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Season 14

2 Jan. 2016
Mythbusters Revealed: The Behind the Scenes Season Opener
In this behind-the-scenes exclusive, Adam and Jamie showcase what's to come in the mother of all final seasons and how they made it!
9 Jan. 2016
The Explosion Special
In their farewell season Adam and Jamie go out with a bang. They bid farewell to their favorite pastime with two explosive tall tales.
16 Jan. 2016
Tanker Crush
Adam and Jamie take on their biggest experiment ever in an attempt to crush a giant tanker train car by creating a vacuum.
23 Jan. 2016
Cooking Chaos
In their farewell season the guys stir up some cooking chaos. Testing 2 viral video sensations: cannon fired shrimp and an explosive tomato smoothie.
30 Jan. 2016
Driven to Destruction
Adam and Jamie destroy cars in style - one with a vacuum cleaner and the other with a massive amount of C4!
6 Feb. 2016
Volunteer Special
Adam re-visits the zombie killing myth, re-testing the ax method because of fan input along with a chainsaw. And the two test whether there is a faster way to get customers checked out at grocery stores by forming one long queue.
13 Feb. 2016
Failure Is Not an Option
Jamie and Adam re-visit the following myths: drifting, this time on dirt; re-testing whether a lighter can stop a bullet; if you are safe behind a fish tank from various types of rounds; and what is bomb proof, by way of two bombs.
20 Feb. 2016
Adam and Jamie test the fan favorite, explosive technology, in a one mega-myth in-depth episode - are gummy bears a viable rocket fuel?
27 Feb. 2016
The Reddit Special
In this Reddit special, Jamie and Adam take on the best and most requested myths from the Reddit fan base. Including dropping buster from a helicopter in an inflatable hamster ball to see if he would survive and whether or not you can see farts on an infrared camera. Also, the idiom "you couldn't punch your way out of a paper bag" is investigated.
5 Mar. 2016
The Mythbusters Grand Finale
Adam and Jamie end their 14 year run on "Mythbusters" with four grand scale farewell experiments.
5 Mar. 2016
Mythbusters: The Reunion
Jamie, Adam, and the build team (Kari, Grant, and Tory) reflect on their years together working on Mythbusters. Celebrities offer their thanks to the cast and crew as the series wraps up after 14 years.
6 Mar. 2016
Duct Tape: The Return
In the MythBusters final season farewell, they build a trebuchet and attempt to save Buster's life with their favorite mechanical cure all: Duct Tape.

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