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This ain't a game...
dee.reid26 November 2004
...It's an epic! "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" has to be the greatest video game ever made. I've been playing the game almost everyday since it dropped on October 26th and I'm still not even half way through it. That goes to show you just HOW MUCH thought and detail was put into its production.

While this "GTA" title is a massive improvement over the previous two, it doesn't just surpass them in terms of graphics and gameplay, it surpasses them by building on the many things that made them great in the first place, and then some.

I've been a massive fan and player of the "GTA" titles on the PS2 since the revolutionary "Grand Theft Auto III" was released in 2001 and its 1980s prequel/sequel "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City," which dropped in the early fall of 2002.

"GTA: SA" puts a lot of its focus on Carl "C.J." Johnson, who returns to the city of San Andreas and the minute he steps off the plane, he runs into trouble. Trouble comes in the form of two corrupt cops who have him set up to take the fall in the murder of a police officer, and C.J. finds that his old neighborhood of Ganton is in shambles.

His mother has passed, many of his childhood friends are into gangbanging, and many of the families have since dissolved their relationships with one another. What follows is a statewide odyssey for C.J. that will take him out of his Ganton ghetto and into the flash and glitter of the casinos in Las Venturas a la Las Vegas.

From the get-go, you're entranced by a thoughtful storyline that has you doing a lot more than just missions so that you can earn "respect"; you become a significant part of the story, or more accurately, you become the story. Whereas the previous two titles had you doing things to further your position, not a whole lot of weight or thought was put into your motivations in those games.

It is true that this game was heavily influenced by the hip hop culture of the 90s, and many rap artists are prominently featured on the soundtrack, including Dr. Dre, Snoop [Doggy] Dogg, Public Enemy (Chuck D is the "Forth Right MC"), Big Daddy Kane, Eric B. & Rakim, Ice Cube, Cypress Hill, 2Pac, and N.W.A. And also, references to many "'hood" movies from this time are in abundance, namely "South Central," "Menace II Society," and "Boyz N the Hood" (be on the lookout for a "Tre" look-alike wandering about).

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Grand Hood
au_law200115 January 2005
Another successful GTA game is here and it's great. What more can I say? From the Liberty City to the streets of Los Santos San Andreas, CJ must find out his mother's killer at the same time, bring the gang back together and bring the streets back to the Grove. Wow, they depicted California and the West Coast in the early 90s, and it was cool, no to mention the city that is supposed to be Las Vegas. Speaking of which, I was one of those who believed that this game was to be in las Vegas. Those old rumors regarding 'Sin City', hence the name, and it would mostly include gambling. But those rumors were just rumors. But hey, this game is just so hard boiled and great. There are new features, an eating system, where you have to keep your energy up, and at the same time making him full, and an exercise system, where you have to keep him buff, so he will develop strength, and so you can give people a hard punch. And now, you can develop driving skills too, and the weapons you use, the skill will also be upgraded too. And everything else from the previous GTA games are in it, the gameplay, the driving, it's here. Great. Marvelous. Keep it up Rockstar. Recommended for the fans of the games.
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Probably the biggest game ever made (at least it is for 2005)
PeteRoy16 July 2005
Talent, that's the first thing I want to say, to be able to make so much in 1 year must take a lot of talent and dedication, and to make fun out of so much must take even more talent.

Look at other games like Half-Life 2, that game took Valve 6 years to make and it is a lot smaller than San Andreas, Valve might have some laid back lazy developers who take their time. I think Rockstar and Valve are about the same size of company and even though Valve made a new engine for Half-Life 2, you would expect it to take less than 6 years to be made, same is true for Doom 3.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is probably the biggest game ever made.

After Vice City and Liberty city you'd think they might run out of passion, ideas, or powers. I mean don't they get tired of making such a huge game every 2 years, Valve and id Software will probably not release a new game for the next 6 years and Rockstar releases such a big game every 2 years.

Apart from it being insanely great game and a lot of fun, this game is HUGE, I can't think of any game bigger than this when I write these lines, you have 3 big cities, connected by big country side and deserts with a lot of nice areas to find in the desert and the country side.

Other games of 2004 and 2005 like Half-Life 2, Doom 3, Far Cry Battlefield 2, are all big games, but none of them is as big is San Andreas.

And none of them allow you the amount of gameplay opportunities as San Andreas allows you to play, you can be everything you want, a cop, a medic, a firefighter, taxi driver, thief, pilot, pimp, train driver, construction worker, gambler, gangster, lover, valet. You can also change your hair, put tattoos, change your clothes, eat, exercise, and much more.

I salut to Rockstar for having such a great talent, skill, dedication, and nonstop art passion and motivation.
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An Amazing Imersive Experience
drgnifty6 November 2004
This review I'm writing is just on what i have accomplished. I have been playing this game for a total of 20 hours. I love to take it slow and really walk around and explore. The amount of detail and stuff to do, is incredible. The gameplay is as solid as ever. the story sucks you in like very little video games do these days. I have only gotten up to the second city, San Fierro. I've done a few missions but mostly I'm just looking around, I can't help it! I've been a fan of the GTA series since GTA2. The fever died down after a while though. When GTA3 came out I was amazed how they totally blew every other game out of the water. GTA3 to this day is one of my favorite games of all time, over Vice City even. this games is starting to become a huge time suck, which means this game is awesome. I'll finish this review when ever I finish it. For now, 10 out of 10!
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Great game gets better!
weaponx1526 October 2004
This new GTA could easily be called one of the greatest games ever made. To answer some questions without spoiling too much, yes there is a 2-player mode, you are visited by characters from Vice City and GTA 3 (Ken Rosenburg, Kent Paul, and Love Fist). The graphics are a lot better and cleaner, less glitches. San Andreas doesn't seem to be as character driven mainly because of the lack of a character screen while portions of the game loads. This game, like the previous ones seem to recall some of the early '90s "ghetto" movies. CJ's hood looks like it came straight from "Boyz In the Hood". And the characters have colorful names such as Big Smoke, Ryder, and my favorite, B-Dup! All in all, a great game and a must for any fan of the GTA series.
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Another great "Grand Theft Auto" game.
MovieAddict201622 June 2005
Just picked up the PC version of this game recently. I've been waiting months.

I don't play video games so much anymore (I guess it's both an age thing and a time-thing) but I typically make a special effort to get the newest GTA games when they come out on PC. I own the last three (GTAIII, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas) and each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

I liked the hard, visceral edge of GTA III and, of course, the novelty -- it was the first of its kind. I loved the bright, "Scarface"/Mafia-edge of "Vice City," which spoofed a lot of famous movies. Also, the voice talents -- Ray Liotta and Burt Reynolds, to name but two -- were the best of any of the games so far.

GTA San Andreas is good because it has a lot of new additions. The AI of citizens is better. The city is larger, the graphics seem better (at least on PC), the free roam options are improved (you can jump up onto/over gates and houses, now), the radio stations are better and more diverse, etc.

At the same time it's got some problems. For starters, I prefer the style of Vice City's Miami Beach spin-off. San Andreas is essentially set in the early '90s gangsta hoods (what Vice was to "Scarface" this is to "Boyz in the Hood"), and at the risk of sounding racist, I'll merely say I do not think the city is as fun to look at or explore (in most ways). Vice City was great fun to just cruise around your car in, and the setting was really exotic. San Andreas is grungy, run-down and ugly, basically because it's a ghetto and I don't think anyone will deny ghettos are ugly. That's the point, obviously, but it doesn't change the fact that as a game, the settings aren't as nice to look at.

I don't like CJ, the main character, as much as Tommy Vercetti. Tommy was a bada$$: tough, cool, ruthless, savvy, stylish. CJ is a hoodlum, and your point in the game is to "gain respect" and rule your old turf and claim it back from the scum -- to be honest I just found CJ a step down from Tommy. Young Maylay has good vocal talents (he voices CJ) but I preferred Ray Liotta. No, it's not because I'm white. It's because I'm a fan of "GoodFellas." The bonuses are that the world is more explorable and the missions are better, more detailed cars, better radio stations, funner commercials, etc.

Axl Rose supplies the voice of DJ Tommy "The Nightmare" Smith, of K-DST. He's got a lot of good self-referential lines ("As I've said before, all you need's a little patience...") and his quips to callers are great. (One person calls in complaining that '80s rock is dead and he cusses him out.) I found that a nice touch, and rare, since Axl never seems to leave his house anymore. Also, it shows he has a nice sense of humor about himself.

The rest of the radio stations are classic - the commercials are hilarious, the songs are the best yet (I prefer rock music but those who like rap will love it too - it's got plenty).

Overall this is another great GTA game with its own pros and cons. I do overall prefer Vice City a bit just because I really loved where that game was set and everything about it. But then again my original review of Vice City I submitted to IMDb says I liked GTAIII better when I first started playing Vice City, so...

For some people I'm sure the content of this game will be a turn-off, especially the middle-class white Americans who played the previous two famous GTA games. This has much more foul language and is quite gritty.

I didn't like some of it merely because I was expecting better surroundings and I missed the character of Tommy. Hopefully he'll come back in one of the later games, even if it's just a cameo.

But it is a great game and I can't really spot any flaws that would indicate it's "worse" than the others. It's about on par, with some great improvements in graphics and AI in particular. Also, the sound is top-notch and the game seems more realistic. That's always cool.
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best game i've got yet !
bputu11 February 2005
when i got this game i was so excited and i couldn't wait to play it once i played it, i was in the zone i really enjoyed it and now is the only game i play, i also like the characters in this game especially the crooked cop Officer Tenpenny who is voiced by no other than Samuel L Jackson who i thought suited the character very well and some of the cinematic sequences was almost like a real movie with the characters attitude towards each other.I found this game very amusing because the cities remind you of America itself even though i haven't been there yet.Who ever gets this game should thank themselves for getting it i give this game 10/10 this is a good upgrade from vice city.
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The best of the series
fass9916 July 2005
In my opinion this video game has to be the best far off out of all the Grand Theft Auto games. Why? Well, because the map is bigger (6x) than the predecessor and I like the new environment which is based on the city of California, USA.

Apart from all the stunning effects in-game there are some really good actors/actresses who I think were chosen carefully for the part. Samuel L. Jackson who plays Officer Frank Tenpenny is perfect for the baddie. Young Maylay who plays C.J. is not a known actor to me but from seeing him voice the part of the character he makes a great job of it and there will most likely be possibilities for him in the future.

Overall, the game is by far the most addicting one I have EVER played in my life and Rockstar have done a brilliant job of it. Now that it is available on the PC and Xbox there are more possibilities available. I hope if a next series is made (which I think is likely because of good sales of San Andreas) it will have the same sort of feel and offer even more playing hours for thousands of people across the world. The game gets a 9 out of 10 from me.
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Every GTA is the breaking the records and it every GTA game is the biggest game of its time.
Shyinx18 June 2019
And this is one of them. I want to start with its cons. The graphics wasn't really good at those time. Absolutely it was good but not very good for a GTA. But they have tried to make much much bigger map and they've done. Even now 15 years later this game is playable at mobile phones and with mods. This game is just evolving with its mods. Amazing, unique action game.
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BEST GAME EVER. 10 out of 10
original_wieners26 October 2004
I Got A Copy Of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Last Night At 6:30 P.M. A Day Early. And I Must Say This Is Hands Down The Best Game I Have Ever Played. I Only Stopped Playing Because I Had To Go To School. But When I Get Home I Will Be Back Playing It. There Are So Many New Features. Like Swimming, Playing Basketball, Riding Bikes, Shooting Pool, There Are Too Many New Features To Type Here Not To Mention That The Game Is 5 Times Bigger Than Vice City And NEVER Loads Outside. I Give This Game A Perfect 10 Out Of 10. Nothing Can Beat This Game Except Maybe A Sequel.
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Better than real life
gothamite279 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
You heard me. This game, while tasteless and very offensive, is quite possibly the great video game of our time. There is so much to do, so much to achieve, so much to conquer.

You play as Carl Johnson, who is just home in San Andreas from Liberty City. His mother has just died and he has returned to his Grove Street home to sort things out and try to get rid of the growing crack cocaine market.

**SPOILERS** You start off in the suburbs of Los Santos, fighting rival gangs and smuggling weapons, before moving on to the Countryside where you work alongside the manic Catalina (GTA 3, anyone?). Soon, you emigrate to San Fierro (a spoof of San Francisco), before moving on to the desert where you learn how to fly an airplane. After leaving Los Venturas (the gambling capital of the country and a spoof of a certain area of Nevada...), you finally head home to Los Santos, to exact your revenge on the people who betrayed and destroyed you (and nearly killed your brother).

This game is so realistic, so much fun, so enticing, that unless you have about three years of free time, and no social life whatsoever, I would not even recommend you play it!
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Farewell real life : Welcome to San Andreas *Possible spoilers*
TheFiddler31 October 2004
Warning: Spoilers
What a blast ! I am one of these gamers that never finishes any games at all but has a go at everything that is new and sounds somewhat interesting, just to lose interest after a couple of days, if not after hours already. The only exception so far was Vice City which still rotates in the good old PS2 from time to time... And now San Andreas is out...Finally ! I've spent more hours on a bicycle or in the gym, than I probably have done in real life in the past couple of years together. I've been betting on horse races, pool games and low rider competitions. I've seen things I thought would never happen in a game and I have only finished 10% of the game, 20 days passed in the game. I wont spoil plot details but will rant on a bit about the things I've seen so far.

Bad things first : - The music stations suck. There are a few good songs only, in my opinion, but solely the fact that the variety is massive, is already a good thing again. - The graphic is bad. Or better the glitches that happen. Half a cop stuck in the asphalt, leaving the gym in Canton and falling through a blue background for seconds before finally being "down to earth again" , the garage in the Johnson house lifting you up as well when the door opens and and and and and ... But the positive sides to this game make up for it And that were the only things that I would say are negative. This time around you can swim, ride bicycles, heck I've even driven a train already, on top of the usual walk, or drive cars and ride motor bikes. You exercise and like in a RPG game built up your characters abilities and appearance. Your lung capacity increases the more often you swim and dive ( while trying to find hidden oysters for example ) you run in order to increase your stamina, which makes you run longer . You workout in the gym to increase your fitness level and appearance which seems to have to have an impact on your respect and sex appeal ( respect later on lets you recruit own gang members , sex appeal helps you with the ladies ) . Exercising increases your maximum health on top of it. You get tattoos, haircuts and shaves, go shopping for clothes and bling. While working out , you can also decide to learn new fighting skills. You eat in order to fill up your health, so far I've seen four different kinds of fast food restaurants, but too much food with no workout lets you get fat. I've only been around Los Santos so far, the rest is still inaccessible, and from what I've seen there already, this is the biggest game ever. The city is busy with people talking to you, making comments about your looks. Gang members from other gangs slag you off or start firing at you whenever you cruise around in their territory. Appearantly you are able to talk back to people which only seems to work occasionally. The traffic seems to follow a "rush hour" system like in real life, busier then. You gotta watch out, especially on highways as the good old, "juststandinginfrontofacartomakeitstop" doesn't really work any more and you get run over easily. Accidents happen , sometimes massive ones, so you're not really safe on the streets. Cops chase around other criminals and are much more alert. Once for example I've head on cop on a motorbike ( yeah !!!! ) stop in front of a car that I was just standing next to, probably checking if I was about to jack it. There's different sort of planes and helicopters flying over the city and believe it or not : I've seen a plane crash into the city already causing massive damage to cars. I've been riding a train and seen some drivers crash into trains as well.

You can go and break into houses, go dancing, gamble on horse races. Your general skills in utilizing rides and weapons improve as well over the time, depending on how often you use them.Stealth kills are possible as well this time around. There is a bar where you can play pool for money ( though I have to wonder why it only worked in the beginning and every time I go back now I can't any longer ?!?! )and there's even videogames. Some shops and buildings have vending machines for snacks and soda, that also help to fill up your energy meter... There's far more to it on new things than the ones I mentioned and I can't wait to ge deeper into the game... The good old pay and spray is back, I've seen one AmmuNation shop but not accessible so no idea where to get guns from ( apart from one guy that keeps a pistol for you ) , the hidden statues thing exists but in a different way , so far though I have not figured out what you get for that...

I reckon it's a safe bet to say that if you liked Vice City you will be more than pleased with this one....

A 10 out of 10 !!!
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Greatest video game to date, bar none
webbbarton17 March 2005
As of the time of this posting, this is the greatest video game ever made. I have nothing more profound to say than that. What makes it great is that it does not get repetitive, and it is long and you feel like you are in control, and every thing that you do is recorded in the stats. You can make it any game that you want to, because there is so much to do and so much to see. Calling it simply a 'game' is not really fair - there is a captivating story like in a movie, there is 'arcade style' action, there are puzzles to solve and you must think on your feet. Clearly it was designed to allow you to explore what it is like to be a criminal. The game world is actually very huge. There are miles and miles of highway and blocks and blocks of cities. I have been playing for days and days and I'm only about 20% done. I'm not very good at the game but man is it fun! I just can't imagine a game that will top this.
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Rockstar North does it again, San Andreas takes the PS2 to its limits!
koeigames2 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the best game I've played in my lifetime. This game is like a freakin' movie. You are Carl Johnson, original gangstar from Grove Street, a man who moved back to Los Santos from Liberty City because his mother was murdered. As the game progresses you have odd jobs with your hommies in gangland Los Santos, an alternate Los Angelas. You move throughout the state of San Andreas to other cities such as San Fierro and Las Ventura and complete a series of missions; However, you can always find a ton of side missions on the way. This game is has the hugest environment I've ever seen in my life. When you play a game that it takes you over 30 minutes to walk from Los Santos to Las Ventura you know a lot of effort was put into making it. Rockstar North has done the impossible to a PS2 game stretching the limits of what a 2000 2nd generation game system can do. I can't wait for the PS3 version of Grand Theft Auto because knowing them it will be a freakin' country instead of a state. This game gets a 12/10 because its beyond me how Rockstar North crammed all there work in a tiny buffer of a system.
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Game is awesome and the plot is just too good for a game!
KalleEk12 December 2004
San Andreas is just everything a gamer could want! It has so more things to do than any other game. And cause the quality in every aspect is just awesome, it's the best game ever made, and it will be - until Rockstar makes another saga for the GTA series.

Music in the game is great. All those radio stations are fun to listen as you cruise around the state - and funny DJ's lines are so fun that you concentrate only to hear next great line or commercial!

But the plot is awesome. I've played all the missions and also seen the movie "The Introduction" (which comes with the soundtrack package). Every line is so good or funny or absurd that many movies are like a shadow compared to this. And every mission ties CJ more and more to crime scene and gang wars and all that bull****! Every character is a person; not just "that dude that said you should kill that other guy". And voice acting fits like a glove!! Samuel L. Jackson as Officer Tenpenny is awesome and Young Maylay makes perfect job as CJ!!
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Everything You'll EVER want in a game.
HideoKojima27 October 2004
The anticipation for this game was well worth it's keep. The hypes from the advertisements stayed true to their word.

GTA:SA is a third person action game that seriously has everything that a game should be.

There's so many things to do in the game, that no matter what your favorite genre of play is, you'll love it. Everything from racing to shooting hoops and swimming. Even flying planes similar to flight simulators and parachuting.

The game is set in 1994 on the coast of a fictional city that is based off of LA. The main character, Carl Johnson (or CJ) returns home from across the country to find that his mother was killed in a gang shootout.

He soon realizes the city has gone down the drain since he left, and it's up to him (you, the player) to make everything right again. And by right, I mean 'making yourself king of the city'.

The graphics are amazing with over 300 thousand polygon renderings per second and a higher fame rate than most racing games. Characters all have facial movements, realistic body movements and are voiced by some of the most famous people in Hollywood.

All in all, this game is a must for even the most close-minded gamer.
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This is more than a masterpiece, this is Rockstar's Gem.
kaiward6469 August 2014
GTA San Andreas is what I think of when I think of the perfect game, it's perfect in every way, has a perfect story, a great feel, a life feeling, it's world is beautiful and loving, every character matters, this game isn't just one small plot to keep you entertained, this is magic, where should I begin, well for starters LS is a perfect feeling that we can all relate to, the world feels and is so big, when you're in LS before going up to Ryder's house you can just feel that Las Venturas is far away, you can see Ryders house and everything you look at gives you that feeling that we all love, no matter how old the graphics are looking at stuff feels real and it's amazing, the story has a lot of build up, for example you don't just start off guns blazing, it doesn't introduce to you everything about the characters straight away, you already know them and you learn more about them through the game, to top it off everything in this game is unique, the gun store, unique, the world, unique, the characters, defiantly unique, I could go on for ages. Everything let's you feel the characters more and gives you that feel, some people can't tell the feel and they think it's just another good game, most people can though, and everything about it is amazing, now how about Las Venturas? Las Venturas has everything you could want, for people who love big things Las Venturas has big things, buildings new stuff to explore, exploring GTA San Andreas you always find something new. I could go on but it would take ages, you would just love to play this game.
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Probably the most fun PS2 game ever made.
sinisterdrecc8828 March 2009
GTA: San Andreas is a great game. It is very fun, unique, and is the kind of game you will become addicted to. The main character, C.J. (which stands for Carl Johnson) says some hilarious stuff, such as "Nobody punches CJ!" Classic. Anyway, you can use cheat codes to get lots of weapons to terrorize innocent civilians with, drive around in a stolen car, evade the police, or just explore the enormous world given to you. This game is definitely a classic, and is the best in the Grand Theft Auto series, and one of the best games on the PS2, which is why I think this game deserves a perfect score, because it's simply brilliant.

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excellent game
asim34522-118 April 2008
When I first got this game I thought it would be crap but then when I did the first mission the adrenaline junkie inside me came to life as I put in a cheat and killed everyone in my path of destruction. Very violent game, I loved it. It was funny but I don't play it now-only at the 14th mission 'Just Business' I already know what happens at the end. Excellent game with great graphics and good storyline to go as well. One of the best games I have ever played, it is great! What these games need though is more sexual content in. Come on-for a gangster game it has more than enough violence and swearing but needs more sex. Buy and play this game-excellent. 10/10 is my rating.
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Guilty pleasure
bull-frog28 February 2008
I played all the of the GTA games and they are all awesome. GTA ranks right up there with Vice City. The game isn't exactly something you want your kids to play and I've noticed each successive version has gotten more and more vulgar. It's violent - although in a cartoonish sort of way. It has lots of swearing. And it does portray blacks in a less than positive light. Still it's hours of enjoyment that'll keep you up late at nights.

I primarily play games on the PC as I have a better feel for the keyboard and mouse. The shooting missions are just so much easier with a mouse than a game-pad. The flight missions are a different story however. I pull out my Logitech controller for that one.

The layout is HUGE - probably 3 times bigger than VC. There are endless things to do. I wonder how the programmers could cram so much.

One big improvement over VC is less emphasis on competitive missions such as racing and obstacle clearing missions which I always found frustrating.

Even after you beat SA, you come back months later wanting to play the whole thing over again. And sometimes you play it just for the hell of it. Like throwing a bomb into a crowd and causing a racket. Battling the cops is my favorite activity.

The things that I dislike are the game-play during driving missions. The driving angle is set too low and you can't see over the hills. VC had it perfect. Also the oyster and horseshoe collecting just isn't worth the effort since you have to collect all 100 just to earn a prize, unlike in Vice City where you earn a reward for every 10 hidden packages you collect. That is the one advantage that Vice City has.

The graphics may not be like Doom or Farcry. But the fun is unbeatable.
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Super, superb, and that even a word?
The_Light_Triton4 February 2008
Out of all the video games he's hated, Jack Thompson probably hates this game out of all the games he's fought against. and he hates virtually every video game that has been rated T or stronger.

But jack Thompson is an overprotective parent. and if any good parent had the over-protectiveness he did, they'd never let their children get their fingers on this game.

You play the role of Carl Johnson, AKA, CJ. he escaped Los Santos (which is supposed to be Los Angeles) to go to liberty city (which is supposed to be New york) 5 years ago. he was escaping the troubles of home. drug dealers, gang-banging, he needed to get away from it. That was 1987. now it's 1992. he's coming home. his mother has been murdered, his childhood friends are all headed towards disaster, and life is more screwed up than when he left. As CJ, it's your job to take back the hood, hit up the enemy gang territories and accomplish several missions to progress through the game, earning cash, reputation, and most of all, Respect.

I don't need to describe how awesome this game is. it achieved number 7 on's best Video game of all time, and considering the hundreds of video games available, thats a pretty good accomplishment.

The possibilities in this game are seemingly endless. Gambling, Low-riding, drive-by shootings, gang territory wars, girlfriends, even flying, from a plane, to a chopper, to a military jet to a jet pack. it's totally insane.

If you're over the age of 17 (Thats right, this game is truly for over that age) Get this game. it's well worth your time.

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More like a movie
dvc515915 December 2005
Typically, I have the PC version of the game, and let me tell you, it blew my mind away. The graphics, the music, the stunts, the gangs, even the side-splitting dialogs, it all blew me away.

This game is more like a movie than a game. The voice acting is realistic, and even the radio stations are more hilarious than the previous game (Vice City). What's more, we even have famous voices such as Samuel L. Jackson (Star Wars prequels - Mace Windu) who voices Officer Tenpenny, James Woods (The Specialist) who voices Mike Toreno, Ice T (Law and Order: SVU) who voices rapper Madd Dogg, and Chris Penn (Reservoir Dogs) who voices Officer Eddie Pulaski.

The game-play is superb. You can dress like Elvis or the Terminator for all we know. Hell, we can even become the Thin Man or Mr. Sumo if you watch your figure.

Our character, Carl, is voiced by newcomer Chiris Bellard a.k.a. Young Maylay, who does a marvelous job of voicing Carl (made me laugh when someone hits his car and he swears).

Overall, the best video game of 2005. And possibly the best so far. AWAITING NEXT GTA TO BE RELEASED, RUMORS THAT IT WILL FOLLOW A REAL CITY, LIKE CHICAGO.
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San Andreas: Just A Little More
wilson2000188-214 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Set in a 1990s West Coast gangster's paradise, the latest episode in the violent, morally bankrupt Grand Theft Auto saga is here. Faced with the task of improving on two of the shiniest jewels in the PlayStation 2's lineup, developer Rockstar has done the seemingly impossible. There's so much crammed into San Andreas it's a wonder they can fit it all in the box. It's going to take some beating.

Unlike Vice City's somewhat flat and faceless setting, San Andreas' three cities all have strong identities. Each one -- the LA-like Los Santos, the neon gambler's delight of Las Venturas, and the Frisco-clone San Fierro -- is huge, not far off the size of the cities in previous GTA games. The countryside between them is also included, together with hick towns and a full complement of missions. Even in a strictly geographical sense, this game is vast.

Somehow, Rockstar has managed to add more detail to Vice City's engine, remove the intrusive jagged edges that plagued the previous games, and improve the framerate -- all at the same time. Sometimes distant objects can pop into view without warning, and the rain effect looks more like Manhunt's fuzzy video-camera filter, but other than that, San Andreas is stunning.

Perhaps the game's strongest feature is its lead character, CJ. Rockstar's stars have evolved from GTA3's voiceless thug, through Vice City's Scarface-like Vercetti, to a fully fleshed-out, deep, and interesting protagonist. Voiced by the outstanding Young Maylay (who, on this evidence, is destined for great things), he overcomes the difficult task of making a hardened, unscrupulous criminal substantive and, yes, lovable.

His supporting cast tend to be more one-dimensional, but they're just as well acted. Samuel L. Jackson's bad-cop routine is delightful, Chris Rock's sexually ambiguous failing rapper is hilarious -- there's never been a game as star-studded or convincingly characterized as this one (except, possibly, for Vice City). There are still no kids around, but just a moment or two's thought should make you realize why that is.

Now that society has somehow weathered the release of two GTA games without descending into anarchy, San Andreas doesn't seem so eager to shock. The dialogue is realistically profane, but it's apt and unforced. Drugs, both hard and soft, are everywhere. Gratuitousness is a charge that could be leveled at the preceding games -- and at some aspects of San Andreas -- but the language, drugs, and violence are necessary.

Working your way through the plot for yourself is one of the most enjoyable things about this game, so we'll spare you too many details. Suffice it to say that the game starts with CJ returning to his childhood home following the murder of his "Moms", and rejoining his local gang. Although the main plot threads are linear, you'll nearly always have three or more missions to choose from at any time, and there are hundreds in total. Get bored, and you can take your girlfriend on a date, start a turf war with a rival gang, burgle houses, or any number of other possibilities.

San Andreas mimics countless other game styles, including Dance Dance Revolution-like rhythm mini-games, car races, Japanese dating sims, basketball, occasional (and brilliant) on-rails shooter moments, car modding, stealth burglary missions, two-player cooperative destruction rampages -- and that's just a few examples. That Rockstar was able to cram so much more into their game defies belief.

Controls are largely unchanged, although CJ does have his share of new moves. He can scale walls and fences, there's a new manual aiming mode for most weapons, and he (unlike earlier protagonists) can swim, at last. The lock-on system for fighting has been tightened up, but there's still the occasional moment when CJ ends up facing the wrong way, being shot in the back. Not very "gangster".

Like Vice City, San Andreas owes much of its atmosphere to its epoch-defining soundtrack. 2 Pac, Dr. Dre, Public Enemy, Cypress Hill, Slick Rick and Eric B, and Rakim, among many others, provide the game's rap and hip-hop tunes -- but if you're not a rap fan, there's plenty of 90s soul, house, rock, and country to keep your foot tapping. Even the commercials and DJs continue the series' fine tradition of satirical, irreverent wit -- the soundtrack is impossible to fault.

How can Rockstar follow this? San Andreas is a masterpiece; the outstanding gameplay from the first two games has been extended, tweaked and applied to a fresh, original and fascinating setting. There's more than enough meat to keep you going for months, and the sheer variety of gameplay is bewildering. Whether you're an OG, a buster, or a balla, San Andreas is an essential purchase.
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Best GTA game ever!
coolerthantheFonz27 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This is the only GTA game I've beaten, and one of the very few games I've beaten. CJ is the second best character between Claude(3rd) and Tommy (1st) This is so much better than Vice City. If you combined all your favorite games, they wouldn't be half as good as this. But it is kinda easy. The only ones that'll really make you smash your PS2 is Flight School and N.O.E. And trust me, you'll need a cheat for NOE.

The graphics are a lot better, but Kendl looks like a faceless zombie. Near the end, Riot Time, is the coolest thing ever! And you can make CJ look like or do anything. But the last mission was SOOOO easy. The Boss Battle against Smoke was probably the easiest thing ever. But when you chase Tenpenny it makes up for it.

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Better than Vice City? Er... no.
nvdw11 November 2004
GTA San Andreas has everything to keep you busy for the next three millennia: a huge map, lots of missions and 'moonlighting' missions, the ability to swim rather than drown, gyms to keep you fit, junkfood restaurants to keep you fat, clothing shops, tattoo parlors, barbers... you name it, GTA:SA's got it.

Unfortunately, the game's storyline does not better its predecessor. Main character Carl Johnson's mum has been killed by a scumbag rival gang, while CJ himself was biding his time in Liberty City, having fled his hometown Los Santos five years ago. CJ is forced to return to the San Andreas region, destined to help his 'hood back to power and punish the people responsible for his mum's death.

The game designers didn't want their canyons, huge countryside and three cities to be useless, so the storyline takes CJ to all of San Andreas' spots. Some missions also act as a tutorial, which means the storyline speed is being matched by the velocity of a combine harvester (which is also featured in the game!). It is annoyingly slow.

Unlike Tommy Vercetti, CJ is not an instant car racer or decent hit-man. Carl has to train himself in using weapons and driving cars. It'll keep you really busy to help CJ gain some muscles (without them, he won't be able to punch even elderly San Andreas residents), but then again, it slows your game process.

The storyline absorbs a lot of your focus. That means you won't notice the true GTA benchmarks, which are the satirical jokes. The radio is being overridden by blabbing characters while they join you on a mission, and you won't be able to look to all those idiotic billboards ('True Crime Trashing Company', 'Wang Cars') until you've gained some free time. Where the characters' lines in Vice City were soaked in humor, in San Andreas humor has been replaced by 'offensive language'. There's F- and S-words galore in SA, which is a pity, 'cause GTA 3 and Vice City had better lines without them.

Please, don't regret your purchase or cancel your trip to the department store - like you'd all listen to me. GTA San Andreas is not a bad game. Actually, it is quite as good as Vice City. Unfortunately, it isn't better. Which means the huge map has missed its point by a lot.
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