X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) Poster

Anna Paquin: Marie, Rogue



  • Logan : [to Rogue]  Need a lift kid?

    Marie : No

    Logan : Where are you going?

    Marie : You don't know what it's like to be afraid of your powers... afraid to get close to anybody

    Logan : Yeah, I do

    Marie : I want to be able to touch Logan... a hug... a handshake... a kiss

    Logan : I hope you're not doing this for some boy

    Logan : Look, if you want to go, then go... just be sure it's what you want

    Marie : Shouldn't you be telling me to stay... to go upstairs and unpack?

    Logan : I'm not you father, I'm your friend

    Logan : Just think about what I said Rogue

    Marie : [referring to her real name]  Marie

    Logan : Marie

  • Marie : [cured]  I'm sorry, I had to.

    Bobby Drake : Marie, this isn't what I wanted...

    Marie : I know. It's what I want.

  • Marie : Is it true? Can they cure us?

    Prof. Charles Xavier : Yes, Rogue. It appears to be true.

    Ororo Munroe : No, Professor. They can't cure us. You want to know why? Because there's nothin' to cure. Nothing's wrong with you. Or any of us, for that matter.

  • Bobby Drake : You don't seem fine; you seem like you're avoiding me. I mean, something's wrong.

    Marie : What's wrong is I can't touch my boyfriend without killing him. Other than that, I'm wonderful.

    Bobby Drake : Hey, I don't think that's fair. Have I ever put any pressure on you?

    Marie : You're a guy, Bobby. Your mind's only on one thing.

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