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The Howdy Doody Show (1947) (TV Series)
girl is called "Howdy Doo-doo"
Peter Pan (1953)
"Are you waiting for Peter Pan?"
Rebel Without a Cause (1955)
Jack mentions Dylan's "James Dean angst" when he acts rebellious
Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977)
person becoming evil is referred to as being "turned to the dark side"
Home Improvement (1991) (TV Series)
during the outtakes in the end credits, Tim Allen jokes that he and Courteney Cox were funnier on TV
Friends (1994) (TV Series)
during the outtakes in the end credits, Tim Allen jokes that he and Courteney Cox were funnier on TV/Courteney asks "Where's Matt LeBlanc?"
BeetleBorgs (1996) (TV Series)
Both productions have a 'Zoom Comics' - a comic book store in BeetleBorgs, and the comics that Marsha Holloway has are called 'Zoom Comics'
The Sixth Sense (1999)
When the team checks the kids' powers, Summer says "I can see a lot of things" and Dr Grant answers, "Dead people, maybe ?"
Toy Story 2 (1999)
When Zoom is introduced to the kids for the first time he burps and says "I don't remember eating that!". This is said by a Buzz Lightyear toy in one of the "bloopers" that run during the closing credits. Coincidentally, both films star Tim Allen.
X-Men (2000)
The scene of Wonder (Summer Jones) fighting Concussion is similar to one in X-Men. In that movie, Jean Grey is levitating plates, then sending them at Cyclops. He uses his laser vision to destroy the plates (as a training exercise). In Zoom, Wonder (in a similar pose to Jean Grey) uses her mental power to lift rocks and send them against Concussion. He uses his sonic power to destroy the rocks.

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Bad Movie Beatdown: Going Overboard (2012) (TV Episode)
A screenplay Adam Rifkin went on to write
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Episode #21.217 (2013) (TV Episode)
Tim Allen mentions the film he was in

Featured in 

Troldspejlet: Episode #37.16 (2007) (TV Episode)
DVD release reviewed + footage used
The Blockbuster Buster: Sky High vs. Zoom (2014) (TV Episode)
reviewed and compared to Sky High
WatchMojo: Top 10 Bad Movies with Amazing Intros (2019) (TV Episode)
Zoom is #9.


The Right Stuff (1983)
the kids' slow-motion walk down the hall in space suits mirrors the famous one in this movie

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