Dennis Pennis R.I.P. (Video 1997) Poster

(1997 Video)

Paul Kaye: Dennis Pennis, Mike Strutter, Tony Cream, Brian Munich, Ken Touken, Lloyd Richmond, Labian Quest, Bob Boonah, Kenny Dogleash


  • Dennis Pennis : [to Michael Jackson, who is surrounded by bodyguards]  Michael, is your favourite group 3T? Or do you still prefer Boyz II Men? Mike, do you think about having any more kids, or you don't want to get arrested again?

    [one of the bodyguards pushes Dennis away] 

  • Dennis Pennis : Princess Anne, you're a very keen rider, how many times have you been tossed off by a horse?

  • Dennis Pennis : [to Gerard Depardieu]  I was very disappointed when Andie MacDowell kissed you in Green Card because you didn't turn into a prince! You stayed like a fat, ugly frog!

  • Dennis Pennis : Do you think it's about time you got awarded with a sort of, the honours list, you know the Queen's honour's list? You should be Michael Winner O.B.E.S.E.

    Michael Winner : Oh, thank God, you should be in charge!

  • Dennis Pennis : [to Mick Hucknall]  How do you describe your voice? Is it rock or is pop? Cos I hear you and I think you are soul. You are-soul!

  • Dennis Pennis : Got any plans to start going through puberty at some point?

    Michael J. Fox : Uh, well, I'm right after you.

    Dennis Pennis : OK.

    Michael J. Fox : I'm right after you.

    Dennis Pennis : See you there.

    Michael J. Fox : [points to Dennis' red hair, as he walks away]  You dyeing your pubic hair as well?

  • Dennis Pennis : [to Kenneth Clarke]  It's such a shame you didn't become leader, I look at you and I think what a waste... What a massive waist!

  • Anthony Cream Jnr. : We plan to break into BBC Headquarters secretly in the middle of the night and stage a dirty protest.

    Tony Cream : A shit-in, if you like.

  • Dennis Pennis : [to Kim Basinger]  You look like a blonde bomb site!

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