Noël (TV Short 1992) Poster

(1992 TV Short)

Beau Berdahl Oliver: Noel


  • [repeated line] 

    Noel : Hi, my name is Noel, and I have a happiness!

  • Noel : Hey, it's the world thing. The thing called the world. And... and it's Christmas all over the place! Good-bye, old house. There's a lot more of Christmas for me to see.

  • Noel : What's happening now, Brutus?

    Brutus : It's become a thing called Christmas Eve: the reason you were made, and I was born.

    Noel : It feels like - *magic*.

  • Noel : [as his soul flies through the city and its surrounding areas]  I'll race the Christmas dawn around the world. I'll meet all the other people in all the other houses. Houses made of wood, houses made of brick, old houses, new houses, *rich* houses and poor houses - *big* houses and small houses - houses so tall I can hardly see the top. Houses made of grass, houses made of snow, castles and bungalows, chateaus, and pagodas, and wigwams. And each has its *own* set of people and children things!

    Narrator : But some spoke different tongues and led different ways of life; some had never even heard of Christmas.

  • Noel : Hey, the children things are getting bigger.

    Miss Freezenda : Oh, Noel, must you always be so dramatic?

    Noel : They're getting to look almost like the *people* things.

    Miss Freezenda : I couldn't care less.

  • Noel : Psst. Where are we?

    Miss Freezenda : In the box thing, stupid. Each in our own little compartment.

    Noel : But we can't see each other this way.

    Miss Freezenda : I'd rather enjoy that.

    Noel : Not me.

    Miss Freezenda : You're a pest.

    Noel : But what about the others?

    Miss Freezenda : I couldn't care less.

  • Noel : What's that down there, Brutus? I can't see inside.

    Brutus : Just a little toy stable.

    Noel : But why would they have a toy stable?

    Brutus : Well, Noel, seems to me that stable is the very thing that tonight is all about.

  • Noel : They're gonna put us in that all-dark box again, Brutus. Why?

    Brutus : Because - it's all over.

    Noel : He's not gonna get me. I won't go.

  • Noel : Brutus, what's ole McIves so busy about?

    Brutus : He's trying to catch his tail.

    Noel : Why?

    Brutus : Don't know. But it seems very important for toy electric trains to catch their tails.

  • Narrator : Yes, Herman's tear of joy had become Noel's happiness.

    Noel : I wonder what the world will hold for me?

  • Narrator : Noel and the rest of the dozen were put into a high, dusty, dark thing called the attic, where they became a thing called forgotten. But, as it always does, the thing called time rolled relentlessly from season to season. And it became a thing called spring - and a thing called summer. Eventually, it was a thing called autumn, the time for pumpkins and turkeys. Then came that truly glorious day when the first snow of the year fell. Then - then, *finally*...

    Noel : Hey, it's back again - the good thing - the wonderful, beautiful Christmas-ful thing!

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