he is!

    Lola : [Lola and Carla follow the steps on the game]  He remembered I was crazy about Sidarthur, so he got us invited.

    Carla : [sarcastically to Lola, while following the dance steps]  Wow! Your mom must be *some* potter!

    [Lola and Carla follow the steps, only to discover Carla missing the steps and Lola following all the steps, hopping over the dance board and beating Carla. Marcia and Robin stare at each other in shock when they see Carla get beat. The computer screen displays "Winner" on Lola's screen and the crowd cheers] 

    Lola : Me! Lola Steppe! Remember that name!

    [Carla huffs and leaves as the computer screen displays "Loser" on Carla's board. The computer screen says "Awesome!" and tallies up the high score. Lola is exhausted and collapses as the crowd cheers] 

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