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Season 2

5 Jun. 2006
A Is for Anonymous
With Phobos' evil reign at an end, Elyon, Caleb, the Guardians, and the Rebels, take a moment to relax; Fearing a return, to anonymity, Taranee begins acting "out of character"; A new evil arises, as the "Knights of Vengeance" are formed, by an old - and unknown - woman...
16 Jun. 2006
B Is for Betrayal
Cornelia is trying to move on, after her break-up, with Caleb, when the Heart of Kandrakhar sends the Guardians a "message"; Meanwhile, back in Meridian, Tynar and Drake are captured by the Knights of Vengeance; The Guardians arrive on Kandrakhar, and discover the source of their powers - along with its keeper, Luba, and two others, Oracle and Tibor; As the Veil is lowered, Oracle informs the Guardians that, with Phobos defeated, they shall be known as "The Guardians of the Infinite Dimensions!"; Elyon, Blunk, and the Guardians discover that they can, now, open "...
19 Jun. 2006
C Is for Changes
The Guardians discover that they have new powers: Will can talk to appliances - that can, also, talk back to her; Irma has mind-control; Taranee can, communicate, with her fellow Guardians, telepathically, and vice-versa; Cornelia can, telekinetically, move objects; and, Hay Lin can become invisible... Miranda arrives on Earth - in human form - and creates distrust and suspicion, among the Guardians' parents, and the Police, by accusing the Guardians - mainly: Will - of kidnapping Elyon... Will's mother, Susan Vandom, makes a decision, that would jeopardize her ...
26 Jun. 2006
D Is for Dangerous
Caleb agrees to help Matt train, to become a warrior - in exchange, Matt helps him survive high school.
14 Jul. 2006
E Is for Enemy
The Guardians must rally together, to keep their friend, Will, from moving - while each is plagued by life-and-death nightmares, involving an "old hag".
17 Jul. 2006
F Is for Facades
Caleb tries to Win Cornelia's heart back.
24 Jul. 2006
G Is for Garbage
It's Irma & Blunk to the rescue, when their friends - Will, Taranee, Cornelia, Hay Lin, and Matt - and the evil passling, Jeek, become the latest victims, of the "Horn Of Hypnose"... A mystical horn, that turns its victims, into zombie-like "Trance Marchers!"
31 Jul. 2006
H Is for Hunted
Desperate to help her friends decorate, for a party - and appease her mother, by doing her chores - at the same time, Will conjures up an "Astral Drop" (A, nearly, life-like copy, of herself, to do her chores - while she helps, with the party decorating!) Unknown to Will, and the others - however - the evil Nerissa brings Will's "Astral Drop" to life - and persuades her to destroy, the real Will!
14 Aug. 2006
J Is for Jewel
The Guardians are on their summer vacations - apart from one another; The jewel on Weira's crown inspires Elyon to inquire about her birth parents.
21 Aug. 2006
K Is for Knowledge
The Guardians head to Kandrakar, where Hay Lin's Grandmother, Yan Lin, reveals the identity of their new enemy - and her connection, to "The Heart of Kandrakar"; Elsewhere, Taranee rebels against her mother, so she can hang-out with Nigel!
27 Aug. 2006
L Is for Loser
Irma is in charge of the school's radio station while on air accidentally calls Martin a loser, which hurts their friendship.
9 Sep. 2006
M Is for Mercy
"The Guardians'" family and friends are tormented by Shagon who puts Will's Mercy to a test.
16 Sep. 2006
N Is for Narcissist
Cornelia is getting on the other guardians nerves and makes it worse when she signs them up for a car wash that she doesn't want to work.
23 Sep. 2006
O Is for Obedience
Irma expects total obedience from her co-workers - an idea that doesn't sit too well with the Guardians, and their friends - when the school's radio station (K-SHIP) is chosen, for the broadcasting of a Vance Michael Justin concert.
30 Sep. 2006
P Is for Protectors
The Guardians fold to another dimension, called Zamballa, to protect it from Nerissa; The Guardians meet Kadma - the proud, former "Earth" Guardian, and "The Protector of Zamballa"...
7 Oct. 2006
Q Is for Quarry
Kadma's pride gets the better of her, as Nerissa sets a trap for the former Guardian.
14 Oct. 2006
R Is for Relentless
The Guardians try to stay one step ahead of Nerissa and her Knights of Destruction, who are in relentless pursuit, of Hay Lin's grandmother, Yan Lin!
21 Sep. 2006
S Is for Self
Yan Lin learns a horrifying secret - from Nerissa; The school's radio station (K-SHIP) is the host, for the school's "Battle of the Bands"; Shagon's "armor" begins to crack, as Matt wrestles with his "inner demons"; Will discovers Shagon's and Khor's "true" identities; Nerissa "unites" the former Guardians - under her command...
4 Nov. 2006
T Is for Trauma
A new girl arrives in school - who's, actually, a "glamoured" Nerissa - and causes a riff between the Guardians and their boyfriends (with Matt being the exception); Hay Lin, and the other Guardians, learn that Nerissa has Hay Lin's grandmother, Yan Lin, under her control - reuniting the former Guardians - leaving Hay Lin traumatized and withdrawn!
11 Nov. 2006
U Is for Undivided
Cornelia's bummed, when she has to baby-sit her younger sister, Lillian - then freaks, when the family cat, "Napoleon", speaks to her; In Kandrakar, the Guardians learn that Lillian is the "Heart of Earth" (which explains Napoleon's ability to speak) and that Lillian's on Nerissa's "To-do" list; The Guardians, also, learn that the Oracle - not Yan Lin - is responsible for choosing them to become Guardians; Back home, Cornelia gives Lillian her undivided attention, by telling her a bedtime story (about a witch, named Nerissa, and her four "evil fairies", who are after ...
18 Nov. 2006
V Is for Victory
Will realizes that, due to Nerissa's carelessness, there is someone who can stop Nerissa - but, to achieve victory, it would require making a "deal with the devil": a devil named Phobos.
28 Oct. 2006
W Is for Witch
The Guardians are left with no choice, when they must, reluctantly, recruit their former foes, Phobos, Cedric, and Miranda, to help them defeat Nerissa - who's, now, more powerful, than ever; Cornelia's family cat, "Napoleon", informs the Guardians about the ancient superstitions, revolving around Halloween - and the threat on his life; Irma - who is too busy, trying to "outgrow" the holiday - ends up taking her little brother, Chris, Cornelia's baby sister, Lillian, and Blunk, Trick-or-Treating, and makes an amazing discovery...
9 Dec. 2006
X Is for Xanadu
The Guardians are exhausted, from fighting Phobos - who betrayed them, on Halloween; Hay Lin suffers from "painter's block", when the contest she entered not only requires her to paint her rendition of Xanadu (a vision of paradise), but is also judged by LeeLee Quinonez - one of Hay Lin's favorite artists...
16 Dec. 2006
Y Is for Yield
Will reveals the Guardians' "secret plan" to the Rebels; Halinor's attempts, at contacting Taranee, telepathically, results in giving Taranee terrible headaches - as the Guardians prepare for their winter final exams; Hay Lin learns the truth about her Grandmother; Phobos attacks Kandrakhar; Cedric's drastic move jeopardizes the Guardians' plans...
23 Dec. 2006
Z Is for Zenith
The battle on Kandrakar reaches its zenith when, after swallowing Phobos, an "über-powered" Cedric sets his sights on the "Heart of Earth" - while Miranda attempts to destroy the Guardians' Aurameres; The Regents of Earth place all of Heatherfield, into a "Glamour-zone", as the Guardians prepare to battle Cedric; The Guardians tap into the essence of their powers, to defeat Cedric - but, at a dreadful price...

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